Snow! BA-no strike!

Alphen aan den Rijn       December 20 2009

Indeed we got snow on the 16th , more on the 17th and even more on the 18th. up to 20 cm. at some places which is pretty unusual for Holland.
Reason for all traffic in Holland to go “bezirk”, with the first few snow flakes! Trains did not go or with huge delay [I had 1 hour!] and on Thursday the traffic jam was 671 km. meaning this was the busiest morning jam for this year and the 4th worst over all. The longest one on the road was 84 km.
The last couple of days the snow continued and at the moment we have a real “blizzard” with 7 bft. wind from the south and snow. With minus 18 dgr. yesterday pretty unusual weather here. Again snow has de-regulated all traffic including the flying traffic. Not only Holland has this weather but lot’s of countries in Europe. Advises have been given to just stay at home!
Belgium closed its airfield Zaventem and several other smaller ones as well while trucks were forbidden to go on the road! Dusseldorf-Airport the 3d biggest one in Germany  has been closed this morning as well. In Germany 6 people have died since Friday and the temperature there dropped to MINUS 30.3 dgr. and in the Alps even 33.6 dgr.

British Airways staff were ready to go on strike over and after Christmas, but it was forbidden by the court! The cabin staff had announced a strike between December 22 and Januari 2 2010, a bit of a “rough” period , in which one million passengers would have been let down. I do understand that people are unhappy with changed working situations and sacking procedures ,but the harm done to a company as B A , in this period of the year would be terrible, by such a strike.

Anton [Austria ] really feels at home in Corowa, as he flew another beautiful long distance task this time 746 km. Well done ! In between the “rain” of 1000 km . flights continues in Namibie! Lost track of them, but nobody can say now that Namibia has had “not so good weather”! Alexander added number 14 to his impressive list of 1000 km. flights in Kiripotib and good friend Daan flew in 10 days 4 x1000 km. flights from Pokweni.

Between December 14 and 20 the 48th Chile Nationals  are flown and some of the young German “Sportsoldiers” are flying there. What a great way of flying these sport soldiers have. They are busy with day 6 now flying over the Andes mountains and enjoying it to the fullest. Sebastian Kawa and Stanilaw Wujczak from Poland are flying there as well. From Januari 2 till 10 the 3d FAI Grand Prix FINALS will be held in Chili as well.

That’s it for now,will try to get rid of some snow in front of my door, no worries, as long as I DO NOT have to drive!!!
Cheers Ritz from very WHITE Holland!

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