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The weather in Holland on September 7 as seen  and shared by top photographer Arjan Vrieze.


By Arjan.

Still great autumn-soaring conditions in Holland as you can see. That day a flight from 578 km. from Axel in an ASH 26E.
Down under they flew at the same day, from Kingaroy in some nice spring conditions just under and above 300 km. flights.Today even a 500 FAI triangle and a total of 556 in an 18 m.  Ventus 2 CM. by Adam’s dad Chris Woolley.
And from the N of Queensland in Australia a flight from 482 in a PIK 20 on September 10!!
On the 9th Matamata pilots in N.Z. enjoyed flights from 406 km. in DG 300 and 481 k. in JS 1 B.
It’s slowly finishing here and slowly starting there.
By the way Dundee, frequent flyer at Tocumwal is already back home there.

Sportavia Tocumwal, where the SRGC from top pilot and ” true gentleman”, Ingo “lives” ,added several gliders to their fleet, mostly club class gliders. The latest edition, an LS 4 , CQL, only has 1800 hrs since new and flies beautifully, as they say. It will be on line this upcoming season.
This club is on the N side of the airfield.
AND,…Sportaviation Tocumwal from Eddie, on the S side of the field; he is ready for a new season as well.


The new LS 4 from Sportavia and the great looking entrance from Sportaviation.
as shared by Sportavia Tocumwal  and by SportAviation Tocumwal

South Africa and Namibia are ready for a huge new season as well. Sven shared this picture from the Breede Valley [S.A.], where you can still see the last snow , but disappearing soon now it is spring there.

By Sven.

Also Bahia’s Gliding in Brasil is ready with 2 over 800 km. flights yesterday


—–Looking back at the 2018 OLC season, busiest day’s, “we”  started with the first real busy day on Saturday April 14 with 1355 pilots . A day with a 750 k. in a Nimbus 4T  in Germany.
One week later[ April 21] it was 2195, the season was “ON” with 5 over 900 km. flights.
Busy day on Mai 12 with 2590 flights some over 800 k. Topped by Mai 26 with 2816  flights, several over 900 km.
Mai had 7 days, with over 1000 km. flights.
June; busiest day was the last one,…June 30 with 2233 flights with 4 over 1000, even 1.202 km.
July; busiest July 7 with 2019 flights. Many busy days in that month; 14 over 1000.
August; 1884 flights on August 26 and not that many busy day’s; 7 over 1000.
September ; the first day had straight away 1012 flights.

Mind you as most pilots have the weekends off, most of these busy  day’s are Saturday or /and Sunday. Of course the busiest are not automatically the best day’s.


——Most of the tuggies from our Sportavia -past are doing extremely well.
Here is Ashok, with us known as Bones because when he was young and started with us , he was slim, very slim.
In the past I showed you several pictures from his flights and career on flying boats, with Paspaly Pearls, flying from Darwin.
Now he flies , the big machines, in the USA.
Here is his news:
Few of the returning Aussie Fire Fighting Heroes via LA after risking it all saving lives n homes in California wild fires.. 6 weeks of 19 hr days ! …. NSW and QLD Rural and Aviation Fire Dept…. Bless”

With some fellow Aussie mates.
As shared by Bones.


——Some containers are packed at the moment here in Holland ;these  go to Namibia, this upcoming weekend they pack the containers for Corowa. Hopefully for another exciting overseas season.


These ones travel to Namibia. “Container pleasure; packing the first gliders for Namibia; New adventure!”
Shared by Luc Stalman.


—–On September 10, Israel topped the OLC list. Israel???? Yes !!!!! Gaby Tabak, flew in a Twin Astir a distance of 520 km. The speed from 75 km./h was unimportant!!!
Also Rafi Luske and Yehuda Yavets chen flew a nice distance 524 k. ,  from the same airport Beer Sheba Teyma in a 20 m. DG 505 .Good on them.
Also from Megiddo good flights;450 in a PIK 20 B, 447 and 421 km,. in an ASW 24.
Special day !!!!!


——Fly Girls, shared this message AND picture  in “zwevers” ;
Colonel Regina Sabric, call sign “Torch”, of Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania has become the first female Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. Col. Sabric is also commander of the 419th Fighter Wing at Hill AFB in Utah, a unit she assumed command of in April of 2018.  [ theavionist .com] 

Congratulations, Colonel Sabric!!!

Wow what an exciting life!!!

Ready to go. Great job!

The season slows down , so do I ,till it is full active again.
CU next week. Hope hurricane FLORENCE does n’t create TOO much damage on the East Coast of the USA.
Cheers Ritz

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