35th WGC in OSTROW …..continued story….UK NATIONALS 18 m./20 m….French club class NATIONALS…

35th FAI WGC for small ships at OSTROW;

Zielona Żyrafa – fotografia

Some news first; The 5th day , with one day scrubbed and one day cancelled, brings us TASK 4.
AAT’s again. Not too big.  I saw on the European weather-news , that a small low still was annoying soaring in Poland.
After visiting castles and “therme ” , out landing fields and not to forget looking at the WORLD SOCCER games the show starts again with the 3d flyable day!!!! Though looking at the meteo I doubted it.
Team USA mentioned;”Looks like an iffy day here in Poland. T-Storms with hail are predicted this afternoon.”
After postponing and change of task to B task, the day had to be cancelled after trying hard, it’s a WGC you know!!!


Castles …………and BBQ with team UK and Germany looking at the soccer game UK-Croatia.
As shared by Liisa from Finland and team Germany.

Standard…2.15 AAT; partly scrubbed in the air
15 m…2 hour AAT; cancelled
club….2.30 AAT; first to be launched and that happened after 12. But the skies were dark!!! Some gliders returned to the field , others were low over the field.
Then St. Class was launched , but,……only half of the class, they must have seen ,it was ALL IN VAIN.
The organizers cancelled during launch/ in the air!
ANOTHER DAY, CANCELLED for all 3 classes.
3 Pictures shared by my Belgian mates, so you see the situation.


Ready to go,….or….maybe better not?


Friday ….July 13;
Some news first: Friday the thirteens!!!!!! For those who are superstitious ,not a good day, but the weather god’s might not believe in that and create finally some soaring weather.They did not, as I could see on the meteo.
So,…no briefing, no task so NO flying. Such a pity.

The Dutch team shared this picture with the “low” circling around Ostrow and Poland.


SATURDAY JULY 14 ….3d flying day on day 7:
Some news first; Yes the 14th of July so a very busy day in France where they remember the beginning of the French Revolution. I remember traffic jam from hours!!!BLACK SATURDAY !!!
BUT , that’s not interesting for Poland, interesting there is, that the day started with some careful sun shine ,a pretty tough wind and off course a lot of humidity after all the rain.
In the past the organizers always said; ” no long tasks after a lot of rain”. But maybe it is different in Poland. Though,….?
After postponing a few times the B task was handed out at the field for FLYING DAY 3!!!
For the first time ,they had designated start times to avoid gaggles , but looking at the finishes,  they just increased by it.
The S A team had a correct and easy to follow interpretation about the new 10min start interval rule ;
This means there is a start interval every 10min and your start time is recorded as the start time of the interval, regardless of when you actually started within the 10min window (e.g. if your actual start time is 14h09min and the interval gate opened at 14h00 then your start time is recorded as 14h00 and you lose 9min).”
Adam worded it well;”An exciting end to the day after an exciting start, I think 37 racing gliders went through the start line together! I started 300′ below & a 1km behind the winning front runners & just couldn’t pick it back up with all the others around me. I used all my skills & abilities to keep things moving as best I could.
In the end after most pilots had finished, and after drizzle, there was a thunderstorm OVER the field with wind blowing up tents.
Quite some chances in the overall scores !!!
International Evening as well!!!

What happened?
standard…..345 km. changed in to B task 317 km;
Outlandings ; 36 from 47 finished. Winners too; young Romanian Norbert Alin Scarlat in the Discus 2A; speed 108.35 km./h. Dutch pilot Sjaak was 12th but keeps his overall -number- one-spot. Norbert is number 3 and in between Polish pilot Mateusz Siodłoczek, who was runner up for the day.

Saturdays TOPPER as shared by the organizers.


Matthew’s glider in a good field:
And just like that the dream dies again. Very high winds made for strong streeting and the low nearby made it so unstable they slowly all cooked to storms.My new FLARM inexplicably stopped getting GPS signal and unsuccessfully trying to debug it saw me fall off the gaggle. Now just a bit behind the gaggle, the street we were on started to go from sucking to dumping and I didn’t make it cleanly around the turn before the heavy rain started. Managed to soar the rain front for a little bit but the cool outflow cut off the low level convection and I never got out of it. Found a very nice field (most crops still in and has been raining for 3 days), now awaiting retrieve for another try tomorrow
Matthew Scutter’s Gliding

15 m…383 km; changed into B task 324 km;
Polish pilots Sebastian and Lucasz knew how to deal with the circumstances and raced over the 324 km with a speed of 133 km./h.!!!
But many more did as the first 32 flew over 100 km./h.
The first 20 flew between 120 and 132 km./h so with the equal starts, a big bunch of finishers.
32 Started AT THE SAME time;14.35!!!!!
36 Started 35 finished!!!
German Jan still leads overall, before 2 French and 2 Polish pilots and the scores are VERY close!!!!
2.550 for Jan and 2.532 for Sebastian on spot 4.

club…306 km; changed in to B task 268 km.;
2 Polish pilots both in SZD 55 Tomasz and Jakub won in this class and only 2 out-landers!!!!Less good day for the 2 Czech pilots loosing their overall spot 1 and 2 to Thomasz and Jakub. Good 3d overall Danish Rasmus.But only with 2 points difference with number 4 Lithuanian Andrej.


SATURDAY JULY 15 ;4th flying day on day 8 with an early start after the INTERNATIONAL Night.

Attention competitors! Grid order: <-Club, Std, 15m, RWY 29, Grid time 10:30, Briefing 9:30, expected launches 10:45

Some news first; The International event was “loved” by all as far as I can read. After a hectic day of flying and storms at arrival, mainly the ground crew must have worked hard, to organize all. GOOD on them!!!
A blue day and weak thermals. Again the 10 minute interval, to the dismay of nearly all pilots!!!
Around 2PM faces cleared, as clouds popped up in the East ,where they were from the direction West first, with the B task..

Standard….373 kmchanged in 296 km.
A great day for my Finnish mates; Juha Sorri [Discus 2b] won the 1000 points for this Sunday.
Sjaak was 17th and missed out on the lead by 5 points , as Mateusz Siodłoczek from Poland is at this stage number 1 overall.
44 started and 41 finished. A bad day for Louis Bouderlique  and Vitorio Pinni ; only 30 points, after 23 km!!!Louis dropped over the last day’s overall from 3 to 23 to 41!!! Such a pity for the current world champion!
Norbert just made it back but lost 400 points.

Outlandings in Poland can be fun. Love the pictures shared by the organizers.


Great fun with an uninvited but welcome guest.

15 m…384 km; Changed in 311 km.
Sebastian and Lucasz did it again!!!Starting together and finishing together for 920/922 points.
All 36 starters finished as well.

As shared by the organizers.

Club….338 km; changed in  231 km.
A 775- points -day won by German Wolli Beyer, [Libelle H301]  nowadays also NATIONAL coach of the German teams taking over from Uli Gmelin!!
Good day for the Dutch as well on spot 2 Tim in H304CZ and 4 Frank in St Cirrus .
On 3 Andrej in the ASW 20.
Ge Dale [UK] was 5th and on this day , New Zealand announced that Ge will be back in winter at Omarama.

With task 4 in each class the WGC is VALID NOW!!!!


MONDAY JULY 16; 5th flying day on day 9;Ready for the last week!!!!

as shared by the oganizers

Some news first:
The “bloody through is coming back“!!!!! was what I read first. Not good!!!
So I hoped for the last week, that the BEST Polish weather would be back, but it is not there but, it is here [32 dgr. C and great clouds], and  in France where they flew 7 out of 7 days during the club class nationals [see below] and in the Scandinavian countries, as well as in the UK [great 18m and 20 m NATIONALS flying every day 9 out of 9 day’s] .
Weather not too bad according to the official meteo as the forecast was for a base of 1000 m up to 2000 later. For 1.5 m to 3 m. lift , but also thunderstorms in the East and they might reach Ostrow!!!!
Safety ABOVE all, so B tasks. Still it was difficult to come back, after they first had better circumstances than predicted.
The SA team mentioned ;”Launching on championship day 5 has started. BIG storm approaching the airfield from the north-east. Its predicted to hit us at about 4pm. Guess where the last turnpoint is located for the day.
Clearly,…..the difficulty was to come back home. Lot’s had to fly far out from track , some just returned home abandoning the task.

An unbelievable picture shared by the organizers from Anna Klopocka.
Zielona Żyrafa – fotografia

standard….397 km; changed in B task from 305 km; they were the lucky ones with the weather and lot’s came back in time!!!Even a 1000 points-day in this class with as winner AGAIN….Norbert Alin Scarlat. See picture above on July 14!!A pity he lost the 400 points yesterday!!
The Pommies did well as runner up [David Bromley] and number 3!![Howard Jones] and 2 Aussies Ray Stewart and Matthew Scutter as well. As you can read further they helped Adam to his first win in 15 m.
Sjaak was in and back on spot 1 overall.
Overall scores after 5 day’s are VERY close;
1.Sjaak with 4.464 points 2. Poul Kim Larsen from Denmark with 4.437 and 3 . Dmitriy Timoshenko from Russia with 4.413 points .

15 m…418 km; changed in B task from 318 km; It seems they had the toughest flight back home. But Aussie-Adam was first on the scores list.
About an hour later Radek Krejcirik was in as well. The ONLY 2 FINISHERS !!!!Both good juniors as well in the not so far away past.
Uys ,Attie, Sebastian  and UK pilot Tim Scott were close very close;missing out on less than 10 km.
As the SA team wrote; “Sadly for most it was just too far to get home. The jet engines roared to life 9km before the finish line, so a technical outlanding for Attie & Uys. ”
AND, pretty unusual,…..but very human,… Sebastian was out,…only 10 k. He can laugh about it; he only lost 51 points on the number 1.

“Guessing this storm will be here soon, another exciting end do the day coming up I suppose.”.! By Adam


Radek and Adam with a well deserved BEER and … a Sebastian-selfie, with a big smile, out but only 10 k [as shared by Sebastian]

ADAM;”The smiles say it all, unbelievable! Will remember this for many many moons. This day couldn’t have happened without Scutter & Rays help, truly instrumental in my 1st day win at a WGC – so thank you! Congratulations to Radek too on his shear determination in getting home, brilliant. Won’t be off cloud 9 for some time 
By Adam  Adam Woolley’s Gliding Adventures 

Overall scores after 5 day’s are VERY close
1. “Sebastian [Poland] with 4.095 points , 2. Jan from Germany 4.074 and 3. Lucasz from Poland 4.037.!!!!!
Hopefully still a few days to go.


club…360 km; changed in B task from 280 km.; When I looked at 5.30 …..already 7 out-landings in this class. They had to fly far from track and lift became weaker and weaker.
At 5.36 PM 4 pilots were IN.
2 Former juniors ….Tim Kuijpers from Holland at 1 [moving up from 7 to 4 and 5 points behind Rasmus] and Rasmus Ørskov from Denmark on 4.
Tim was on the list of out landings as well, but that was not totally correct or wrong. He flew through the finish circle first and landed then about 3 k out, I guess in the or just out of the circle.
In between Tamas Ferenc in an LS 3 and Tomasz Rubaj [ASW 20] from Poland.
Only 4 finishers!!!!!
Quite a few were less than 10 km.out.
Overall scores after 5 day’s;
1. Tomasz Rubaj with 3931 points.2. Jakub Barszcz with 3867 and 3. Jaroslav Tomaňa with 3815 points.

Tim with his mates!
as shared by Wereld Kampioenschappen Zweefvliegen

The official news at 5.30 PM;“We are reporting outlandings. Many outlandings
At 7 PM there were 50!!!
The organizers shared these pictures!!

Interesting landing between the hardworking farmers.


one of all daily winners, all of them very good juniors in the not too long past!!!! Excellent!!!!!



I share the SA news;
“The rain is back, so no flying today. This afternoon Uys will give a presentation on how they do flight testing at JS and then it is the Polish evening with local food and drink prepared by the organisation. With a good chance of more rain tomorrow there may be a bit of Polish vodka consumed tonight to lift the spirits.”
Official news;”There will be a rest day for all competitors . No task. No briefing. No live transmission.



What happened more last week;
—-Adrian Henry became the new French champion in club class after flying 7 day’s out of 7 , with 2.142 km in total and 6.127 points. Best however with 6263 points was UK pilot Tim Arscott, but he could only be WINNER.
Benjamin Neglais, after a 10 years break in competition soaring,  did well as runner up with 6.098. Both flew St Cirrus with Maughmer winglets!!!
47 Participants , 4 were HC coming from the UK; Brian and Gill Spreckley, Tim Milner and the winning Tim.

As shared by AEROCLUB Issoudun….no wheel??????


Great picture!!!
Shared by Aeroclub Issoudun



—–54 pilots participated in Husbos in the 18 m and 2 seater class NATIONALS with excellent weather and great tasks !!!
36 Pilots in 18 m.and 17 teams in the 20 m. class.!!!!!
Gary Coppin in an ARCUS, was the CLEAR winner and National CHAMPION; 7.075 points.He won 4 from 9 tasks.
Runner up JG Arnold did well in a Duo Discus with 6.456 points.
On soaringspot the scores for 18 m were very unclear, so I checked with Roy what exactly was going on.
I straight away got an answer, which I will share as those results are important for many and now you can see them too.
Lots of issues with scoring. In brief the latest version of SeeYou in conjunction with LX logger files was picking up lots of false engine runs from the jet equipped gliders (JS1, JS3, Ventus 2j), so lots of ‘land-outs’ scored. The only resolution was to shift scores back to an old version of See You, not compatible with Soaring Spot. Here are the full results:

So Pete Harvey the winner after great team flying practice with Andy Davis ready for the forthcoming Worlds.
Nine out of nine contest days and good days too. The last day 2000+m cloudbase and 3-5m climbs so very high speeds.”
Thanks Roy for the correct scores.He is travelling now to Czech Rep. “to crew for Steve Jones and Garry Coppin in 20m class. Garry with Andy Aveling easily won the 20m Class ,so Garry has proved he is far more than a ‘passenger’ when flying with Steve.”
Good luck for all of them!!!
Final scores in short;
1. Pete Harvey in JS 1 with  7.523 points.
2. Phil Jones in Ventus 3 with 7.470 points.
3. Andy Davis in JS 1 with 7.399 points.


—–Soccer world championship in Russia; Final between Croatia and France, but personally I liked the games played by Belgium and the UK for bronze better with exciting soccer  won by Belgium.
France won the tournament. Sometimes a bit defensive /boring soccer, but you can win with it and that’s what it is all about.

—–Wimbledon; What games!!!!! Excellent was the word for the half final Nadal/ Djocovic and quarter final; Federer/Anderson .Less brilliant but still interesting the 2 great ” serve bombers” Anderson/Isner against each other .
In the end Novak , who played in total 15 hours ,won as Kevin Anderson [ he played 20 hours!!!]was “not home” in game 1 and 2 . In Game 3 he was his good self again, but 332 games over the tournament has NEVER been done before and in the 2 first sets that was visible.

—-Tour de France, first week; Cycling on high level with lot’s of possibilities for who will win in the end , less dominant cyclists, though Dumoulin and Froome will always be favorites. Another 2 weeks to go.This week MOUNTAINS!!!!


ENOUGH,…….next week or maybe SUNDAY more!!!
Cheers Ritz

To finish this great picture by Arne Martin Güettler from Norway;

Passing by the peak. There were several mountain climbers making their way to the top this day too.”

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