Stendal prepares for 2020 WGC !

The overseas weather starts to warm up. Gerrit flew from Mc Caffery [Australia] over 500 km. in his Quintus and his wife Pam 441 in her ASH 31/21 m.
Orient [South Africa] had several over 500 k’s in Ventus 2 CM and N.Z. … Omarama with Max Stevens in an ASW 27 as well. Last Wednesday Bob Gray flew 563 in a DG 100!!!!
Temora pilot Brian Du Rieu flew over 500 in his LS 10 .
Bitterwasser will be “hot” in several way’s from November onward. From November 3 they fly there the first week of FLYING WITH THE CHAMPIONS, as usual in co-operation with Rent-a- Glider, with Wolfgang, Ludwig and Dieter Schwenk.
2d Week will be between November 10 and 16.More later.
Omarama shared this fabulous picture;

They shared this text as well:
Mount Tasman taken by Gabriella Morton a few days ago. Spring flying is awesome! 
Milan and Gabriella were flying together in QQ and formated on Sabrina flying DD.”


The place to be for the next WGC and they work hard, very hard to get the airfield in the very best condition.


As shared by Segelflug-DM Stendal

The German Nationals will be there in 2019 for open and 2 seaters. It’s between July 8 and 19 in 2019.
There will be also a training-competition for 18 m.

The international Stendal-Glide will be your opportunity to get to know the airfield and the region of the WGC 2020. It takes place at the same time as the German Nationals.

Places are available for international guest who intend to participate in the WGC2020 as follows:

  • Open Class: 15 (+25 German Nationals)
  • 20m Doubleseaters: 10 (+30 German Nationals)
  • 18m-Class: max. 40

The 2019 German Nationals for Club and Standard class will be flown between Mai 20 and 31 from Zwickau  and the 2019 Nationals for 15 m and 18 m. will be flown between July 22 and August 2 from Marpingen.

The 36th WGC in Stendal will be flown in 18m ,Open ,20m between July 19- July 31 2020, so you are totally up-to -date now!


—— New representative for Benelux;
As good old Bert de Wijs is retiring , DG shared the next news in their DGAircraft News.
We are happy to now being able to introduce Peter Jansen, owner of Service Center Terlet, as our new representative for DG and LS aircraft. With his business background Peter provides a huge know how, a strong customer loyalty and an excellent service, which our customers will for sure be appreciating. He’ll start his job as DG-representative on November 1st. As Part-M maintenance organization the team at Service Center Terlet has for many years been taking care of customers’ needs in and around the Benelux countries. Their high level of quality and service matches DG’s trade name very well and we are really looking forward to cooperate with Peter.”
Indeed Holland is very proud on this Service Center.


—Believe it or not, but Sikko Vermeer, who works at the above service center,  flew last Monday IN Holland mid autumn most probably the longest flight ever for this time of the year;417 km. on October 22!!!!
When he arrived at Soesterberg airfield there was some drizzle , which quickly cleared and with the first thermal activity , he was on his way.Flying South, nearly to where I live and back North, then making the 400 km. Great job great FLIGHT!!Have a look at the OLC on October 22, number 4 on the list and I say it again flat country no wave!!!…


Pictures shared by Sikko.

In my last blog I wrote about our new World Champion Sjaak Selen. It seems I understood something wrong ,so here is the correction I got from Sjaak.
It was not “the father from the dad ” from Sjaak and Baer,  but the brother , so his uncle Jan Selen. And Jan was very involved and not “just”  a glider pilot .
He was Dutch National champion in 1955 and represented the Netherlands at the WGC in Argentina in 1963!!!
As said before a REAL soaring family!!!!
Thanks Sjaak!!

As shared by ZWEVERS[ Frits].

—-Just to let you know;
BIG FAI General conference is in Luxor [Egypt] this week on the 26th.
FAI Air Sport General Commission is on the 24th same place.

To finish this great picture by NZ top-photographer Geoff Soper. This one is on canvas and by the way, he sells his pictures.
Geoff Soper Photography

He took the picture at Classic Fighters, Omaka, “its ultra sharp and blew up well on a 1.5m canvas print“.

CU next week.
Cheers Ritz

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