Happy 2010!!!!

Alphen aan den Rijn      Wednesday   December 30    ritzdeluy@hotmail.com

First of all I do like to wish you a very happy, healthy and safe 2010. If you have made good resolutions , I hope you  achieve the goals you have set.  Good luck in 2010! I try my best to make ” easygoing ” readable newsy news again and say THANK you to the many readers for visiting my blog. What will happen in 2010 is not sure yet. In any case in MAY I will be the journalist for the Dutch comps and I am really looking forward to that. Writing in my own language would make it even easier!
Szeged showed interest and will decide in March if I can come to write for the WGC. That would mean that after many WGC ‘ s for the “smaller ships “, I will see the pilots from the “bigger ones” again. Would be great fun as well!

Our new Dutch hero is very down to earth. He was pretty shocked thinking about WHAT could have happened with their flight just before landing in Detroit, is more or less happy with all the commotion and attention, but will “do” his surf holiday with his sister first, before coming home on January 8. Then there will be a special welcome for him here. Our vice- president has congratulated him by phone. I guess he might be even invited by Obama in the White House ,when the president is back from his holiday in Hawaii.
The EU commission  has announced  to look again at the safety regulations for airfields!

Last Monday, Lubor flew his 3d 1000km flight from Corowa  up North and back and up a bit more NE and back. I was happy to see that Vincent, this time with girlfriend, is back in Corowa . He is the son from Max and Carla and Max has 2x 1000 km. flights behind him last week. I like the young enthusiasm from Vincent. Looking forward to his comments! More good friends in Corowa as  Chris , for sure with is wife Linda, arrived there as well.
Great flights yesterday again as Lubor flew his 4th 1000 km. flight in one week. Just excellent!!!
Nice to see the comment from Bert in Kiripotib yesterday. He thinks Alexander Mueller is not only a worldclass-pilot but also a good guy, helping with his technical knowledge, wherever necessary.
He also appreciates the help from Bernd Dolba who organized using the radio over Botswana!!! With some help of your friends, the world gets only better! That’s what Lubor thinks as well as he was also grateful for all the help at Corowa. Always knew that gliding was not “egocentric” but social as well !!!!!

Katja from Finland and web master during the JWGC and before the EGC in Rayskala has designed  the new website for the JWGC in 2011 in Musbach. [ Germany] Have a look , it really looks good! www.jwgc11.de
Everything for the PRE JWGC in 2010 can be found there as well.

Looking back at the year 2009  ,it was not a bad year for gliding, though the weather was not always co-operating ,but still good enough to “give” 13 flying days during the ECG. “We” had to deal with rain , thunderstorms but also with great thermals , sunny conditions and a lot of great soaring days. 
I was invited in 2009 for  both the JWGC in Finland and the CIM in Italy and  had a fantastic time and  fabulous weather, so great distances and good speed were part of the happiness.  Of course we will never  forget the pilots who “did not come back home” in 2009, they are in our hearts.
Hope 2010 will be a great year as well , a year with as soaring-high- lights 2 FAI WGC’s one in Priviedza and one in Szeged.
May all your soaring give you great fun and new friendships ,together with the ones you have already and just ……keep it SAFE!!!!
See you  NEXT YEAR!


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