Narromine…great comps!65th Argentinian Nationals in combined Standard and 15 m./open class.

Continued;…The 57 th Narromine Multi class Nationals … 2 day’s to go!!!!

Preparations for the last but one day.
As shared by Narromine Gliding Club Official

With 2 day’s to go everybody, who was still in the race to win, was in “alert mode”.
AND,….pretty big tasks on the last but one day, which is good.
December 6, day 10, task 7;
15 m./st.; 454 km.
A frequent Aussie WGC pilot Peter [Trotter] was the one at the podium today just ahead of Adam. Both with the same speed 131 km./h., but Peter’s LS 8 has a better handicap. As Adam calls it ” beaten off the stick.”
So 1000 and 955 points.
Peter and his wife Lisa both fly on high level and are lovely people. Lisa by the way was 4th for the day in 15 m. but runner up in her St. Class.
I have not yet seen the pilots-list for Lake Keepit, but I am sure Lisa will be on it.
With 6 x an LS 8 in the 15 m. top ten ,they did well!!!
The top 3 with 1 day to go in 15 m.; 1. Adam 6. 282…2. Tobias 6.014….3. Andrew Maddocks 5.465.
The top 3 with 1 day to go in St. class; 1. Andrew 5.848… 2. Peter 5.823…3.Allan 5.727.

18m/open; 550 km.
Another daily win for Norm and nice speed again; 137 km./h. Tom was runner up and still on spot 1 overall in his ASG 29. Geoff Brown in his JS 1 [18m] is doing a great job and was third and also on spot 3 overall with one day to go.
With one day to go the overall results are as follows;
open;1. Tom 6.343…2. Norm 6.039…. 3.Geoff 5.970.
18m; 1. Tom 6.342…2. Norm 6.044…3 Geoff 5.971.

December 7 day 11 task 8; FINAL  DAY from a very good competition.
15m./st; 3 hour AAT.
343 km. for Tobias and he deserved another  “win” , [3d] speed 114 km./h. 5 Points less for Allen and 11 for “Woolley-pup”.
No secret who was winning in this 15 m. class;
1. Adam Woolley with 7.268 points.
2. Tobias Geiger with 7.011 points.
3. Peter Trotter with 6.362 points.
In standard class a “bad day for Andrew. He was number 1 overall, did not fly too bad with a 6th daily prize, but lost more than 200 points. And with points SO close,[ see above], that cost him the title.He dropped from 1 to 3. A pity.
1. Peter Trotter with 6.743 p.
2. Allan Barnes with 6.727 p.
3. Andrew Maddocks with 6.634 p.
Lisa and Claire did very well on a 5th and 6th spot. Also Kerrie on spot 14 did well and Jenny on spot 12. Catherine on spot 22 and Akemie won a day before she had to return to work. GOOD girls….Let the WWGC begin…..

Well done to all!!!!

18m./open; 3 hour AAT.
Geoff was in the end in a really good flow, he really got the “hang” of flying in Narromine. He usually flies from Canberra. He won the last day and flew 373 km. in time 3.03.57. Good day for Scott in his ASH 25; a runner up spot with Norm as number 3 for the day.
Open class final results;
1. Tom Claffey with 7.224 p.
2. Norm Bloch with 7.007 p.
3. Geoff Brown with 6.970 p.
18 m. class top was the same.


Packing-up- time  after great comps. And for some …..LONG ,long very long trips home.
As shared by Narromine Gliding Club Official

Some straight away traveled to Benalla for the Victorian State comps [December 9-15] and luckily the first day was cancelled so pilots as Lumpy and Terry , who fly in the ballasted class [10] could straight away fly the set 421 km and the 3 hour AAT a day later,both won by Lumpy in the JS 3.
In the unballasted class[8]  a 329 was set and a 3.30 AAT yesterday and Craig Collins in the ASW 20 won both day’s.


65th Argentinian Nationals.

On the other site of the world the 65th Argentinian Nationals started in 2 classes on December 3 continuing till December 14. San Francisco was the place to be. 51 Pilots flew in a combined  Standard class and combined  15m./open.
The first 4 day’s showed 3 flyable days in st and 4 in 15m./open.
The 3 hour AAT task in both classes was interesting.
2 Silent 2’s  won that day with 309 km. followed by 4 LS 4’s one flown by Lucas Goldenzweig.
In the other class the 15 m- Ventus B flown by Jose Dentone was the best on handicap with 353 km in time 3.05 whilst Damian Goldenzweig in the Ventus 2CM/18m. was equal in time but he flew 378 km with a speed of 122 km./h.
After 3 day’s Lucas leads in St. class and Jose in 15m./open with 45 points on Damian.

The next 4 day’s had in both classes a cancelled day. In 15 m/open AAT’s around 2 hours and 1 from 3 hours; 286 km in time 3.03 for Sebastián Riera. Damian was 7th that day and Jose 16th both loosing some points.
After 8 day’s and 7 task’s another overall update; 1. Damian…4,574 points, 2. Santiago Berca [ both in Ventus 2CM/18m.]with 40 points less.
In st class after 8 day’s and 6 tasks’;1. Lucas with 3,896 points and 2. Cristian Franzini [ both in LS 4] with 55 points less.

Day was cancelled.


Some great flights last week;
—–December 6; Peter Temple is not flying the Nationals in Narromine , but I do have to mention him as he flew from Gawler a 1000 k in his ASG 29 in mostly blue conditions!!!Good on him.
He topped the OLC that day before 1000 km.-flights from Kiripotib, Douglas and Veronica , they have already so many!!!
Same day great weather in Tocumwal and Corowa as well, with 806 in the ARCUS M by Joergen from Denmark and 838 by Chris Davison in the 21 m JS 1CTJ.
Terry Ryan, usually flying from Tocumwal, flies nowadays from Corowa and flew 760 in his ASH 26E.
—-December 8; Dutch pilots are having a great time with several 1000 km flights from Douglas. Hadriaan flew 2, even one 1.100 km.with 135 km./h. in the JS 1 BTJ.
And Rob and Max  had 4 m climb at 6.20 PM. in the Nimbus 4DM.


——That we had a fabulous summer here in Holland, is pretty clear after all the records we broke, but it also interesting to see that more pilots went out flying!!For the first time in history Dutch pilots, 651,  flew in Holland over 1 million kilometers in one season!!!Steven Raimond is our 2018 champion .


And to finish a great picture from Namibia. There they have a great season, but the “connoisseurs” think it was till now not a real classic Namibian weather.

Text;“Arcus over the Kalahari circling in the updraft. The usable thermal often starts at 11.00 local time and ends at sunset. The Kalahari extends on both sides of the southern tropic from the South African province North Cape through Namibia and Botswana over an area of more than one million square kilometres. What a feast to fly here.”

Talking about Namibia ,of course Bitterwasser is the name belonging to it for years. They shared this news:
Wilfried Großkinsky was awarded a special honor in Bitterwasser. After a speech by Rainer Hog, an honorary palm tree was planted in the allee. Not only the 137 flown flights over 1000 kilometers were the reason for the honour. The special engagement in the promotion of young pilots was the main reason for the award. Every year Wilfried invites 3 young pilots to the 1000 km camp. Director Rainer Hog emphasized, that some of the sponsored and trained pilots come back to Bitterwasser and carry on the Bitterwasser idea.”
That special honor is MORE THAN DESERVED.

One of the 3 lucky young pilots is from Holland Luc Stalman [ due to his age his last season] .Luc normally  flies at Venlo. Nice young fellow, who was allowed this season to fly the brand new Ventus 3M.

as shared by Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre

The new VENTUS 3 M.
Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre


Got the flu,even with my anti-flu-injection,  so not too much to read, hopefully next time more.
Off to the doctor now.
Cheers Ritz

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