Last week in Hosin with expected great weather again !!!!Junior Nationals in Holland !

35th FAI WGC in Hosin started with the last week !!!!

As you can see on the picture from TOP PHOTOGRAPHER Maria Szemplinska shared by Rick some really needed a rest day !!!


MONDAY August 6, day 9 task 8 .

Hosin from above. Courtesy Arne.

On a rest day there is enough to do ,….going to a castle ,….. to Prague or building a [ team]-hut with mates for crew pilots and …..for a GLIDER.


S.A. team always looks happy.
As shared by Arne.

In between the girls had fun as well, Katrin changed her hat for a USA hat.
““International Accord” Katrin Senne (flying IG in the 18m Class on the German Team) is an admirer of the US Team uniforms, so she traded hats..”
As shared by TEAM USA.

And team Holland is ready for the last week!!! With Jeroen,[15]  Peter [11] , Hadriaan [6]  and Ronald.]7]
Courtesy Frans Guise.

First launches postponed but at 12 the “flying circus”  started again.
The conditions are going to be… Interesting…” – Met man

Open ; 422 km…..later changed in B task from 323 km;Gate opened at 14.00;
A SLOW day, after all the huge speed , we are used to, from the last day’s. Felipe continued his great performances at Hosin and won the day with 109,75 km./h.
Ricardo in the JS 1C is really doing well. My good friend Leo[nardo ] , his dad would have been so proud!!!
Also Michael flew 109 km./h.,  those were the 3 daily best!!
It seems that an Austrian  EB 29 R and an Hungaryan JS 1C ” touched”  in the air at 20 km. S. from the field , but both pilots were quickly back at the field in their gliders !!!!
Unfortunately there was a connection of two gliders earlier in the afternoon but thankfully both pilots and the gliders appear to be miraculously OK – they flew back to the airfield and landed safely. Some t.l.c. (tender loving care) some polish and buffing and they will more than likely be able to fly again tomorrow.
Apparently in Hungary yesterday there was a mid-air collision which was mentioned at this morning’s briefing – there the pilot used his parachute and his glider was upside down in a field. How important – LOOK OUT, LOOK OUT, LOOK OUT. The message is spread time and time agai

18 m.;430 km….B-task.. 326 km. Gate opened at 13.22.
An INTERNATIONAL top 5 with Oscar from S.A. winning the day with a speed of 108 km./h.[1000p]  Followed by , Arne from Denmark in more or less the same time.[999 p] Then Jeroen from Holland ;107 km./h. 994 p. same as Katrin !!! And the number 5 is Oscar’s brother Laurens !
Except for Jeroen [14.20] they all started together at 14.13
So 5 JS 3’s in the daily top!!! 2 “Out-landings”.;” the team effort today has paid off for Katrin (who said it is a man’s world? – well done Katrin) moving into 2nd place overall, Oscar moving up into 7th position and Laurens up to 11th.

Laurens in the air in LG …As shared by Arne.

20 m.; 402 km.… B Task..321 km. Gate opened at 13.34.
97 km./h was the speed by daily winners Juha and Antti from Finland! And another great performance in the TWINSHARK by Steafano and his mate; runner up with 94 km./h.
3 Out in this class.

With Oscar winning 18 m. Antti and Juha winning 20 m and Felipe winning open class.
Picture by Gagula Darko


And to finish the day

As shared by TEAM UK.


Power ladies and already SO Long in our gliding world; GREAT picture from Carol , TC from S. A . to the L with Andy’s [Davis]  wife Pamy and crew to the r. They have all met as well in Swalu, the place from the Helli Lasch Challenge were winners of WGC’s are invited too.
Every second year, the best of South Africa’s glider pilots gather with the current World Gliding Champions for two weeks in the heart of the Kalahari, doing what they love doing…. gliding!”
If I remember well,  Katrin and Arne were there as well last year.


TUESDAY ;August 7 ,day 10 , task 9.

Official morning tweet from the organizers:
Good morning. Today will be blue. We expect medium length Racing Tasks today.”
The day before they flew ALL day in the blue no cu’s at all, so today seems the same.Not always easy though dry thermals can be as strong as wet ones!!!!
The S. A. News;
“A clear blue sky this morning with lower temperatures and a gentle breeze. This evening we will be having the International Evening – this will comprise all of the various teams providing a variety of different foods and/or drinks that are typical of their country, so possibly pasta from Italy, wine from France. The S.African have wine, springbokkies & melktertjies drinks to serve and with possibly something to nibble on with the drinks.

The metman says it will be very hot with temps in the 32 – 33 deg mark, possibly better than yesterday, but quite likely to be blue up to 1600 – 1700 m. with only some cumulus in the mountains perhaps up to 2000 – 2200 m. There could be some showers to the south in the evening.
Yesterday there was a midair collision, but thankfully both pilots and their gliders were moreorless OK and they were commended for their actions after the incident. They both flew back and landed safely at Hosin.
The Organisation will accept zero tolerance for reports of safety incidents, and as a result the pilot of HAB will receive 0 points for yesterday’s flight.
The Safety Committee spokesperson, Andy Davis, again spoke about a number of incidents yesterday in the Open class. He again highlighted the need for pilots to have more respect and to give pilots more space, especially when joining other gliders in an existing thermal. He said pilots were often pulling up too sharply, joining too close, joining too fast, or going straight through the gaggle – this was all totally unacceptable and all of these actions would endanger the lives of others. One needed to join at a tangent from the side and slot in. He asked pilots to remember that everyone had wives/husbands/children who no one wanted to be left as a widow/widower. Look out, look out, look out
i can only agree. LOOK OUT….FLY SAFE!!!!!
For years I say; a competition is GOOD, winning is even BETTER ,but going home safe is the BEST.

Just during and after start Carol mentioned;”The high cirrus thickened over the airfield during tow and several gaggles of circling gliders could be clearly seen at not the highest of altitudes and now that all the gliders have been launched there are two gaggles of the Open class circling slowly above and close to the airfield. Off to the SE the high cirrus is clearly evident as well. “
Looks like a very interesting day!
It turned out not …..TOO BLUE!!!

As shared by Team USA around 3.30 PM.
The Message from the organizers;

Back to flying and again later starts now at 12.15 and B tasks.:

Open 364 km.; Later changed in B task with 302 km;gate open at 14.00….Same start, about the same finish, speed 141.75/08 and difference in points SEVEN, that’s the day in a nut shell for Michael and Felipe.
Ricky had another great day and was 3d;139,66 km./h.
Aussie Scott did not fly, and after the “touch in the air” Sebastian Eder EB  [call sign FJ] was out as well

18 m. 360 km.; Later changed in B task with 270 km; gate open at 13.22> 2 did not fly, 2 were out , the rest finished and the best was French pilot Jean-Denis Barrois with a speed of 139,35 km./h!!! Butch was runner up , Wolfgang 3d and the Goudriaans followed with Katrin.
The difference in the overall top is Christophe with 7.623 points and  Katrin with 7.617 points.

20 m. 317 km.;Later changed in B task with 267 km; gate open at 13.34 …Kawa team did it again with a speed of 127,94 km./h. About the same as the Swiss team, who were runner up.

A devalued day for all the classes since they flew the task in under 3 hours. ” Carol.
Everybody back in time for the International EVENING!!!!
And I heard it was yummy, late and just GOOD!!!!!
All scores at 



—-Tijl back from Klippeneck!!!”
What a week Very timely, for the 50th anniversary edition of its competition, Klippeneck turned into “Bitterwasser auf der Alb.”
Just an all around incredible experience.”

Winning 7 day’s out of 7 is MAGIC!!!!! Well done Tijl,congratulations.

So Tijl again on a picture from my file. No clue who made it. Sorry!!


With the expectation of thunderstorms they had small tasks in Bailleau last Tuesday day 8 task 7; 1.45 and 2 hour AAT’s. They had a rest day as well on Sunday and after the well deserved rest straight away a long task  from 535 km. won by the french ARCUS. All 27 pilots finished .
In the speed class 370 km. and a Belgian day as 5 from the first 10 places were for them. 3 From 35 were out!
Tuesday had tasks but they were cancelled due to expected storms.
I heard that the weather change arrived and the temperatures were 10 dgr. lower. That’s what we expect now too.


—-CIM in Rieti;
It’looks like a Giorgio Galetto show in 18 m. Like Tijl won every day in Klippeneck, it seems Giorgio is trying to do the same winning all 4 day’s.
In open Alexander Mueller is the best. but Still a few day’s to go.
Couple of day’s ago they had very bad weather at the finishes.
Clara mentioned:
Very difficult landings today with strong south west wind and heavy rain from 5pm to 6pm, not preview. But meteo was as expected with good conditions and quite right task. As two pilots wrote to the Contest Director: “Dear Aldo, the task has been really exciting and interesting. Good job!
So no worries.

Bad weather at Rieti as shared by Clara.


—–Sikko is one of our technicians at Terlet but also a great pilot. He was already in my team in Finland during the EGC in 1988.Last weekend he flew in his glider to Stendhal to attend the VGC rally!! The weekend before he flew to Jena , visiting the club camp from the AcVZ, going up and down with a detour via Lusse , a total of 2.500 km.

Flying up and down in his ASG 29E/18 m.
What a life!!! As shared by Sikko!

——–Dutch Junior Nationals
Always important, as that’s “our future generation” .
They , the 21 young ones, could not start on Friday for day 1 due to a bush fire close to  Venlo . Chinook helicopters had to have room to “work” VERY understandable.
But Sunday started well with a 314 km task. For some that was the very first 300 km.!!!
Great coaches/ scouts helping them out in the air. What about Steven Raimond[former European champion]  and his wife Marion.
Sjaak the very fresh WGC champion from Ostrow with in the back Tim [Kuijpers] current European champion and former JWGC champion, helped out as well. What do you want more as a junior???

Sjaak and Tim helping/advising the young mates!!

216 km. on the next day with 2 outlandings and yesterday a 3 hour AAT with Rob Looisen as one of the coaches. Fantastic to see that our top pilots who once started as juniors spend their time to help out.
Best distance was in an LS 8 287 km. with 93 km./h.


—-Club class Nationals in the UK from Dunstable;
4 day’s till now also there they have fabulous soaring summer.
Task 1 was won by Iain Macarthur, so further with task 2, 319 km. a prey for Ge Dale with 104 km./h in his Libelle 201 bwl . Tim Milner was runner up and all 41 finished!!
Task 3 was a 4 hour AAT and again Ge had the fastest flight; 376 km in the “little” Libelle in time 4 .04.
Tim in the St Cirrus was number 3 now.
Yesterday a 280 racing task.And some of the younger and older favorites in the top 4;Jake Brattle in DG101G ELAN with 94.98 km./h!
Runner up Tom Arscott with 93 km and Ge with 92 km./h and Tim with 91 km./h.
This is the overall top 4 as well after 4 day’s but in another order; 1 Ge. 2. Jake .3.Tom, 4. Tim.

Off to Eindhoven now,  to bring my guest  to the station. Cu on Sunday with the latest!!!
Today in HOSIN.; 3 HOUR AAT’S

Cheers Ritz

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