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The FAI Flag has left Poland to “travel”  to France now.

Former JWGC champion Matthew keeps a bog as you know.
It ,indeed was a very interesting last day, here is his story, a day on which he got 999 points and his mate Mac 1000.
And that’s a wrap – the Standard Class worlds are over, and we went out with a bang. Weather looked great with cu over the field at 1500m+ at 10am. I think most people overlooked the incoming cirrus which was only marginally visible on the visible satellite bands but clearer on the infrared bands. Thick haze in the air prevented seeing it coming on the horizon as well. The forecast indicated it would affect the western edge of the task for later starts, so I wanted to get away as early as possible. Mak and Ray started with me as the gate opened, trying to make it look as much like a fake start as possible (not quite at cloudbase, wandering around the line), and no one followed. It turned out to be the right call, we were only minimally impacted by the reduced convection and had a solid speed ~10kph faster than the gaggle starting 40 minutes later. This earned myself 999 points for the day and lifted Mak from 5th to 2nd overall. Ray was not far behind in 4th for the day. Overall my placing was poor due to the outlanding on day 3 with an equipment failure and poor management of that, but generally I think I was flying well and the glider was performing well (for sale!)

I often joke at the end of a competition that I feel like I’m now ready to start the competition, which isn’t so funny now that I’m on the way to do that. Driving to Hosin, CZ today for the 20m worlds starting this week.”
For more you can look at

Matthew Scutter’s Gliding




As shared by team USA. and team Belgium.

Looking ahead at the 35th FAI WGC in HOSIN, where we find the bigger ships. Look at this toy!!!
Shared by US Soaring Teams

PWR is an ASH 25 EB28. It sports a lengthy wingspan of almost 92 feet. It is self launch capable and has a max glide ratio over 60:1

The comps start already end of this week on the 28th. Those who want to compete in both,” race” from Poland to Czech Rep.,as do my Aussie mates Adam and Matthew.
Several UK pilots have arrived already  and Garry shared this picture; In one go you see the Finnish, French, German, UK, Hungarian, Italian , Japanese, Lithuanian  and Dutch teams

Well I guess this is the start of the World Championships.”was Garry’s comment.

The Belgium team noticed the names as well so here is their picture, so you know who is flying. There are 94 gliders in total.

Belgian Gliding Team

Last Monday they  started with the 3d unofficial training day with good set tasks.
July 23 Training Day Tasks: all Racing Tasks. Open 403 km, 18m 418 km, 20m 373 km. ”
Not all flew and those who flew mainly outlanded, real or virtual.
Michael Sommer and Felipe Levin finished with 135 and and 122 km./h. in open class as well as Petr Tichy from Czech Rep, all flying EB and in the 20 m. Juha [Sorri] and Antti [Lehto] . Must give them all a good feeling.
Tuesday an ever bigger task ;650 for open, 621 for 18 m and 615 for the 2- seaters. Morethan 60 pilots went “up”.Pictures say more than words.
Andy Davis from the UK won with a speed of 131 km./h. in open .In 18 m it was Roan Mracek with 135 km./h. SO faster than open class in his Ventus 3!!!The first 7 places were for 4x Ventus 3 and 3x JS 3. Will be interesting to see how this WGC will be going with these new types and the new Diana.
2 Seaters ;125 km./h for team Aboulin/Audensee.

Pictures shared by Baldrick and US Soaring Teams .[ Last picture courtesy Pete Alexander.]

Lot’s of friends are there as well , so looking ahead at what’s happening! Will keep you informed.

TODAY; First official practice day!!!
618 in open class,609 in 18 m and 530 in 20 m.

20M CLASS – ROWS 10-14
18M CLASS – ROWS 1-9

GRID TIME 8:00 -10:30


Today’s weather! Not bad is it ?
Shared by Belgian Gliding Team which is nearly complete now. Pierre and Arnaud flew from Bayreuth to Hosin.

Very interesting , as said, to see at this WGC the differences between the brand new top gliders; Ventus 3 and JS 3 and Diana 3!!!!!!
I noticed that Argentinian pilot Damian Goldenzweig picked up a VENTUS 3 as well,  just before the comps start;

Damian surrounded by Benjamin to the l and Tilo to the r. Good luck and safe flights Damian.


—–In between they had a competition here in Holland called ” De Zomerwedstrijden” and they honored their name as the weather was ” summerly ” with 7 out of 7 days! Good organized as well by Paul and Ger.
Tasks in 2 classes mixed open and club. Good tasks and good speed for those who fly for fun or are on the way to the next WGC in 2024??
Tasks in open just under or over 300 km.and best speed 123 in Duo Discus XLT on task 5 and 130 in ASG 29 E over 245 km.
Or 135km./h. one day earlier over 292 km. in a NIMBUS 4T.
In club between 200 and nearly 300 km. Best speed 111km/h. in LS 4 on day 4 over 265,92 km.


The open class toppers      AND     the summer skies.
1. Team Batenburg in Duo Discus XLT. 2. Team Venema in Duo Discus WL. 3. Hans  Biesters in ASG 29 E
As shared by a proud Alexander Venema.


Told you already we have great weather. Code orange today for the heat as we have our 25th heat wave in history and by now the hottest summer ever since 1901 when they started to keep stats!!!
Today 33 dgr/C …..Tomorrow 34 up to 37 !!! Not normal, but we have to deal with it also in the future.
Heat in Holland feels different than in Australia.
Heat is great for soaring as well.
Pretty unusual, ….yes it happened but not often,…but we have a 1000 again which started in Holland;850  FAI triangle by Steven Raimond, extended to 1.021. Extending is something he normally does n’t do, but as he said “I make an exception for a 1000”!!!! Good on him!!!!
Many more 1000 km. flights in hot Europe; 15 in total yesterday, from Holland, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Czech Rep. One in an ASH 26 E.
Great flights as; 843 in LS 1f, 762 in ASW 15 and 889 in LS 6 /18m.

Bas Seijffert from Holland declared and  flew a new Dutch record over a 750 km.  FAI triangle yesterday and got his 750 certificate.. He added a few km. and with a total of 851 he was number  47, on the OLC-list .
Max Leenders flew a new record over a declared 300 km out and 300 km. return;600 km. with 116 on the clock.


More next Wednesday!!!! Hope you liked “THE FINISH” of OSTROW as well [published last Sunday]
Cheers Ritz

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