Heatwave down under !!! F1GP from Leeton and Pre Worlds WWGC and St. and combi class Nationals started at Leeton.

January 2- 2019 !!!!  the first day’s of the NEW YEAR are over and it feels like nothing changed!!! Had a quiet start …the environment however was loud VERY loud and full of light,…. ready to take the year on!!!!

What a fabulous few soaring-day’s in the South of Australia . The best ever day I hear from some!!!
Even in Australia temperature-records can get “smashed”.It happened this week.
My goodness me, it brought back good memories of exciting day’s of waiting, celebrations and,…the bell and flowers in the evening, for special achievements!!!We had a few of those ripper-day’s as well in the past and many other normal good day’s.
For those who were there no explanation needed.
The fact that there is a REAL heatwave, is not good for everybody, so hopefully the ones with lung problems /chest infections get safely through the  49 dgr. C in the Perth area,…that is hot!!!

That 27th of December will go in the books in Australia as a ripper day. Adam mentioned ;”Seems the whole sky is going UP in Australia at the moment!” He will participate in the Australian Club & Sports Class Nationals (pre-wwgc as well] next week in Keepit.
Achievements here there and everywhere.
From Benalla ,Ailsa, who is flying the pre-worlds later in Lake Keepit a superb new Australian record!!!!
Late start out of Benalla, so decided to take a go at the 100k speed triangle.
Preliminary look has it at 205.06kph
Over 200 km./h WOW,WOW,WOW, in a JS 1CTJ. Congratulations Ailsa!!!
Also from Benalla; Toby Geiger in a Ventus 2a…… 750 FAI @ 162kph..!!! Congratulations Tobias.
Tocumwal had a few [4.] good 1000 km triangles one of them from Lumpy which might be a new Aussie record as well; 150 km.ph over 1000 km. triangle!!!!

To get back to Mac….2 Great 1000 km.-flights from Tocumwal!!!He got the highest score in history on Australian OLC. 1389 points. And for the one on the 25th another 1178!!!
He filed for a new continental record;

Sub-class 15m
Category General
Types of record and performance:
Free 3 TP Distance 1148.2km
Glider LS8-15m (no engine)
Date: Dec27, 2018
Location: Tocumwal, Australia
Pilot: Makoto Ichikawa
Danish records as well by Joergen and Brigitte in the ARCUS M; 2 New Danish Speed Records also on December 27!!!
SO finally the good, warm weather arrived in Tocumwal. We have around 40 degrees each day, and it’s really warm, so we decided to spend the Thursday in the cool. We could go to 16,000 ‘, where it was freezing temperature
There were cumulus and thermals already at 11 o’clock, but since we only had created a “smaller” task – 500 km triangle – we should first launch at 13 o’clock, because here the highest temperature normally is late afternoon
Jorgen has been practicing speed optimization together with our Japanese friend, Mac, a couple of flights and it paid off. We flew the task of 163 km/h, which ranks to speed record in both 300- and 500-km triangle. The former record was 135 km/h


Formula 1.0 from Leeton;

ready to go from Brobenah Airfield

Also the early Leeton pilots had fabulous circumstances, The unofficial practice showed flights from up to 803 km. in a St. Cirrus by Stephen Jinks. And Tony in his Tocumwal DG 100 flew 665 km.
His OLC comment on December 27;
Amazing day. Did a lap around the task area and then a run to the opposite side and back at the end. 15,200 max. four thermals that averaged over 10 kts. Big shadow over middle of task area at the end to keep things interesting. Very fun flight.”
There are 36 competitors and I noticed 1 young man from Holland who worked for us at Sportavia in the past; Tommy Kalsbeek flying a St. Libelle.
German pilot/engineer Christian Streifeneder flies as well in a St. Libelle , he was involved in the Concordia as was Prof. Loek Boermans.

TV WIN NEWS was even at the airfield…..The heatwave is something most of us want to avoid, but it’s been welcomed by the gliders preparing for the Formula 1 Gliding Grand Prix in Leeton…… talking to several pilots . Good PR.
More good PR ;”the 2018 Formula 1.0 Gliding Grand Prix will be supported by the NSW Government’s 2018 Incubator Event Fund. The funding will help us make F1.0 even bigger and better than 2017, allowing more people to experience both the world class gliding conditions, and great hospitality that Leeton has to offer.
Good on them !!!!

As shared by f1gp.com.au

Practice was official on December 28 and Tony mentioned ;”Messed up the start royally but had a really good run. Super dusty. not quite as hot as yesterday, had to make a glide to get to the clouds but when we got there it was oh so good again. saw 14 kts again.”

Tony and his wife Leah as his crew!
Picture courtesy  f1gp.com.au

Day 1; With a regatta start  at 12.48 for the first 12 pilots [group A] and a distance of 240 km. The best was  Philip Ritchie in a HORNET with 114 km./h. Tony was 5th, Claire 7th.
The next 12 pilots [group B] started at 13.15 with Mike Maddocks [one of the 2 Maddog’s brother Andrew flew in group A, from Maddog Composites ]as winner with 109 km./h in a St Cirrus. Lumpy was runner up!
The 3d group [C] with 11 pilots started at 13.42 and here was 1 outlanding[  by UK pilot Finn Sleigh]  . The day was won by Todd Sandercock in a Hornet.

A learning moment for several, as there were many penalty points , mostly for starting above max height.
Overall scores after day 1
3 Pilots with 10 points Mike, Philip and Todd.

Day 2 had a 129 km. task but due to poor weather the day was cancelled.
With the message of cancellation they shared another great picture

Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions here at Leeton, day two of the competition has been cancelled.”

Day 3...After the very good weather the not so good weather arrived, …..there must be a competition….Sand storm and rain.
Tony;” No flying today in Leeton, gust front and rain this morning. Clear skies and hot temps the rest of the contest.”

Day 4 task 2 with 329 km; and a bonus point available  for the  first in each group to Leeton (turnpoint 3)
Group A started at 14.51 and were the last to be launched for the day.
Good race again from Philip in the Hornet;109.06 km./h. Todd in the other Hornet was 10th so no points for him today. Tommy out-landed after 234 km. A pity. Ben Loxton was runner up and was the first at TP3 in this group , so 1 extra point for him.
Group B started at 14.03 and Alex Wallis won the day in the St Cirrus with 104 km./h. Young UK pilot Finn who had a bad first day was runner up; good on him. 1 Out in this group. Only 6 from 12 got points.
Group C started at 14.27 and Andrew Maddocks in the Hornet “got” the highest amount of points;8 including the bonus point! Tony was 4th and 2 were out.

Day 5 task 3 with 158 km.;
Looks like Ben won in the A group, Finn [good on him] in the B group and Nick [Gilbert] in the C group more in the next blog.




lot’s to do in Australia at this time of the season.
The WWGC  PREWORLDS and the Australian Nationals for Standard and combi class.
Contest director Mandy Temple [former TC for Australia]wants it to be a great competition and with her experience she will see to it , it happens!!
The USA girls arrived with a few hick-up’s, mainly due to the heat, but good old John Good [former TC for the USA and deputy director and task setter of the Uvalde 2012 WGC] is with them. Another very organized/experienced guy  and he really writes good reports!!!!

practice -day 1 on December 30, —–wind from the North at about 12 or 14 knots,  currently sky-clear and very blue, expected maximum temperature 37,   runway 32, first launch 12:30——was good with a 3.30 AAT for club class [ with 11 participants] and Sarah from the USA, showed her experience by winning the day with 417 km. in a St Cirrus in time 3.43 so a speed of 112 km./h. Not sure if she was REALLY happy with it ;”Whoops… It’s considered bad luck to win the practice day.”
Jenny[Ganderton] did well too. She is a local “girl” and a good pilot;408 km. in time 3.23 so a speed of 116 km./h in the Mosquito.
Ayala from the UK was 4th and German Sabrina did not fly yet.
Sports class [21 in this class] had a 3.30 AAT as well and Adam [yes Woolley, he is there as well] . In the Ventus 2 he flew 479 km. in time 3.17 so a nice speed of 136.93 km.
Terry [Cubley] in the Ventus CXT/18m. flew 488 km. in time 3.27 so a speed of 139.55 km./h.

Adam shared this text and message;
photo from today, great streeting, great climb, occasionally intimidating terrain with educated guess work ahead for paddock/selection.”

Day 1, task 1 on December 31;Wind virtually calm,  currently 31 degrees expecting maximum 38 or maybe 39, sky-clear-blue… visibility excellent!!!
Combi…469 k. was set and 2 Aussie toppers were in the lead Peter [Temple] in ASG 29/18m. and Adam [Woolley] in Ventus 2;932 and 917 points and the best girl,….as this is their pre-worlds…. was young Ailsa on 3 in the JS 1, with 888 points.
Look at the SPEED; 165.84…157.62 and 161.73.
Cath was on 4, Lisa Trotter on 6, Lisa Turner on 10,Diana on 18, Kerrie on 19 and Akemi on 20.
More about the day ,”The cool bit first, 160km final glide at 200kph starting from 8500′!” in Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures 

Club…394 km. and day 1 was a prey for Bernie Sizer, who more or less started competition flying a few years ago, in Dieter Dundee’s ASW 15 from Tocumwal. Now he flies his own PIK 20 B and does well;1000 points for him.
Nice speed too 131.28 km./h. A tad better than Allan Barnes in the SZD 55 with 998 points.
What about the girls?? Kathryn [USA] on 4, Sarah [USA] on 5, Jo on 7, Sabrina [Germany] on 8, Ayala [UK] on 8, Sylvia [USA] on 10 and Jenny on 11.

Day 2 task 2 on January 1;Briefing is completed, it was quite cloudy earlier but it’s now looking ok.  Racing tasks today. Outside now it’s  very hot and warming rapidly, a light breeze from the NorthEast. Runway 32 and first launch at 12:0 midday.
Combi…404 km. This time Adam won after a nice but late start  :
“Day winner, just! As it turned out I played a higher risk card today with a late start, got away with it, but little to no big reward. I started in shear wave with Ailsa McMillan, but 50min after the gate opened & probably 30min past the optimum. Thankfully the result was good..!

The main issue for the day was that it was hot, humid, with poor visibility & spread out. I played the game well with knowing that I shouldn’t be so selective today due to the humidity, but right from start I couldn’t find even a 1/2 decent climb. The whole day i couldn’t figure out what the sky was doing, so just kept pressing on looking for better..

Key point, just luck. I got this cracking climb to base, then the flight got easier in the more regular conditions. 2nd, just getting through overdevelopment in the high bases with limited visibility just before the shower line closed off behind me; 3rd, realizing that I want a high climb to base, no matter the climb strength before going on glide – fortunately it was 6kts & I flew 80km at 220kph!
A technical flight, good fun, but tough!”Speed 143 km./h.
Terry was runner up [speed 147 km./h.and the PRE-WWGC-girls….3. Lisa Turner..7. Lisa Trotter,…10. Ailsa,…12. Kerrie,..13. Kath,..18. Akemi,..19. Diana,…
Start times between 13.47 [ Pete Temple]and 14.26 [Adam]

Club…339 km.Allan won the day in his SZD 55; speed 133 km./h. The overseas European girls are getting the hang of this down under flying. Ayala did well as runner up in her St Libelle, with a speed of 108 km./h. and Sabrina was 3d with 112 km./h in the LS 4.
The other girls; 6. Jenny,…7. Sarah,..8. Jo,..10 .Kathryn and 11 .Sylvia. Also these 2 USA girls will get the feeling for Lake Keepit. It’s all about next years WWGC.

Some official news from this day;
“All was proceeding normally yesterday until 5:22pm,  23 of the Racing Fleet had returned and then, quite suddenly, at 5:22pm the wind shifted from 220/06 to 09015/20 gusting to 25.  As this change arrived so did WL and with good skills and attention to detail the landing was excellent. At this same moment we had on long final NSO, YL and OG, they all arrived safely (good careful flying),  but,  still out on task was QV,CX,MM and LS,  needing to fly home thru this terrible wind.     They all made it back safely,   some mighty fine flying.  At around sunset the storm cells arrived, a short burst of heavy rain and then a couple of hours of lightning etc.

This morning we launched at 11:30am into an open sky with only a few cumulus clouds scattered here and there. It’s now 3:45pm and most of the Racers are about half way round the course,  (outside it’s a very hot 38degrees)

So 4 hour AAT’s in both classes, not all pilots in. More in my next blog. Looks like Allan and Adam are winning the day.


—Some good flights;
Last day of the year 2018 was good in Africa with 13 flights over 1000 km. Some of my Lasham friends are in Bitterwasser for their annual “soaring-kick” and straight away on their day 1 , they flew 1000 and 758, but this was after a late start. The “kick” was there as well as Andy mentioned :
A bit tight at the end.. but that just made it more exciting than usual. ”
My Dutch mates flew a 1000 too from Douglas with an exciting finish after a de-tour due to CB’s and a landing in heavy rain.
My Finnish friend Antti flew on the last day the ARCUS by himself also a 1000 and he mentioned;
Solo,…. was fired as a new year eve’s firework!
The new year 2019 started good in Corowa ,where Austrian Hans Peter Ueblacker flew nearly a 1000; 928 km in the Ventus 2CM/18m.
Other good Aussie places; 858 From Benalla, 854 from Temora and 868 from Leeton.
BUT,…looking in the evening there were another 15 x1000 k’s in Africa.2 Of them from the Lasham boy’s. Roy and Chris flew one too, so did Patrick in the Ventus 3M.


Gliding International started their new year with the January/February issue;
—–Brazil as new soaring potential and also there  on their asking, Matthew Scutter of Skysight began covering the region and provided us with useful meteorological information.
Thermals, Wave, Ridge, Convergences it’s all there and for the family…beaches to die for!!
—–After Germany and France the Czech Rep is the largest manufacturer from sport aircraft and sailplanes!!!They started in Mai the MONGOLIAN project, yes indeed with Mongolia. Several pages with interesting reading. An interconnection with  technologies from Czechia for/with Mongolia and among others even the former manufacturers from the good old Blanik are involved, now called LET Kunovice, as well as  Transcon’s modular airports and airport systems and ultralight aircraft from Shark Aero .
—–Brexit and Gliding...A nightmare…..What happens on the 29th of March at 11 PM when the UK leaves the EU.
GI wonders, what can of worms the UK is creating for itself. Lot’s of “technical” but important reading.
—–Engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, fly First-Ever aircraft with no moving parts!!! Instead of propellers or turbines, the light aircraft is powered by an “ionic wind”—a silent but mighty flow of ions that is produced aboard the plane, and that generates enough thrust to propel the plane over a sustained, steady flight.
—–What will our climate look in 2050?? Will  the change contribute to advances in cross country and record setting speeds?In fact we see already now the changes. Important reading.
—–Myles Hynde adds that the year 2014 till 2018 was the hottest ever on record. It’s happening NOW!!!!
—–Lot’s of aviation news …12 pages…for glider pilots and “things with wings” news in 3 sentences/twitter style.

62 Pages of up- to- date- reading.
Subscription on the G.I or virtual G.I. via ;   office@glidinginternational.com
I loved writing for them, but it was just too much work for me, but I still like to read the magazine with news which is of interest.


CU next Wednesday back to normal after all festivities!! With more from Keepit and Leeton and the NZ National multi class comps from Omarama, with a great first day; speed 169 km./h.over 529 km.in ASG 29 ES.
Cheers Ritz

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