Ultimate Soaring Fun in the Silent 2 Electro ER! AND,…much more…..as…198 km./h. over 1.885 km. in wave.

—–Lot’s of high speed flights last week!! Long,….. fast and ….furious!!What about a flight from the Perlan pilot Dennis Tito with Bill Hill in the ARCUS J last Thursday [9-11];1.825 km. with a speed of 187,68 km./h. from Inyokern in the USA. Wave soaring at it’s best!
A bit boring maybe , with 6 legs from around 300 km. up and down and up and down, but still….!!
Really good looking at the “nice area” under you is not on either ,as with 180 km. you race through the air. But ….for sure another interesting flight.
My friend Bruce “translated”  this kind of soaring this way;
“great bit of flying, good to see the “wave” is still working. For non gliding friends ,these guys flew the equivalent of London to Edinburgh and back 3 times in one day without an engine!”
So not boring as it seems ,as he made another flight one day later [10-11] with another co; 1.495 km. with a speed of 147 km./h. …and 3 day’s  [12-11-]later Dennis went again also with Aussie Morgan [ Sandercock , from Perlan Project ] in the back;1.934 km. with a speed of 135.48 km./h. this time from Nahuel Huapi in Argentina.
More great wave on November 13 when Jim [Payne] took the ASH 25 out for a nice long “ride”;1.885 km. with the unbelievable speed of 198.km /h. That’s fast!!! He flew from Minden in the USA.
Yesterday it was Dennis again now from Chos Malal in Argentina. 1.743 km. speed 122.39.
By the way ,Jim’s wife Jackie keeps a blog so when you are interested in high ,fast mountain-wave  ;

From Omarama , USA pilot Keith Essex, was in a hurry as well; 180 km./h over 1.071 km. Not only up and down……but a 300 km triangle in it as well.Less boring?????
The Namibian places produced all 4,  Veronica included, several 1000 km. flights. All with a speed around the 140 km./h mark.
And RIDGE SOARING showed great ridge soaring; 1.196 km. in an ASG 29/18m. by Dan Reagan. 169 km./h. Another 9 pilots enjoyed the top- day.
Even ASW 15’s , DG 300 , Pegases and Hornet’s flew over 500 km.

And National speed  records over 500 km.out and return in Namibia [Kiripotib]  . A Swedish record by Boerje [and another Austrian one by Ludwig[165.14 km./h.] both in the Antares 23E.

—–“a stonker of a day! ” That really say’s something about the quality of the flying day. In the Hornet John Welsh flew a 500 FAI triangle !” West Coast Trough turned it on! 500k @110kph dry.” was his comment on his flight from Beverley in W Australia.
The 11th of the 11th was a good sign of what hopefully the season has to offer.
Also in Africa,… as more and more 1000 km tasks have been flown again on this day with speed up to 156 km./h..
A new bunch of enthusiastic students is flying week 2 from FLYING with the CHAMPIONS.
In Narromine Adam flew already 2 over 770 tasks [700 and 500 FIA triangle]  last weekend in his Ventus 2AX/15 m.” Yesterday I abandoned my declared 750km at the top turn due to heavy spread out – was averaging 116kph for ~500km to that point in the climb & drive flight (big gaps with minimal streeting, 5kt climbs between 4-8000′). From there, I took the pressure off & just enjoyed the remaining weather for the day & the holiday.”
And yesterday the message from Tocumwal’s Sportaviation was ;”Splendid day high big Cumulus @ 10,000ft+  Everyone home safe.” Between 330 and 680 km. in the Tocumwal-Corowa-Benalla triangle.

—–Received a mail via Alisport with a link to a wonderful safari with the Silent 2. Loved every minute!!!
“Dear Friend,

We’ve finally released the video of the flying tour to Sardegna and Corse, France.
An amazing trip this summer flying the Silent 2 Electro ER (Extedend Range) and the Yuma, both produced by Alisport.
Unbelievable experience and outstanding landscapes for what we believe to be…the trip of a lifetime!”

Click here for the youtube video
or on our FaceBook Page

—–GLIDE OMARAMA is doing a good job;
Its the first day of Glide Omarama’s 1000 km Challenge. The prize is $1000 to the pilot with the fastest average speed over 1000 km. 
It looks like we already have two contenders.”
Good luck to all who try.

——in the end 6 from the 12 days were good to fly in El Pampero in Argentina. The NATIONAL champion in club class has a well-known name; Javier Gaude with 4740 points. He won day 1.
ONLY just ahead of the man who won a few days, Sebastian Luengo with 4.723 points.
Martin Bossart was a good 3d place -winner with 4.702 points. He won the last day.
Another well known name, Lucas Goldenzweig was on spot 4  with 4.471 points.He lost over 200 points on day 1. Over the next day’s he had 5 top-5-places.

——“More Australians voted YES than drive to work each day “!Very pleased for a few of my mates in Australia that the government can start now to legalize same-sex-marriage. They hope a new law should be in place  before Christmas, that would be great!!!
61 % said yes to equality !!! In my eyes it’s nearly unbelievable that more than 30 % said no. The voting was by mail only!!!

With Tom [l] and Brooke [r] and more happy chappies!!!
As shared by Tom.

——ZWEEFPORTAAL, THE Dutch information site for glider pilots shared the statistics from the last Dutch OLC year’s. Very interesting!!!!!

682 Dutch participants flew 907.157 kilometers.
The goal for 2018,……..over 1.00,000 kilometers!!!!

——Great to see Grietje from Corowa, in “our” Family Scout!!! Years ago , when she worked with and for us at Sportavia, she sat in the back, as retrieve glider pilot to several paddock’s,  now as tuggie GOOD ON HER!!
I love her enthusiasm:” Who would have thought, the season started with a tow!” As I mentioned already they sold both their tugs.
The Discus from Diana, which came in their container was flown to Tocumwal by tuggie Bruce [Wilson] and husband George [Schuit].
En passant Bruce checked Grietje out in the Scout!
Their first flying guest Hans Juergen Lange flew on his first day from his 15th year in Corowa a nice 600 FAI triangle.

Bruce and Grietje….it looks like Bruce and Inge ….and……… that might happen soon as well.
As shared by Grietje

——AND knowing who are your concurrent’s at the next WGC here are , officially, the participating French pilots;
For Ostrow in Poland;
Club class:Eric BERNARD . Killian WALBROU
standard class; Louis BOUDERLIQUE. Guillaume GIRARD . Aude GRANGERAY
15 m. class;Christophe RUCH . Maximilien SEIS

For the Czech Rep in Pribam;
18M: Christophe COUSSEAU . Jean-Denis BARROIS
20M: Laurent ABOULIN et Aude UNTERSEE

——Don’t know what’s happening in our soaring world!!Did we just have the sad message of stolen gliders, now the Magazin Segelfliegen warns us for another bad mob!! They want to buy gliders but their BANKCHEQUES via an intermediary.
Sellers of gliders have alerted us to brazen trick-cheating and advise caution when selling your glider: If the prospective buyer offers you a bank check, you should be alert. There have been cases of check fraud lately. The buyer inserts this cleverly by pretending to pay by bank check, but can not pick up the plane himself because he lives abroad. Therefore, he hired a forwarding company, the additional costs, of course, he takes and calculates them equal to the purchase price of the aircraft on it. Then he asks the seller to transfer these additional costs to the shipping company. If the seller then cashes in the check, it will burst after a few days. The amount transferred to the forwarding company is lost, because this forwarding company does not exist.”
So be warned!! And great from the MAGAZIN to share it!!!!


And last but not least the news from  Gliding International , the last issue from this year with lot’s of news!!
—the TWIN SHARK and the head says,” Talking to one of the pilots who have just flown the Twin Shark, he boldly stated that “here
was a two seater sailplane – the epitome of innovation!”
The waiting list is already over 12 months, be aware of that when you or the club are interested.
In the next GI you can find the test flight info.
—Gliding in ALASKA started already 34 years ago, interested??…. all the new is in this issue.Bob Adams talks about flying there and the effect of global warming over the last 10 years.
—electric sustainer battery fire ….but also news about “big advances in battery technology”
—the EUROglider as new training glider…
—the “decline issue” by Aldo…since 1993 “we”  lost 20.000 members from 127.000 to 107.000
—history ; with the first aero-tow launch of a glider....
and more MUCH more 62 pages of good and interesting reading.

That’s it for now.
Cheers Ritz

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