Last part of Danish Nationals….Dutch Nationals….Belgian Nationals , Russian SGP….and more.

—-The Danish Nationals from Arnborg;

Picture courtesy Luise Bruen and shared by the organizers.

No flights on Wednesday. ……In Rayskala in Finland however, they flew over 700 an LS 8T.
BUT, Thursday was another day and for sure NOT an easy one. Several classes had no finishers and those who finished did an amazing job not so much in points but still!!!
Task 8;
Standard… 193 km.; ONLY ONE finisher in this class ;Poul Kim Larsen in the Discus 2A. He leads already for 3 days the total’s and today a few more points.
The other 8 did their best but must have been stopped by the weather as they all flew between 162 and 184 km.
Club…154 km; NO finishers but also here 9 pilots flying over 100 km. Best 2 Ulrik Sørensen and Jan Andersen.331 and 320 daily points.
15 m…193 km; FOUR finishers !!!Among them Stig Øye and also here a few close by as 186 and 181 km.
18 m…2 hour AAT; TWO finishers Svend Andersen and Arne Boye-Moller with 227 km in time 2.08 and 181 km. in 2 hours AT THE DOT!!!!
The other 7 were over 100 and 3 of them over 200 km.
2-seaters…2 hour AAT; NO finishers but some good flights, one over 200 km.

Friday; No task 9..cancelled.

Saturday; Flying day again,one but last day!!!
Task 10;
Standard…280 km.flown by ALL 9 pilots!! Best was Uffe in the LS 8. Speed 112 km./h.
Club…3 hour AAT; AND,…it looks like Jan is good in AAT’s he won the day with 318.95 km. with av speed of 106,32 km,.h. 1000 points!!!Rasmus did well too as runner up.
All 13 finished!!!
15 m…2.30 AAT; Johnny Jensen and Stig flew both 261 time 2.27 and 2.29 a difference in points from ONE. 800 and 799 .

Sunday; LAST DAY!!!!BIG tasks to finish the Danish Nationals!!!The Scandinavian countries had a few SUPER days. In Rayskala [Finland] flights from 892 km. Lidkoping [Sweden] with 685 km. Norway[Notodden]  with 485 and Arnborg in Denmark with 383 tasks in a competition.
Good comps they had weather-wise in Denmark!!!
Task 11;
Standard..383 km.
Poul Kim has 5.192 points and Filip 4.960. Everything is still possible!!! What happened on this last day?
Poul Kim got the 1000 points and no worries he won the Danish Nationals in this class;113.85 was his speed on this last day.His overall score was 6.192 points AND he won 3 day’s.
Filip was 3d and lost just under 150 points, But with 5.817 he stayed on spot 2.
Jan Brandt Jørgensen was runner up and moved from 4 to 3!!!![5.706] Good on him.
Club …356 km.;
Sviatoslav Roublev,Steen Elgaard and Rasmus are close and are OVER the 4000 points border. Jan won again, his 5th win !!! but his off-day keeps him from the top.
Steen was runner up and stayed on spot 2 [5.275]and Sviatlos was 3d and stayed on spot 1[ 5.593] . Overall Danish champion.[5.593]
15m …383 km.
The “final-fight” will be between Johnny [ASW 27 B] and Stig [Ventus 2ct] .Johnny is at 4.931 points and Stig overall on 4.923. Will “experience help Stig???
I don’t know but HE won the last day [speed 120,56 km./h. .and the title. He must have many already!!![5.923]
Johnny was 3d and and moved from 1 to 2.
18m/open…123 .61 km./h. was the speed over the set 444 km. and Arne flew that fast, so a deserved Danish champion and not for the first time either.[5.850]
Peter  and Henrik followed and that’s how it was for most of the last week. Henrik and Peter swapped places but the end is for Peter on spot 2  with 5.432 points and Henrik had 5.310 p.
2 seaters…384 km; The “fight” was between team Larsen/Pedersen and Hoelgaard & Andersen; BUT ….Jørgensen & Nielsen won the last day and moved from 5 to 4, where they were anyhow during most of the week;
CHAMPION in the DUO DISCUS T with 5.598 Larsen and Pedersen. Runner up in the Arcus T team Hoelgaard [5.581]

Nice competition with 8 out of 11 days !!!!


—–The Dutch Nationals from Terlet;

Picture courtesy Martin Smit.

Indeed after the great day here, with over 700 km flown in a Duo Discus, the weather -window was not big enough to fly task 1 on day 1.
The organization with Ton as CD, stands with several people who have done it already fore years, as Rik, Robin, Ronald and Maarten. Of course the 3 tuggies are the same as every year; Sjoerd, Daan and Bertje.
Last Wednesday ;cancelled not a flash day and quite a lot of wind.
Thursday was better still windy but tasks were set and flown.Only one “out” so a good day with task 2.
18 m. had 222 km. to fly and good old Steven Raimond [725 p] was the best followed by good old Sikko [606] and by Diana [469]on 3 good on her!!!
open had 258 km .and former junior world champion [2013] Peter Millenaar won in the Quintus. As far as I know his Ventus 3 is not yet ready,so the Quintus was a good replacement so to see.Marco Vermeer in the JS 1 was runner up.
Combi had 214 km. and Robbie Seton one of the juniors in my HUSBOS- JWGC team won the day in an LS 8a.

Friday another good day with task 3;
18 m. 321 km; again Steven and Sikko as the best. Unfortunately Diana had a bit of an off-day. She had some instrument problems started late and had to use her engine.
open 343 km and QUINTUS time again!!!With 111 km./h Peter won 1000 points !!Ronald Termaat was 3d.
combi 307 km and Robbie was in a hurry again and get’s his 2d daily winners prize. Also good…1000 points!!

Saturday cancelled !!

Sunday; After a non-flying-day ….extra motivated pilots and a nice Pentecost day in several parts of Europe , with for
18 m. class …422 km.;the same 3 top-pilots were the the top again; Steven won and added another 1000 points to his scores.Sikko and Jelmer were runner up.
Open …438 km; time to see Ronald [Termaat] in the top ,so he did. He won in the JS 1 the day with a speed of 107.22 km./h. The Quintus with Peter was runner up and Mark [Wering] who flies normally at Lasham was 3d in the JS 1 C.
Combi….364 km;Not a ‘flash’ day for Robbie he was on spot 7 for the day. Daily winner team Peter Batenburg /Bouma’ in the Arcus.

Monday; another good day and I was there with my family. Great fun to see everybody. As always a “feast of recognition”. We were early to see the starts. They had to be postponed however,  as the pretty tough wind was too cross for gliders and tugs.
No worries with the around 75 km. smaller B task ,they all went on their way and we walked around and had drinks and bites with a lot of friends, whilst the “boy’s” and Diana , as only “girl” were flying.
The rest of the weeks the weather seems to hold ,with in the weekend when they all have gone home [last day Friday]   temperatures of 30 dgr. C.
18 m…244 km; Same 3 with AGAIN Steven as daily winner. He walked to the Thermiekbel with a big smile and told us ; “Yes I won again, it seems all so easy , I really enjoy it ”
103.95 km./h was his speed the only one over 100.
open….245 km; Top spot for Mark, also with a big smile!!111,84 km./h was his daily-winning-speed  and nearly all finished.[one out]
combi….228,89 km;AND,…the ARCUS T with Peter and I guess Jens [Bouma] was the best again with 98,83 km./h.
Stunning finishes when I was there, here a few pictures from Arjan Vrieze top photographer.

Great finish by Peter in the Quintus.

Finish with Bas Seijffert.

AND 4 times daily winner till now ,Steven Rainmond

And after these fabulous pictures from ARJAN, some personal snapshots from the day; The one from Steven and Marion is SPECIALLY for Art, with their best regards.



picture 1 Steven and Marion… picture 2 field briefing to change grid.. picture 3 Diana and George with Inge and Smitje…picture 4 drinks with Max and Frida and Casper,..they drove me home in the evening. THANKS.

Tuesday; as said the weather holds but with thunderstorm-possibilities in the evening in the SE. By the way we had here, where I live in the SE, a big thunderstorm on Monday too, I could see in my garden.
18 m…200 km; task 7 and ALL finished. Small task but FAST; 119.64 km./h for Sikko who won the day. Runners up Jelmer and Hans [Biesters] . Where was Steven? On 5 this day.
open…204 km; QUINTUS-time again and Peter was in a hurry with 129 km./h for “only” 433 points.!!The next 5 places were for the JS 1C. Jaap [Horsten} was runner up with 123 km./h.
combi…176 km; Jelmer Vis one of the juniors won the day. He started last. My former junior Robbie , now father of 2, was runner up;116 and 108 km./h.

So how are the scores after 5 out of 9 day’s, with , hopefully, 3 good day’s to go;
18 m; 1.Steven..3.888 p. 2. Sikko..3.590 p. 3. Jelmer..3.160 p.
18 m./open; 1. Peter..3.896 p.2. Ronald..3.613 p. 3. Team EB 29..3.374

More next week.


—-The Belgian Nationals from St Hubert;

And indeed they started on the 19th with  great tasks!! St Hubert is closer to the French border than the Dutch , clearly obvious as in Holland at the NK the day was cancelled.
Not in Belgium where they flew in 3 classes with 30 pilots.
combi-class…376 km; The Keiheuvel-clan did well occupying the first 4 places and they were the only 4 finishing in this class. They all started early;Jef [Kell..1000 p.], Jeroen [Jennen] and  Dennis [Huybreckx]  with 999 p.and Pieter [Daems] with 996.
Club class..298 km;AND,..another Keiheuvel pilot won the day;Pieter[ Lievens ] even with a finish-height-penalty.
3 From 8 finished.
18m/open class…482 km; NO finishers but they were close!!! Again Keiheuvel pilots as Bert [Schmelzer jr in Ventus 3T] with 473 km. so pretty close and Wim [Akkermans] in ASG 29 with 451 km. AND 474 km for Pierre [de Broqueville] en the EB 29.

As shared by the CNVV. [Centre National de Vol A Voile]

18m./open..a 2 hour AAT;
The 2 hour AAT was won by Tijl Schmelzer. He had not the best first day, but a glorious Sunday with 248 km and a nice speed of 120 km./h. All 11 pilots finished and brother Bert was 5th.
No tasks for the other classes.


2 X , Bert jr in Ventus 3T and V 8 with Bruno Pieraerts in the Arcus T on tow.
as shared by the CNVV.

combi…2.45 AAT; AND… it was a good day for Jef flying his 270 km-task in the LS 8 with a speed of 97.34 km./h. Jef is the husband from Gitte Huybreckx. Both have 2 adorable kids.
club…2 hour AAT; 151.92 km was the best distance for Benoit Evrard in time 2.06.
18 m/open…2.45 AAT; No Schmelzer today but Wim [Akkermans]  husband of Sofie Huybreckx[ with also 2 adorable kid’s] ; 315 km. in time 2.50.Bert was runner up and Pierre on spot 3 and Tijl on 5.

Tuesday; No tasks. Till now 2 day’s in the combi class, 2 in club and 3 in 18m./open,  But another nice picture;

The mighty EB 29 on tow.
As shared by the organizers.



—-FAI SGP in Russia from USMAN.
17 Pilots flew on the first day [ of 8]  , last Saturday, a 137 km race and for most of them this was too much! Only 6 finished and the best was Petr [Krejcirik] ;79.8 km./h. He and Erazem Polutnik are the only not-Russian-pilots.
They all fly in St. Jantars.

Petr as the first race winner. 7 Points.

Sunday, with race 2 they  had 137 km. on the SGP-menu. In the end the day was scrubbed so was
Tuesday is flying again with sunny conditions. Race 2 had 116 km. and only 4 pilots finished 2 Russian , one Czech and another Russian pilot. 5 Points for the winner.
With 4 races to go Petr leads with 9 points. Evgeny Zlobin has 5 and Vladimir Radovskiy 4 points.

As said before the next WWGC will be in Lake Keepit in Australia. The next one is definite now too; Husbos in the UK. I knew they had a bid,. NOW they won it!!!
The announcement means that in August 2021 around 100 of the world’s top female pilots will race each other over two weeks from The Gliding Centre at Husbands Bosworth, Leicestershire, to decide the Women’s World Champion.”

—–Last but not least!!!

Despite challenging conditions, the first 20m Nationals wrapped up today with an official contest!
1st Place: Team KS; Karl Striedieck and Sarah Arnold
2nd Place: Team PP; Noah Reitter and Jake Barnes
3rd Place: Team QQ; JP Stewart and Piet Barber.

CU next week with more news
Cheers Ritz

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