Gliders arrived,…..the season started on a high….though…..!

—–BUT FIRST,…….NOT the very best news to start with, but important to share and who can help,…. should help.
So I share it straight away. How is this possible? They must know about gliders!!!As Arne wrote;”Sad but true – please help us locating these aircraft!
It all happened between 31. October and 2. November.


Hope they will find them quickly!!!Taking gliders out of the trailers shows that they knew about “our” sport. Hope they CANNOT sell them or use them there, where we can’t find them.Bad mob!!! I am angry!!!!

—–November started with good soaring conditions in both Africa and Australia, as well as NZ.
Kingaroy had some “ripper/ cracking-day’s” up to 700 km. and Narromine had a declared 750 km [500FAI triangle] today by Adam in his Ventus 2ax/15m. Benalla showed 500 km. in an LS 4 by Tobias yesterday.
started with “Flying with the Champions” with over 400 km’s to get in the mood.And then,…with those champion- heroes and the weather in both Kiripotib and Bitterwasser, the 1000 km-flights “fly around your ears”.
Mainly ARCUS M gliders in Bitterwasser and Kiripotib and kilometer-eater Reinhard Schramme flew with his student already 1.218 km. with a speed of 150 km./h.
One of the Flying- with- the -Champions- organizers Ludwig took his glider , an Antares 23 E , out for a “ride ” from Kiripotib and it looks he flew a new Austrian record with his declared 1000 km. FAI triangle ;1.036 km. with a speed of 164,89 km./h, Good on you Ludwig!!!!
Several over 1000 km. flights were declared FAI triangles!!!!

Keith Essex flew already over 600 km. from Omarama on the first of November.
And what about yesterday!!!!Soaring New Zealand shared this news and these pictures…


Visiting French instructor Hugo Corbille flies 1000km with World record distance pilot Terry Delore. Great flight guys.” by SNZ
As shared by the Canterbury Gliding Club.

Containers in Corowa arrived as well.Their season can start now too.


As shared by ASCC.

—–On October 30 the Argentinian club class pilots gathered at El Pampero to see who is the best in this class during their nationals.
They straight away got 302 km. task and Javier Gaude was the only one who flew with a speed of just over 100 km./h. and gathered 996 points. From 20 pilots, including an HC pilot from Germany , 12 finished.
Then, 3 non flying days and on November 3 they all got up again and the 3-hour AAT turned out to be a 1000 points -day  for Sebastian Luengo. Lot’s of ASW 20’s at this comps and this glider was a winner on the 2 day’s.
Sebastian, liked his win and won again on the 3d flying day, with a 4 hour AAT with 408 km. in 3.57.
Task 5 on day 8 was a short one; 2 hour AAT and another ASW 20 won the day on which not all pilots managed to finish.
They did not fly yesterday.

—–Achievements on HIGH level at Potsch;
The 2017 Aero Club Awards dinner was held at AFB Zwartkop. The assembled guests, prior to taking their seats, were treated to a display by Colonel Glen Warden in the SAAF’s Museums de Havilland Vampire. ”

“Senior Protea Colours for the 34th FAI World Gliding Championships Open 18m and 15m Class held in Benalla, Australia from the 1st to the 22nd of January 2017 to Attie Jonker, Laurens Goudriaan, Oscar Goudriaan, Pieter Nouwens and Uys Jonker, Carol Clifford as the team Manager and Junior Colours to Marcus Nouwens.”



Congratulations to Oscar and Laurens Goudriaan for receiving Aeroclub Gold Wings for continued high performance in Gliding.
pictures shared by AKAFLIEG

An of course achievements for the topdesigners duo;

Picture shared by Jonker Sailplanes.

Uys and Attie with happy smiles and nice trophies:”The PGS Trophy Award for the most significant achievement by a South African manufacturer or designer of recreational aviation aircraft or products went to Jonker Sailplanes. Attie Jonker, Uys Jonker & Johan Bosman excepted the award on behalf of the company.”

—–The British Gliding Team had the next news, for those who missed it. Always good to know your opponents…..

World Gliding Championships 2018.
In case you missed the publication elsewhere, the British Team selection for the WGC 2018 is;

Club Class – Tim Fletcher, G Dale
Standard Class – Howard Jones, Dave Bromley
20m Multi-Seat Class – Steve Jones/Gary Coppin
15m Class – Tim Scott, Derren Francis
18m Class – Mike Young, Russell Cheetham
Open Class – Andy Davis, Peter Harvey

——And interesting news from Schempp-Hirth:”
Congratulations to Helmut Treiber.
It makes us very proud that last Sunday, former Schempp-Hirth chief engineer Helmut Treiber (76, ) has been honored with the “Klaus Holighaus Medal in Gold”, awarded by the Air Sport Association of Baden-Württemberg, Southern Germany (BWLV).

The gold medal is in memorial of the great glider pilot, gifted glider designer and successful entrepreneur Klaus Holighaus who was killed in a glider crash in 1994. It is awarded to personalities with outstanding achievements for the air sports.

This year’s laureate Helmut Treiber has been a leading engineer in the introducing of carbon fibre technology into the design of gliders and was a major contributor to the design and test flying of Akaflieg Braunschweig’s SB8, SB9 and SB10.

After finishing his studies, he joined Schempp-Hirth as a member of the engineer team under Klaus Holighaus and, after Klaus’ accident, took over as the company’s head engineer, which he lead with great success until he retired. We are very glad that we can still benefit from his expertise as consultant to the present day.

Besides designing and testing gliders, Helmut Treiber has also been an enthusiastic gilder pilot, a successful competition pilot and achieved several national and world records.”

—–NARROMINE GLIDING CLUB OFFICIAL:We are now a full time 7 day per week operation! We have a full time resident Level 3 instructor, full time tow pilots and G Dale is in residence running advanced Cross Country Coaching courses. The soaring season is starting to crank up and there has never been a better time to come fly at Narromine!”
For bookings or membership inquiries got to Contact Us on the club website at 

—–My daughter turned 45 yesterday!! Great age, fabulous girl and beautiful in and outside. PROUD mum.

Captain Inge to the left and Kassandra Stultiens-Zandstra,who shared the picture as a memory,  on a flight , several years, with only “ladies” so an all female crew .

—–Some of my Aussie mates are very inspiring. Lesley is one of them.
“Day 3 of WorldFlight 2017 raising much needed funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Western Australia. Today Bob and I flew the fantastic 747-400 simulator from AUSTIN, TEXAS to CANCUN, MEXICO and then on to KINGSTON, JAMAICA. We are getting so close to our fundraising target of $7000. Only $426.78 to go to reach that target but we are not stopping there. To see more about what we are doing and also if you can help us reach our target go here:”
So is Tom, he is a very inspiring “fighter” for marriage equality. On the 17th, this month,  all votes from the survey campaign will be counted and we will see if our Aussie mates can finally marry .
In The Netherlands you can do so since 2001 !!!!

—–This week I got an invitation to like the NATIONAL SOARING MUSEUM on FB; and of course I like them!!! For all who would love to like them too 

Certainly one of the most beautiful sailplanes built, the museum’s Kirby Gull certainly displays what has been called Slingsby’s most graceful glider.
Our Kirby Gull I N41829, was built from plans supplied by Slingsby, by Herman Kursawe of Long Island, New York, during World War II and was completed in August, 1946.
The year I was born, must [have been ] be a good one.

You are up to date, CU next week!
Cheers Ritz

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