Brazilian Nationals ! Bahia-season started TOP !Potchefstroom…S.A. Nationals ! Strong wave in Europe yesterday!

As shared by Aeroclube de Bebedouro.


—Brasil Nationals from Bebedouro;
Day 4 with task 4 was challenging. AND,…in the end it turned out to be the last flying day!!After all the great weather it was an AAT -day.
2 hour AAT….. Not Henrique, who won every day till now, but 2 other pilots were the best on this AAT day;604 points both [on handicap] for a Nimbus 4 [266 km]with Alberto Kunath  and an Arcus M. [258]  with Claudio Schmidt. Henrique was 3d.
Day 5 was cancelled and there was no task on the last day.
So we have winners and a champion; Henrique Navarro in N1 a Nimbus 4T; 3.536 points. AND his 7th time!!
Runner up ;Alberto Kunath with 3.268 points…. 5 times Brazilian National Champion.
And Henrique shared a “story”  about these 2 Nimbus 4 -gliders.
“Nimbus 4 reunion! The last time these two N4 flew together was in the WGC in Makfing, South Africa, in 2002 maybe. They were flown by Alberto Kunath (TM) and Pete Harvey (N1).
Now we are at the Brazilian Nationals, and they seem to be having a good time together.

As shared by Henrique.

Racing; 1.45 AAT….196 km. in time 1.47, in a St Jantar by Guilherme Ribeiro was not bad;518 points for him.
Day 5 was cancelled.Day 6 had no task;
Champion; Itamar Lessa in ASW 20 B with  3.254 points. Runner up  Luis Affonso in St Jantar with 3.181 points.

Club;1.30 AAT and only 3 finishers. Valeria did not fly.
Day 5 was cancelled.Day 6…no task
Sérgio Bassi was the clear winner and CHAMPION. In his ELFE S4 he “got” 2.893 points. Runner up Luis Improta in St. Libelle with 2.678 points.

Open class AT the “podium”.Other classes around.
As shared by Henrique.


—-More news from Brasil as 3 pilots flew over 900 km. on September 26.
On the 25th of September the 2019 OLC started with lot’s of points for Brazilian pilots or pilots flying there.
On the 26th from Bahia 926 km in a Ventus CT/ 17.5 m, trying a 1000 FAI triangle!!!Pilot Pablo “got” 1.040,16 OLC points.
973 km. by Branco in the Nimbus 3T 25.5 m.His comment;
Tried a declared FAI 1000 with Tato. The first couple of hours was low and slow, but after that we got going. The second turn point was in a blue hole and we were behind the schedule, so we cut it short and moved the last TP to Barreiras. Going downwind to Barreiras was easy: all the Cu’s worked and we were able to utilize a number of long lift lines. At the end, I ran out of daylight, otherwise another 30 km was possible.

Branco and his mates;

12th straight day of great flying at Bahia Gliding!!! ”
as shared by Branco.



—On the 29th the South African Nationals started at Potchefstroom.
A lot of pilots in 18m./open; 22 to be correct and a few less in 15 m., club and 2 seaters a total of 38!!
They started last Sunday .For the 2 seater scores , only 4 gliders, please look at
15 m;
task 1; 325 km...with a speed of 125 km./h Mark Holliday [ASW 27] raced of the circuit and all others [ 6 ] finished as well.[844 points for Mark]
task 2; Maybe task 1 was too short so  the 7 had to fly 412 km!!!AND, except for one all flew the distance!!!Nice speed as well 113 km./h. so another win and now a 1000 points day for Mark .
Task 3; 315 km….Believe it or not but Mark won again, he seems to be a one-of-a-kind- 15 m. pilot! Good on him. AND,..look at the speed …140 km./h.
Wayne Schmidt also ASW 27, is mostly runner up for the day, BUT,  is about 300 points behind him overall.
Hanno Du Toit was runner up this day with 137 km./h on the clock. He is 3d overall.

task 1; 271 km….6 pilots in this class Dave Maver flew in his ASW 20 with a speed of 102 km.h but on handicap he was runner up as the St Cirrus from Jonathan Cross flew 97 km./h.
task 2; 359 km…..and Jonathan Cross was the daily best with 104 km./ his St Cirrus Well deserved 1000 points.
task 3;258 km….same story ,….Jonathan is the soaring-ace in club class winning every day till now. With 109 km./h he was the best.

task 1; 387 km….23 pilots in this class and an exciting class with real S A toppers participating. BUT, was a German pilot winning the day in a S A glider the JS 3. ;Klaus Kalmbach. He started together with Laurens and finished together both had the daily prize!!AND,..908 points.
Oscar was a tad slower, also in JS 3 ; 907 points!! Exciting finish.
task 2; 424 km……Good on he,r a powerful lady on top; Nathalie Lueben !!!In the ASH 32 MI, [handicap 116] she flew around with a speed of 131,42 km./h. good for 1000 points.
Not the fastest speed as 132.73 [Klaus] and 132. 85 km./h [Dawid Pretorius] was a tad better but their handicap from 120 and 121 gave them a few points less .[957 for 944]
Task 3;352 km.….Oscar was the “man-on-a-mission” this day. He flew faster than all others and by a big marge; 151 km./h. Runner up Martin Lessle in a JS 3 /15 m. flew around with 140 km./h and Danish Anders Andersen in his 18 m. JS 3 with 144 km./h.
One way or another Laurens did not fly!?
Oscar leads now with 3 day’s to go. German pilots Natalie and Klaus are 2 and 3 at this stage.


—-The Queensland GRAND PRIX is on at Kingaroy!! With other words the annual Queensland State Comps,with 18 participants in standard/15 m and 10 in open /18 m. and GP scores .
Adam won 2 day’s [310 km. and 160 km.] so 20 points for him in the St class/15 m and Lumpy did the same;  20 points for task 2 and 3 , no secret both lead!!![370 km. and 281]
Task 4 was for Adam again[297 km.]   but Lumpy “lost” from former WGC champion Brad Edwards , both in JS 3.-[348 km.]
After 3 tasks Adam leads in 15 m. with 30 points followed by Peter Trotter with 23.
In 18 m. Lumpy still leads with 25 points and runner up  Andrew Georgeson has 21. Brad is now 3d.[20 points]
How is this way of competition- flying different ???
They declare that as follows;”Conventional gliding competitions can require a huge financial commitment. Formula 1.0 is centred around the club class handicap of 1.0, which means that pilots can buy a competitive sailplane for less than $10,000. In the first running of the contest in the 2017 / 2018 season, the contest was won by Nathan Johnson in a borrowed 1976 Glasflugel Hornet



—–An end of a spectacular era!!! Frank Versteegh , former Red Bull Air Racer is selling his plane , EXTRA 300 L, ….a certified Aerobatic Aircraft…. to somebody who will fly it more than he does now , but treats “her” with the same respect. There MUST be somebody in this world who can do so.
Frank ‘loved’ his plane and did unforgettable “things” with it. Thanks Frank!!!!!
With the aerobatic coaching weekend run by Grant Piper in Tocumwal last weekend ,maybe Australia is an option??


Good luck to this little beauty!!!!
Pictures and message shared by Frank.


—-On the last day of September ,French pilot Philippe de Pechy , brought an ode / ballade sur le Golfe du Morbihan.
From Rennes Saint-Sulpice he flew West to the coast in his 21 m. JS 1,…..and what great pictures of fabulous isles,  he took. I share 3 of them.More on his FB site.



Commune de l’Ile aux Moines   and       Île-d’Arz.

Golfe du Morbihan.
All pictures shared by Philippe.


—–AND,… the British Gliding Association shared this news this morning:
“Another John Williams epic from Portmoak – an OLC 1.225 km at 128 kph… inc a trip to N Ireland!.
Wow look at his flight on the OLC. Lot’s of water!!!! And the Scottish wave was not always THAT high!! He took off  in his ANTARES from  Kinross.
John’s dry comment; ” Always wanted to try Ireland from Scotland (and back).”
Also Edward Downham flew over 1000 km.on this wave day from Kinross.[ASH 25EB 28] AND,…in a Discus with Santiago Cervantes,  970 k. is not bad either!!!!

And another LONG flight yesterday from Europe,..the Stemme with Klaus flew from La Cerdanya in Spain 1.300 km. with a speed of 116 km./h.!!!!Their wave went much higher .

And another one from France, I heard about the mistral and Robert Prat flew 1.203 km. at 127 km./h. from St Gaudens in the ASG 29 /18m.
Super flights.

Cu Next week.
Cheers Ritz

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