Prievidza..last 2 day’s ! Minden Nevada , dream for wave pilots !Pictures from 1990 in Minden.


As shared by the organizers.

—–Last 2 day’s in Prievidza [Slovakia] ;
; 226 km.
The last- but- one- day brought UK Tim back to the overall-top. He had his “off-day” earlier, Uwe had one this day. He still fought to come home and was the last of the 15 from  46 starting pilots, to  finish. So still 742 points for him, but he dropped to a 2d overall spot .Tim was 3d, Adam 5th and Sven 14th.
Overall scores with ONE day to go
Tim;4.862 points. 2; Uwe only 17 points   less 4.845, so EVERYTHING is possible 3;Jacek with 4.786. Still in the race as well Czech pilot David with 4.753.
LAST DAY; 3 hour AAT’s for all classes.
Uwe started at 13.25 and Tim, Adam and Sven ,8 minutes later. Jacek was 3d for the day and as Uwe was 8th he passed Uwe to take over spot 2. Tim was 5th, Adam 10th and Sven 16th with David on 9.
Final scores
1. Tim Milner [UK] St Cirrus ……………………………5.808 points
2. Jacek Flis [Poland] SZD-48 Jantar std. 2 …..5.743 points.
3. Uwe Wahlig [Germany] LS-3 WL/15 m………5,737 points difference only 6 points!!!!

The happy top 5, with big smiles!
As shared by the organizers.

15 m Class;264 km.
One but last day; 6 from 31 finished and 2 of them were LADIES Jana won in her LS 8 and Dana was on spot 4. A Czech day with 4 in the daily lead.
Overall with one day to go  the top is ; 1. Mateusz Siodloczek from Poland 4.096,2. Miloslav Cink from Czech Rep. 4,081 and 3 Pavel Louzecky also from Czech Rep with 4,058 points.
The last day was won by  Radek Krejcirik good on him;361 km. in 3.01 ! He moved from 8 to 5.
Pavel moved over the last 3 days from 7 to 3 and now 2. Mateusz who was on spot 1 lost 207 points on this last day  and with points-so-close you can’t afford that ; he finished as 3d.
Final scores
1. Miloslav Cink [Czech Rep] LS 8-b…………………..4.950 points
2. Pavel Louzecky [Czech Rep] LS 8 a…………………4.923 points
3. Mateusz Siodloczek [Poland] Discus 2A………..4.889 points
WOW!!!!! All so very CLOSE, they really had a “fight” for the best place.

Only happy smiles as well in this class.
As shared by the organizers.

combi class; 307 km.
one but last day;3 from 25 finished !!Danes Grula who is flying very well over the last day’s , Sebastian and Gintas Zube. Nearly all other pilots flew over 200 km.
Sebastian leads the overall score with 201 points over his Polish mate Piotr and Czech pilot Danes.
Sebastian won also the last day!! 377 km. for him much better than the runner up so a class apart. He won 6 day’s!!!!! Fabulous!!!His mate Piotr was 3d.
Final scores.
1. Sebastian Kawa [Poland] JS1-CTJ 18 EVO…………6.200 points
2.  Piotr Jarysz [Poland] ASG 29……………………………….5.928 points
3. Danes Grula [Czech Rep] ASG 29 E /18 m………….5.765 points
As always beer and goulash after the prize-giving finished this yearly event.

The combie winners with well known Petr Krejcirik on 4.
As shared by the organizers.


—–Wave in Minden;

Picture courtesy Jeppe

As promised some more news from wave paradise MINDEN in NEVADA. Close to beautiful Lake Tahoe and not far from Truckee and Ily both gliding fields as well.
On the 15th a new long flight was added from Minden in the ARCUS M by Dennis and Morgan;1.798 km. with a speed of 157 km./h.
Minden is the place where the 1991 WGC was supposed to be , but the firebrigade with their huge planes had to be able to fly out at any time, and that’s  not convenient during finishes from fast gliders so it was moved to Uvalde a great place as well.
In spring and autumn ultimate wave conditions and in summer great thermals. Ridge flying is possible as well as “following” convergence-lines.
VERY IMPORTANT; When you go there as a foreigner and you want to fly solo, you have to have a FAA verification certificate and it might be about 60 day’s before you have that !!! It might,…. as I heard sometimes it’s quicker.
All the business from the past are not there anymore but it seems that a very nice couple Laurie …”GLIDERGIRL”…and Silvio are so kind that pilots as Jeppe are over -enthusiast, which is GOOD.
The tuggie seems great fun and good,not unimportant either,… so a place to go too.
Here are some pictures to show you who is who and what was happening in the week Jeppe [KLM pilot] was there.

Still the golf car’s as I remember them and some REAL characters; Tuggie Gabe and meteoman Dan Gudgel.


Oxygen and SoaringNV hangar.

Tuggy in action and Jeppe with local cross country hero Kempton Izuno


Silver Schweizer 1-26 one of the most popular club class gliders in the USA and
SoaringNV owner Laurie, Silvio and Cloud Appreciation Society founder Gavin Pretor-Pinney having a laugh.

And to finish WAVE

Wave paradise Minden in Nevada USA.
All pictures courtesy Jeppe!Thanks!!

Talking about Minden,…Our own holiday there was great fun. Some great flying by my team, Sikko, Daan, George Rob and Gerrit. Bertje flew there as well a bit earlier.We went on a day off to Carson City, to Reno and to Lake Tahoe.
AMERIGLIDE was in July 1990 ; here some pictures from long ago!!!

Sikko and Bert in the golf car and Robert Bert and I on one of the American car’s.

Hannes Linke and Bernald Smith the orgaznizers and George Moffat with Susan.

The sparewheel cover from Eric ‘Herbie” Moser and Klaus and Brigitte.[to the left]

George as video-amateur and [ Paula from Brazil] , checking if he is doing things right.
The REAL American car’s . George took the green one, a CONTINENTAL, with suicide doors, HOME !!!

A day off so a flight with the ALBATROS. George was allowed to fly with owner Joe Lodato, cause it was his birthday. After the landing on the Lake TAHOE we had a pick-nick on the wings. What a day !!!!Later George bought the “bloody” amphibian and after a while he flew it to Tocumwal, where it still is with one wing off.

Finishes in 1990 in Minden.

The Dutch team …. Great clouds and a smiling Mary and Christianne holding the wing.


The WINNERS in 1990.

With Eric Moser, Andy Davis, Justin Wills, Klaus Holighaus [RIP] Rick Walters [RIP] Daan Pare and one person I can’t remember.



——–Corowa containers arrived in Holland;
No words needed, as always,…. all in good order.


 all gliders safely back home.
Pictures courtesy George.


—–Gauteng Regional Gliding Championship ;

Very blue skies for day 1.
As shared by the Soaring Society of South Africa.

With 5 pilots in 15 m and 8 in open this regional competition started with 197 km in 15 m. flown by 4 and 275 km. in open with 3 finishers; Oscar won in the JS 3 ;846 points. The other JS 3 was runner up with Anders Andersen .
Task 2 was cancelled for 15 m. and open got a tiny little task from 182 km. A tough day even with the small distance. Only 2 from 11 finished. Anders and Dolf Pistorius managed to come home in a JS 3 and a JS 1 /21 m. Oscar was “out” after 161 km. loosing a bit more than 100 points on Anders.
More days to go.


——-News from KIKI, [Jacky Clairbaux ]
long time no news from him!!!!” I will be soon back in gliding for new adventures in Spain !!! Come to fly with us in Soria ! You will enjoy it for sure !!!”

Soria Gliding Center

My dear friends of gliding, I beg you to share this information and considering you are the welcome on this airfield. I will be there in collaboration with them. I will tell you more soon.”

Kiki at the MESSE in Friedrichshafen.


OLC news;
We had up to 30 dgr. C about 15 higher than normal. Spoiled!!! Now it’s back to the normal 14 !!!! Brrr….cold!!
The weekend by the way, was great for soaring;
On Friday the USA had some top-ridge-soaring from Ridge Soaring where Dan had a FANTASTIC day in his 18 m./ ASG 29 cruising over the tops with a speed of 169.85 km./h over 1.204,81 km !!!!!
On Saturday the Alps were ON , over a great area but not yet a 1000 km. That happened on Sunday when Matthias flew 1.096,50 in the Quintus from Koenigsdorf ,Gerhard 1.000 in an Ventus 2 CM and Bernd Weber flew  over 1000 in the Ventus 3 from Laichingen. Several over 800 and 900 km. races as well. In an ASH 26 E 2 good flights from Unterwoessen [910] and Koenigsdorf [850 km.] well done !!!
Last Friday 2 Dutch kilometer-eaters Alfred Paul and Mark flew from Soesterberg, far south deep in to Belgium passing even St Hubert [where the Belgium Nationals will be flown soon] into Germany ; just a few km’s short of 700 km !!!!!
The convergence really was there. Straight after start up to 1800 m  and off we went. In the Eiffel we had 2700 m.
They stayed in welcoming-Marpingen as they try to do a little safari.
Monday 2 juniors from Holland, Sjors and Lizzy flew 615 km. in the Duo Discus XLT from Soesterberg direction East far in to Germany!!! Chapeau, as they went easy with the wind, but it was tough back against the wind. 15 Dutch pilots had time to fly that day and 8 flew over 400 km. Good Dutch day’s!!
Yesterday the Hahnweide was “HOT” and 2 ARCUS types T and M flew over 1000 km !!!
By the way last Saturday gave 2141 pilots, who added their flights on the OLC, huge fun.The season is really “on” now.

Cheers Ritz

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