AFRIGLIDE 2010 ?? HpH 304S !! Gonzales Chavez !

Alphen aan den Rijn            January 20 2010

And then….bang…there is Gariep Dam again on the map   with 5x 1000 km. flights last Monday!! Pretty late in the season. Good to see Hans and Klaus flew one as well. 3 Were flown in open class and 2 in DG 808/B 18m.
The interesting  news from Gariep Dam is that they are planning to organize a Gliding Safari in October 2010 to the middle of November in 2010. AFRIGLIDE 2010! At this stage it is only a proposal to check the interest. You can read all about it on ;

The African season is nearly over now. In Bitterwasser the first container to go back home has been packed last Sunday. They had a succesful  beginning of the season very dry  but  still with  several thunderstorms and showers [ most of them  however you could fly around!] . But ….the rain season started earlier then normal , making it more moist [50%] in 2010 ! Most important however; they had a safe one without accidents. Specially the beginning of the season was the best ever! Before Christmas they had already 100 x 1000 km. flights.
All in all they had 69 flights over 1000 km.  —–They had 28 over 1100 km.—–11 over 1200 km —–1 over 1300 km. and 1 over 1400 km.—-and 1 World record and 5 National records. On top of that 8 pilots flew their first 1000 km.
Both Kiripotib and Pokweni had a real good first part of the season. Gariep had more or less the same, anyway not the best season ever. After January 31 you will have the new statistics of this season, specially over the TOP months , November, December and January.

Great to see Chad back in Australia. Chad , from the USA, is not the youngest anymore and has an impessive and interesting aviation- life  behind him. I really liked him when he flew with us in Tocumwal. He flies in Corowa the ASG 29 /18m.
Tomas Suchanek from Zcech Rep flew still a 784 km. flight from Narromine yesterday and a 724 km. task today , but more interesting was that he flew the new  HpH 304S  . This Czech 18 m. glider was just tested in the latest Soaring Magazine and their summary is as follows:
“Our measurements have verified the performance of the 304S as an outstanding entry in the 18 m. class. Max.L/D has been measured as 51.1 at 50 knots. More importantly,  the high speed sink at 80 knots measured out at 245 ft./min.
The ship exhibits very good handling ,good stability, with very quiet high speed
performance” .
Read for more news about it the latest issue of Soaring.[January- 7 pages and a double-spread picture!]

The BIG SSA Convention in Little Rock in Arkansas  will be held on January 26 and 27 2010! All news about the latest software, a safety seminar lots of very interesting speakers, it is all available. If you are interested you can look on for the complete itinerary.

The the 2d FAI Campionato Sudamericano de vuelo a vela started with 92 pilots in 3 classes, club, 15 m. and open . IN or during this competition the 57 National championchips from Argentina are flown in 2 classes for 54 competitors.  This all happens between January 16 and 28 2010 in Gonzales Chavez ,were the 2012 World comps will be flown. And…I would love to be there then !
I saw in Club class the name Mario Reynoso. Mario “got” our family-discus in Benalla to fly the WGC over there in 1987. Go- go Mario!
And go- go – go Damian , Javier and Horacio in 15m. class!!!!!
More news about these comps in the next blog! One day has been flown now!

And then this. Did you survive the ” blue Monday” on the 18th!?  It seems that the 3d Monday in January is the most “depri-day” in the year, according to a British psychologist !! Why? Because it seems that “we” suffer from the dark winter, the failure of our resolutions made for the new year and the lack of money after the expensive December month.
I never knew this, or felt it, still did not feel it this year either, but do find that the scientists are correct when they say that the “seasonal affective disorder ” or easier said, winterdepression effects you. So …do not worry, as ….the days are getting longer again on this site of the world and we will see more sun and daylight soon! We HAD blue skies and SUN already over the last 2 days! Jippie! Maybe I have  suffered from this blue monday….

Cheers Ritz

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