EXTRA SUNDAY BLOG; Hosin, ready for 35th WGC for open, 18m and 20 m.!!


They only had a short while to be organised, as the WGC moved rather late from Pribam to Hosin, because of what I read ” irreconcilable differences with the owners and operators of the Pribram airfield“.
But at Hosin, all looks spic and span!!! The 95 competitors from 27 countries are ready as well.
Not everywhere at the glider area are water systems to fill up, that’s something you just can’t do a month or 2 ahead.
Talking about the 10 minute designated start times gave lot’s of mutter as in Ostrow , during the first TC meeting, as well as unhappy faces.Hope they don’t use the system!!!

Pictures shared on Google pictures by the organizers.
Google Photos. 


official practice day 1; with 618 km ;20 flew in open and Felipe Levin [former JWGC champion in 2009 AND 2011]is in the right groove winning today with a speed of 128 km./h. 2 Czech pilots flew 10 km. slower BUT finished the task the rest NOT.
18 m; 609 km. and 24 flew the task. Wolfgang was the winner with a speed of 119 km./h and 7 finished the task. Top 3 all Ventus 3. Adam was 3d . As said before he flies a brand new glider from 2 Dutch pilots.
Thanks Jaap & Olfert in advance for allowing me to compete at the top level in their 2wk old V.”
20 m; 531 km and 12 from 19 teams flew only 5 finished.
Practice is to get to know the local area and the organisation has to check out their procedures.

official practice day 2; with 469 for open ,446 for 18 m. and the 2 seaters had 398 to go.
Most have survived scrutineering so the focus is full on now for soaring.
Nice day weather-wise ,cloud base a bit lower and showers around Hosin, but some “love ” showers to fly along.

weather for official practice day 2
Belgian Gliding Team

open class; 469 km. and AGAIN the German pilots Michael and Felipe did well in their EB’s;141 km./h.
18 m. class; 446 km. and another winning day for Adam, loving his borrowed Ventus 3;130 km./h. About the same speed for Dutch pilot Peter Millenaar [VENTUS 3T]and South African pilots  Laurens and Oscar Goudriaan.[JS 3]
Adam;”Never give up, that’s the key, you never know what you can achieve. I considered abandoning task before the 1st TP because of the many poor decisions I made, from what could’ve been a great run; thankfully I told myself it’s a long way to go & anything can happen, ultimately – day winner!”  Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures

20 m. class;398 km. Austrian success for team Peter Hartmann/Derold; 106 km./h in ARCUS T.

Official practice day 3 AND the last one… after a foggy opening of the day again racing tasks for
open 443 km. won by Dutch pilot Hadriaan van Nes [ JS 1C] with a speed of 136.90 km./h
18 m;410 km. won by Butch [John Buchanan JS 3] and again….. 18 m faster than open;138.29 km./h.
20 m; 399 km. ;2 ASG 32 MI in the top for Belgium and Poland[Sebastian] speed; 125.79/72 for 1000 and 999 points.

official last practice day as seen and shared by Pete Alexander TC from Team USA.

Welcome party 27 July 2018 20:00
Airshow 28 July 2018 13:30-15:30
Opening ceremony 28 July 2018 15:30-17:00
First official briefing 29 July 2018 10:00
Contest flying period 29 July to 11 August 2018

Chief Steward Robert DANEWID (SWE)
Stewards Enrique LIPPI (ARG)
Jury President Rick SHEPPE (USA)
Jury Members Jaroslav VACH (CZE)

Competition Director Tomas RENDLA
Operations Director Ludek KLUGER

18 m. is very interesting as 3 new types are trying to get everybody’s attention; There is 1 Diana 3, there are 12 x  JS 3 and  14 x   VENTUS 3. On top of that gliders we know already as JS 1 [4 x] and Ventus 2.[3x]
ASG 29 still going strong with 12 owners.
It’s going to be REAL interesting!!
OPEN has the EB 29 [7x] in variations . Also 18 x JS 1C and 2x a QUINTUS and 3x an ASH 25 [EB] and one Antares.
2-Seaters‘; 13 x ARCUS M or T,  4 x ASG 32 MI, and one HPH 304 TwinShark flown by team Italy.

The opening was on Saturday in Ceske Budejoviceafter .A welcome- invitation by the organizers, the evening before ,was good to even more inspire the great and social spirit and all teams  looked happy and ready. Here are a few during the opening which was short and to the point.





Baldrick , UK crew and maybe “setting the fox to watch the geese” ????? and Rick , from the USA, the president of the jury.
Opening from the 35th WGC in HOSIN as shared by the
Soaring Society of South Africa

But when I checked these pictures seem to be courtesy to team USA.


Sunday July 29 day 1 task 1;
Some news first; They postponed the first launches several times and they went from A to B-C-tasks ,  but at 1.15 PM the 18 m. was launched. THE WGC for BIG ships has started.
Glider 70 , with Robert from the USA, unfortunately had to come back for a re-start.
Big tow planes ” Cmelaks”  over there, don’t dare to call the pilots in it “tuggies”.
Gates opened at 14.38 [18 m],  for the 20 m class at 14.55 and for open around 15.25.???
GOOD that the airport is HUGE!!!!
open ; 434 km ; changed in 311 km.;
Michael Sommer won …BUT,…with a slower speed than Lucasz in 18 m. ;129.41 km./h
The first 5 on the scores-list are between 762 [Michael]and 702 [Andy] !!! 3 EB’s in the top 3.
Pretty close finishes , so not much lost for most on day 1. Only one out from 31.

18 m.; 312 km ;
they finished first and they all came in one GO, one big bunch of white “plastic”!!! The speed was so high over the 312 km. from daily winner Vladmir Voltin [ASG 29E] ; 141,22 km./h , that the daily points devaluated!!!!Lucasz from Poland in the Diana 3, was runner up; 140.72 km./h.
Number 25 from Swiss Jurg Haas flew with 130 km./h. and all 24  in between finished at about the same time.
From 45 the first 40 pilots miss out on around 150 points. So a great day for ALL in this class ,except for glider 70 who had to return and then was out after 123 km. A pity.

20 m.; 294 km ;
18 teams…. 1 out ….all others finished. Good day for team Aboulin/Untersee who won the day with a speed of 128.37 km./h. for 718 points. The first 12 are within 68 points. Not too much gained,….. not too much lost!!!
Tomorrow is another day!!!

All scores preliminary at this early stage.
Next blog on Wednesday.



——Another 16 x a 1000 km plus in Europe, fabulous weather last Thursday, specially in the Bayreuth area where 3 were flown last Thursday.
1372 flights were added to the OLC that day.


——And to finish….ONE more time OSRTOW because of that special last day. Ostrow will be not remembered by the rain or only 7 out of 14 day’s  , but by the exceptional last day!!!!

Number 1 Sjaak and 4 Dmitriy , for long time good competition mates, also to me. Very kind guy’s.
As shared by Lilian, who wrote me after I asked her how she felt about the last day
Exciting, very exciting with all those close scores when the last day started!!! We knew the Aussie and Japanese pilot were fast and noticed whilst hooking on the glider after return that one of the Polish gliders was back as well. We had no clue what that meant. We used “F5” to find out what was happening and quickly heard that Matthew and Mac were the daily winners but that Sjaak was not bad either. After Sjaak  uploaded his flight with only a few pilots to go, it was clear he was on spot 1 and ,Dutch mate ,Frank was there as the first to congratulate him.
SO,…we had another Dutch world champion after the several JWGC champions from the last years [Tim Kuijpers in 2011, Peter Millenaar in 2013 and.. Peter is in Hosin now …and Sjoerd van Empelen 2017 and current JWGC champion]  and more in the past Kees Musters in Hobbs [1983] and brother Baer twice in France [1978] and the USA.[1991]
We can be proud, very proud!!!
Sjaak mentioned in an interview on video about the last day, with the text ” Sjaak Selen from Netherlands always wanted to be a Champion” ,that “he set his mind to the day it self, did not think of the overall ranking and kept his focus on the task.”
On the day’s with less good weather he said he “kept focused by looking at tasks, walking around and doing some sight seeing .”
He was proud to take the CUP home, one his brother Baer had already twice at home too.
By the way Sjaak and Mac know each other already since 1989 when both flew the JWGC at CAMBRAI.



Cheers Ritz, when I have time, I try to publish twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday during the WGC. This way I avoid TOO long blogs.
AND,…to finish this blog a great picture shared by Soaring Society of South Africa

It’s shared by them …I heard later that the courtesy goes to  US Soaring Teams

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