Perlan doing a fabulous job!!! SKYSIGHT !!!!

Shared by Matthew;”Low drag low lift configuration.”

——What about 1.749,93 km. with a speed of 206,99 km./h.?????? The Perlan Arcus J raced with this speed from Inyokern with Dennis Tito and Bill Hill.
They are doing an amazing job, those Perlan people!!!!!!!!
One way or another I heard or read that Matthew Scutter…[ JWGC champion in Narromine]  seems to be involved in the Perlan Project, so I checked with him:
My company, skysight, supplies perlan’s weather forecasts. So I came to visit to help out and see how it’s going“.
Not bad, not bad at all.
I get already for a long time, all Perlan-updates and part of the last one was about the flight from Jim and Morgan:
For Flight #53 the objective was envelope expansion and a functional check flight of some recent upgrades performed by the Perlan Team. The goal was to fly faster, not higher, to clear more flutter excitation modeling to the right. (More details below.) Our weather man Walt Rogers was joined by Matthew Scutter, founder of SkySight, to analyze the potential clouds and any possible stratospheric wave.  Lots of clouds and very little chance of lift was the verdict. Perfect for our purposes.”
Yes even written in part of an update by Jacky, Jim’s wife in the Perlan Blog after his flight with Morgan.[]

On September 2 Matthew shared this picture [ SkySight ]  :

Perlan has recentred into the best lift on the SkySight forecasts and has continued climbing through 73,000ft!
You can see the glider position on the “Perlan” region on SkySight, and the height at ”

All his data are from cloud computers via Amazon and Google!!!!!!
Great job!!!!
Of course I googled his business as well and found news on his own site[]  and  on one from the USA;
SkySight is the next generation soaring weather forecast service for Australia & NZ, South Africa, Europe and America. [ Japan as well] It was created by Matthew Scutter of Australia. It works great with SeeYou for PC to help you optimize your cross-country soaring and wave flying.”

  • 5+ days forecast range
  • Half-hourly time steps
  • High resolution forecasts
  • One price for access to all covered regions
  • Route forecasts
  • SkewT forecasts
  • Modern user interface
  • Phone & Tablet friendly


— September 13 was ,especially in the UK ,a top day. Roy [18 m. ASG 29 E] added his 570 k-flight to the BGA ladder and finished with the comment;”Probably the best September day that I have flown! Second leg of task at 146 kph so underset, an easy 500k day starting at noon.”
Also Gary and Andy flew a 563 k in an ARCUS T. Both flights from Lasham.



——Containers for Corowa were packed last weekend and the truck picked them up on Monday. As always it was a smooth and easy going “happening” under supervision of Francesco.
The containers ETA , is on November 11 with the 15th as the first possible flying day.
On February 15 2019 is the last flying day for the season.


Pictures courtesy George Schuit.



—-Of course I support ALL flying with and for women. I noticed a message from Aldo ;
The international women pilots’ meeting FlyDonna2018, hosted by ACAO Varese, has reached “top national TV news“. GREAT PR.
So I had a look at the short video and noticed ENOUGH female pilots and parachutists in Italy. As president of the ACAO Varese, Margo Aquaderni was making good PR as well. She is good for Italian soaring!!!
So is Aldo by the way. And not to forget Marina and Giorgio.


—–Tocumwal is a bit more in the news nowadays.The latest;
“The Tocumwal season has officially started today with Lumpy completing a flight just over 357kms in the LS4.
The day had a max temp of 16 deg with Cu’s around, going to 5000 feet.”
He took a few pictures as well.


The area around Tocumwal with the canola in full yellow bloom and the mighty Murray river with so to see enough water.The bridge is part of the Newell Highway.
Courtesy Lumpy Patterson.

Also Kingaroy had top soaring conditions early in the season and Adam’s dad Chris Woolleyflew 665 [500 FAI triangle] yesterday and from Mareeba not bad either, 455 in a PIK 20 by Geoff Pratt.


———-Bahia Gliding [Brasil] shows a great month of September-soaring with flights up to  819 km.!!!
They proudly shared a picture from the OLC from 2 day’s ago topping the list with 4 flights.
Branco[Stoikovitch] mentioned in his comment;
A complicated day with high clouds and OD. Still a lot of fun flying the Big Bird for the first time this season.”
The big bird is of course the Nimbus 3T/25.5 m.





——-Another extremely good day here in Holland , as well as yesterday! 30 dgr. C in mid September AWESOME!!!!
Cu next week, Off early in the morning, so an early publish of the blog.
cheers Ritz

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