Autumn is here! All kind of news!

The meteorological autumn started and here in Holland we got some stats on the 2018 summer.
AND …a real summer it was!!!! But in the night from last Thursday into Friday we had our first night frost -0.3 and that was early for the season.
All summer months this 2018 were hot. 2 Times we had a heat wave!! Average temperature was 19 dgr. C , which is 2 dgr. more than normal.
We had only 100 mm. of rain and normally it should have been 220 mm. So a very dry year. I could see that on my garden ; brown grass instead of green.
Though Holland is just a small country, there was a remarkable difference in rain looking at the N part and the S.;120/160 against 40/70, so that declares my dry yellow garden.
So the hottest summer EVER. Interesting!!!!! BUT,…at least GREAT for some fantastic gliding as well.
Still great weather with up to 27 yesterday!!!!
AND,also good for gliding,…….September 1…….465 km in the N. of Holland by Frank Hiemstra in the St Cirrus and same glider but with Robin Smit more in the S. of Holland 548 km [400 FAI triangle over Holland, Belgium and Germany]!!!!AND,….691 k by Mark Leeuwenburgh in the 18m. ASG 29 !!!



With a lot of pleasure I read the renewed digital version of GLIDING INTERNATIONAL.
I have n’t been a real fan from digital reading ,but now it was easy and pleasant and I read it all!!!
We have spent considerable time updating the format of the Digital version  of Gliding International.
Well,….they did!!!!
What’s to be read in the new 2018 September/October issue volume 11 number 5? Lot’s!!!
The B-version of the ASK 21,…..this well proven 2-seater trainer receives a major upgrading!!! The trainer has been purchased already by the Royal Air Forces from Australia, Portugal and the UK.

–The AS 33; the new 15/18 m. sailplane by Schleicher , the successor of the mighty successful ASG 29!!

–Soaring,..a sport in need of identity….by Australian correspondent John Styles.

–Piper Cub; history about this tug I know from when I just was involved in gliding. I remember Kees[Musters] flying one, a nice green military “toy”.Story written down by Joseph King.

–World Aviation news for glider pilots about 12 pages and one page full of “things with wings”.
A total of 62 pages of interesting reading.
Janice is the one who takes care of the subscriptions.





“Bid deadlines for 10th series FAI Sailplane Grand Prix

10th FAI Sailplane Grand Prix final to be held in Turkey as a participating event in the FAI World Air Games.

The 10th series national events will be held between June 1st 2019 and June 30th 2020. Bids should be sent before the 31st October 2018.

Bids are invited for national events and bid documents are available at.

Bids will be accepted for up to 7 national events in the 10th series, the winning pilots to compete in the final in Turkey September 2020 and participate in the FAI World Air Games




Something different than gliding…riding my bike over the old railway station to Eindhoven. [25 km up and down] One lane in the middle of the most beautiful nature.
We stopped for lunch at the “silicon Valley” from Europe;The HIGH TECH CAMPUS in Eindhoven…all kind of languages and all kind of food. Never knew it was there.
Loved the words from Albert Einstein;” Logic will get you from A to B .Imagination will take you everywhere”.


Pretty busy and beautiful place. Guess all overseas mostly very bright guests will feel happy here.

The lab from Philips is there as well, and then we have a link to soaring as Mr. Frits Philips was the beneficiary from our gliding club the ZES . One of the glider ‘s the KA 7, even had his name on the fuselage.

March 29 1967 …. unfortunately the name of F. Philips is not very visible anymore on this old picture.
with Theo in the glider, Henk and Martin at the canopy and Liesbeth and I looking with freezing cold conditions.AND,….on high heels???!!!Ha Ha,……




After the remarkable epic flight from the Perlan-glider “AIRBUS” the Perlan Project shared this picture. I looked at the video too, AMAZING!!!!
Fasten your seat belts and see what it’s like to soar above 76,000 feet pressure altitude. Check out this raw footage from today’s extraordinary, record-setting flight in the engineless Perlan 2 glider on #AirbusPerlanMission II.”

Heroes,….that’s what they are!!!!


The next news was shared after last Sunday’s flight

RESPECT!!!! Higher and HIGHER !!!
Shared by Soaring Society of America




And,…to finish 2 great pictures shared by Arnaud de Broqueville, flying at the Binder week on day 3, from

Aérodrome de Saint-Gaudens – Montréjeau.


Having fun with Michael in the majestic EB’s!!!


Cu next week, by the way Keith Essex flew yesterday, his 17th over 1000 km. flight this season; 1.106,93 km from Minden, with a speed of 145.70 km./h.
His best speed was on April 11; 174.89 km./h over 1.197 km. also from Minden.
Starting on April 10 and,…it’s back to work now,…season is over for him and a great one it was.

Cheers Ritz

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