Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, Joeux Noel ! Feliz Navidad !Great “Christmas- present-weather” for Africa and Australia !

Alphen aan den Rijn     December 23 2009

Wow , KING WINTER has Europe in a firm grip  and with a lot of homeless people dying by the frost , a lot of accidents happening on the roads , no train , no plane and a car only when you dig it out first, it is not funny anymore!!!! I must say I do have a lot of respect for my Scandinavian / Canadian friends and all others living in the very cold countries. Sorry but it is not something I get used to,…but I survive!!!
Millions of French people were without electricity and Russia had a traffic jam from 1700 km. total !In Poland over 3 days of cold , 42 people died!!! Schiphol Amsterdam airport had 400 “uninvited guests “for the night and holiday- beds were quickly brought out to help. One couple , arriving from Mexico on transit in Amsterdam on their way to Germany,  even missed their own wedding day and by mobile it was called of. North Italy asked the army to help out and the UK suffers as well.

Africa has still great weather, that is if you look at Namibia. Certainly last Sunday more great flights were flown and Alexander Mueller flew his last flight during this holiday and hoped in his comment, that we have enjoyed his flights. YES I did and I congratulate him with 15 x1000 km flights. His “last” flight was a good 1.319 km with big speed;156.73 km./h.
Walter Binder flying EB 28 has flown 15×1000 km as well from Pokweni !! Good on him as well!
Gariep Dam had its first 1000 km. flights flown in the “big ones” [Nimbus 4DM and ASW 22 BLE ]by Gerd and Norbert Kalisch .
 2 Very good and declared FAI 1000km [ 1139] flights were  flown from Kiripotib by Bert Wijs . He had a drink afterwards , as he went over the “5000 hours” border !!!!
Daan added an FAI 1000 km. triangle ,ready , when time and weather are there, to fly as many as he can!
Then it is December 22  and 23 and COROWA is on the map with 1 time 6 x 1000 and 1 time 8 x 1000 km.  Also 9 x over 900 km. And….as I heard, in the early morning it really did not look as a 1000 km. day and….during the day some pilots “met” even showers some with hail ,  but also wave!
I really like the flights from Lubor in the ASG 29;1208 km with a speed of 126 km/h. The day before, he flew also a great triangle of 920 km.  And today another longest flight from Corowa; 1252 km with a speed of  127 km./h. and….not even in an open class glider!!!
That even beats the longest distance flown from Tocumwal a few years ago AT Christmas time by Gerrit Kurstjens. When I remember well that was 1250 km.
Just fantastic soaring-weather in that part of the world now as well , as Tocumwal had 3 great flights from Richard [557 km. and 686 today], Terry [ 876 km.] and Milan in LS 4 !!!!![656 km.] and Benalla added a few good ones also.[ 726 and 712 km. and 799 km] and  Narromine had 669 km.
As said today on December 23  a few more 1000km flights were added and I must say I am very HAPPY for Rene , the European Champion in Club class , as he flew his very first 1000 km in a discus from Corowa during his very first visit . Congratulations Rene!!!!!!!
Also to Francesco one of the owners from Australian Soaring Centre Corowa,  as he flew a new Dutch record over 600 km with a speed of 134 km./h. SUPERDAYS!
But …and I know that too, when you are on the right spot at the right time, meaning when the super weather  is there, sitting in a good glider, you just have to do it and with a bit of luck it works , if you are in Africa in Australia, New Zealand or where ever!!! Some pilots go for a few years to the same spot and just miss out, while trying So hard.
Great achievements , it still makes me feel happy as well!!!!!

The German sportsoldiers have finished their competition soaring in the Andes  mountains in Chile . The Nationals are over and  the mixed over-all results after 6 days of flying  showed 2 winners from Chile ;Rene Vidal with Ventus 2C /15m. and another Vidal this time Carlos Rocca with Ventus 2 B ,while Sebastian Kawa [ Diana 2] was number 3 and the 2 German boys Alexander and Patrick on spot 4 and 5. Not bad!

Ryanair has announced NOT to continue negociations with Boeing  about 200 new planes, as long as they can not agree on conditions. So for the time being it looks as if Ryanair gives up this huge order.Michael O’ Leary said also that they will “slow down” a bit in 2011 and 12 with investments. From March 2010 they are going to add some new destinations and they will fly as well to the Algarve in Portugal .

Time to wish you all , where ever in the world a pleasant ,warm [outside or inside!] and happy Christmas ! Thanks for all your good wishes and season greetings.And I just learned to say it in Finnish [thanks Katja] so to all my friends in Finland ;
                  Hyvää Joulua ja Onnea Uudelle Vuodelle

Cheers Ritz

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