EXTRA Sunday-news: Ostrow last couple of days…with rain, but a VERY EXCITING LAST DAY ,upsetting the overall scores!!!!!!!

Trusting in your own ability was the key” ; Adam about his win on flying day 5!!

Adam in the Ventus 3 as shared by Schempp-Hirth

Wednesday July 18 6th flying day on day 11 ?;NO unfortunately NOT!!!
Some news first;
After the Polish night and the afternoon reading by Uys from Jonker Sailplanes , there was hope for flying but the rain was pretty steady and planning to spoil the fun from the organizers and pilots.
Later Jonker shared news about Arne;
While the JS team in Ostrow is waiting for better weather, our Scandinavian agent Arne J. Boye-Møller has taken to the skies twice the last couple of days with the JS3 and broken two danish out-and-return records – respectively the 300km with 129kph and the 500km ditto with 127kph. Arne reports that even though conditions were not homogeneous for the 500km flight from his home club Herning Svæveflyveklub to Itzehoe just north of Hamburg in Germany, it was fun and exciting. The Sourthern part of the Jutland peninsula is often strongly influenced by sea-breezes and the northern part of Germany has a 100km stretch of wet and low areas usually causing lower temperatures and altitudes. That the weather totally overdeveloped at the end of the day helped cleaning the wings in-flight. But a great challenge!”

It’s weird,  but parts of Europe have the best, hottest and driest summer in ages. Even the North of Scandinavia has up to 29 dgr. C. Lapland had 32!!!!!!
Lot’s of people suffer and grass and trees heavily. It looks like autumn with all leaves on the ground.
We have to be even careful with water here in Holland. Feels like I am home in Australia , THAT feels good!
In France Gilles [ Navas] flew and FAI 1000 km triangle on this day in an 18 m. ,ASG 29 E. Good on him. Also in Germany not far from Poland a 1000 in a QUINTUS M. from  Dahlemer Binz

Thursday July 19 6th flying day on day 12? NO still rain. Feel SO sorry for the pilots and organizers.

Nothing more to say that we have another day of rest. Hope to have some better news tomorrow. ”

In between competitors for the next WGC are arriving in Europe, collecting gliders , trailers and car’s for those who come from far!!! Hope they will have good soaring weather.

From July 28 till August 12 2018, Russell Cheetham , Kililian Walbrou and team  Duboc /Aboulin will try to defend their titles in open 18 m and 20 m.


Friday July 20 6th day on day 13;
Some news first; THEY CAN FLY!!!!!! Finally and great for ALL.
9.45 Briefing and everybody will be eager and motivated!!!Hopefully 2 more flying days for this by rain so bothered competition.
Today blue skies and DRY!!!!All racing tasks go to the SE with blue circumstances but later cu’s up to 1500 m.
At 12.48 club could go en route , 13.12 for 15 m and 13.44 for standard. At 2 and after they all departed.
the last leg was difficult again;

Standard….330 km.;a 1000 points -day but speed for ALL UNDER 100 km./h. so not to easy!!
A well known daily winner , I noticed him on a video, nice young and very talented young man; Romanian Norbert Alin Scarlat. He flew with 94.87 km./h over the track.Just a tad faster than Pavel who got  a 2p penalty for a just too low finish. Sjaak was 3d good on him.11 were “OUT”.
15 m…. 360 km.; Good day for German pilot Jan Omsels who won the 1000 points for a speed of 104,31 km./h.
7 Flew over 100 km./h and 7 were “out”.
Club…..302 km.;Argentinian pilot Xavier Gaude won the one but last day’s and 1000 points. Good on him! In an LS 4 and speed 89,16 km./h.
8 From 48 were out.

What does this all mean for the overall scores when the last day starts!?
Standard class ;Sjaak is still on spot 1 with 5.420 points. Then 6 pilots who are between 148 [ Norbert] and 76 points [Mateusz Siodłoczek from Poland] behind Sjaak. Several Polish pilots are in the top, they will do their utmost best to win their home country!!
15 m; 5 pilots still in the race for the title;  on top Jan Omsels from Germany , then 2 Polish pilots and 2 French pilots. That will be a real “fight” as they ALL want to win and could win.
club;in this class for sure 5 title favorites ;2 Polish, 1 Danish and 1 Czech and Dutch pilot; points between 4.696 [Tim] and 4.856 [Tomasz.]
A very EXCITING last day, who keeps the nerves???

As shared by the organizers


Saturday July 21 LAST day, day 7 from 14;
Some news first; LONGER tasks for the last day. I Guess the weather from now on will be TOP there!!! What can you do???
Early starts at  10.45 Everything was moved forward with 30 minutes!
Great clouds and lift up to 1.700 m. over the field at 10 AM and later in the SE up to 2300 m.
Club class gate opened at 11.33, 15 m. at 11.59 and standard at 12.33 !!!!
Tactical games could start.

Attention competitors!
Last grid order: Club,15m, Std RWY 29, Grid time 10:30; Briefing 9:30, First launches 10:45.”

Matthew shared this picture with the message :“Not sure they need a sniffer today… 1700m cu at 10am
Finally it’s there the REAL Polish summer weather. HURRAH!!!! Organizers AND Pilots will be over the moon.

Standard…..431,68 km;

Mac and Matthew at the last briefing. End of the last day; daily winners!!!!
As shared by Schempp-Hirth

With VERY EARLY starts, in fact  straight after the opening of the “gate” at 12.34, Mac and Matthew both mainly flying in Australia, used these Aussie -weather-circumstances for a great race  and they won the day!!!!1000 and 999 points!!!
Great job from Mac who “raced” from 5 to 2 overall, his 2d WGC runner up spot, this time a REAL COUP !!! Nail biting job for Mac, as Sjaak was still not back, but he left more than 20 minutes later!!!
Sjaak was 7th for the day but that was still enough to be the new WORLD CHAMPION…… HURRAH!!!!!!!
After brother Baer ,who was WORLD CHAMPION in Chateauraux in 1978 AND Uvalde in 1991 [I was his TC then] there is another WGC champion in the family!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
Great job as well for my friend Mac who moved up from 5 to 2!!!! Well done Mac!!!!!
Mateusz Siodłoczek , who was 2d is now 3d!!!!

1. Sjaak Selen in Discus 2A from the Netherlands ;6.309 and WORLD CHAMPION.
2. Mac Ichikawa in LS 8 from Japan; 6.288 and RUNNER up or VICE WORLD CHAMPION.
3. Mateusz Siodłoczek in Discus 2A from Poland ;6.235
In the top 10 as well for WGC certificates; 4. Dmitriy Timoshenko from Russia  ….5. Łukasz Błaszczyk  from Poland ….6. Norbert Alin Scarlat the new upcoming talent from Romania who wanted so badly to be in the top 10 and yes he did…. 7. Poul Kim Larsen from Denmark …8.  Richard Swanstrom from Sweden …9.Jim Lee from the USA …10 Dennis Huybreckx from Belgium.


A Happy Sjaak and his crew, partner and DUTCH WWGC glider pilot, Lilian. AND good old Baer Selen visited to congratulate his little brother. He knows the feeling!!!!
Congratulations to both.
As shared by  Wereld Kampioenschappen Zweefvliegen

15 m….505,52 km;
SO,……..would Sebastian be “lucky”  and extra motivated with the fact that he had to come back with a technical problem and started 15 minutes after the rest ?
He and Lucasz started at 12.41 and raced with 124 km./h over the track to come back and see and know they won the day!!Jan started much earlier at 12.08 and arrived back with 108 km./h.,  so not a real good day for him.
He dropped from 1 to 4 !!!
But ,as always I can nearly say ,SEBASTIAN IS THE NEW WORLD CHAMPION. His mate Lucasz runner up.
Christophe Ruche had a good day , being 7th for the day and he moved up from 5 to 3.
The  numbers 4 to 10 for the certificates!
4.Jan Omsels from Germany…5 Max Seiss from France…6 and 7 2 Finnish mates Kristian Roine and Harry Hirvola..8. Adam Woolley from Australia  ..9. Attie Jonker from South Africa …10.Daan Spuyt from Belgium GOOD ON HIM!!Daan was 4th for the day and jumped from 11 into the top 10.
Final scores;
1. Sebastian Kawa in ASG 29 from Poland;6.047.WORLD CHAMPION and I lost track of how many!!!!
2. Lucasz Grabowski in Diana 2 from Poland ;5.961.
3. Christophe Ruch from France in JS 3; 5. 837.

Happy after the last flight!
As shared by 35th FAI World Gliding Championships Ostrow, Poland


club….403,34 km.;
Another coup in this class. Long ago I met Brigitte from Denmark in Tocumwal. I told her I knew a nice young very talented glider pilot from her country, Rasmus,  who I met a several comps. ” He will get FAR” I said and she said ” he is my son!!!” He got far , look what happened now???

Rasmus, who has a family now, [wife and 2 young children], won the day with 107 km./h, BUT there were more rivals in the field. Tomasz and Jakub were on spot 1 and 2 overall and in their own country they did very well.Then there was Jaroslav from Czech Rep who had all possibilities.
Jaroslav was the daily runner up .  Rasmus jumped from 3 to 1, Jaroslav from 4 to 3 and Tomasz from 1 to 2.

As shared by the organizers.


podium on white background. Isolated 3D illustration  as shared by the organizers. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

Here are all heroes who kept us busy together on one shot.

As shared by the organizers.

Where would we be without HELPERS!!!! AS always unmissable !!!!

35th FAI World Gliding Championships Ostrow, Poland

THE TEAM CUP was won by POLAND with 937.17 points. Runner up SWEDEN  with 888.77 points . Germany was 3d with 881,71.
4. Czech Rep..5. Australia..6.Russian Fed…7.France..8.Denmark..9.UK…10 Belgium.

An interesting WGC,the 10 minute start-rule is maybe NOT what the pilots need, a pity from the weather , otherwise it would have even been more exciting!!!
JOB WELL DONE OSTROW ORGANISATION!!!They have for years a lot of experience in organizing comps.
Cheers Ritz CU next Wednesday.

TO FINISH a proud moment for me as Dutch gliding enthusiast.


Wereld Kampioenschappen Zweefvliegen

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