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Cairns    November  November 18   2009

Wow, the world is bigger and more interesting then I knew and….I thought I had travelled and seen so much already.
This Aboriginal Culture Park , we visited on Monday, was a most inspiring experience.We were guided to all the most important events. First there was the Dance Theatre with the real Aboriginal dances performed by 5 in their own tribe- painted -colours with music from the wooden boomerangs clapping together and the great sound of the didgeridoo. That guy  really could  play it. The live performance showed us the traditional corroborees and songs.
They showed as well how to make fire with sticks , turning/moving them between their hands as quick as possible on a bed of dry grass. Then picking the grass up , blowing and “waving ” it and ……red flames showed up.
After we walked to the lady who was a cook/medicin doctor. She explained about all the bush food, how to cook them, how to use them to save people  and how to use them for craft.The wisdom of those aboriginals we met was phenomenal.
Back to the didgerido by it self now and we got the explanation how to play it. If you do not have a “real” under lip, you best go to get some botox-injections, if you really want to play it  well!
After it was exercise with throwing spears, [nobody could reach the speed of the 3 traditional performers] and boomerangs. Both George and I were good in it and we got applause from the rest of the people.
There I could see that listening to the owner of the little boomerang factory in Barooga and looking at how he did it, must have stayed in my brain. Was there many times with our guests!
Listening to the history of the Aboriginals in the History Theatre made me a bit sad. The audio visiual presentation retold the effects of modern man’s impact 0n a 40.000 year old culture.
In the Creation Theatre , the performers showed us the traditional beliefs of the Tjapukai people.
Last but not least the Magic Space; An artspace futuring artifacts and murals retelling the stories of the DREAMTIME.
A day I will remember! Specially when one of the family members of this tribe came to talk to us. He was 33, but had the simple clear wisdom of a 100 year old. We spend over half an hour listening to him. It was he, Trevor, who taught little Indya last year, with great patience for an hour how to play the didgerido, with as a result that  she wanted one for her 6th birthday and she got one and it was not an easy job to find one in Holland.
Go to for more news and to listen to their music!

Tuesday was the day to “fly ” over the rain forest,  another great and unforgettable experience.I saw the biggest and longest trees in the world. Never realized that trees could grow so high!!! All the trees, ferns, palms ,etc.  grow on rocks , no soil. They “fight” their way up and the toughest survive. We looked at the waterfalls over the rock area, saw the little train “tjook” through the forest and learned that this forest is 120 million years old!!!!! The oldest in the world. To ensure they are protected and preserved for the next generations, they were added to the International World Heritage list in 1988. Indeed they are ” remarkable natural wonders”!!!
114 Gondola cabins fly around over 7.5 km. , hanging on cables between 33 tower-points. The tallest tower is 40.5 m and the highest point is at 545 m.
An unforgettable flight!
Go to or to read and see more about it. I can advise  you all  3  web sites.

What’s more? Of course Tiger  won the Melbourne trophee at the famous golf club. It was interesting to see that Neil Cathels ,our tax accountant from Sportavia, appeared to be the president of that club and was allowed to present the great looking glass globe to the famous winner.

In between pilots have started the 1000 km attemps everywhere. In Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Was impressed with the speed of Dane Dickinson [told you last how good he is and still young, so a bright future in gliding!] while flying his 1000 km. in wave from Omarama; 1.108 km with a speed of 177.72 km /h. in an LS 8.
Kiripotib had it’s 1000 km.  with Bernd Dolba in an ASH 25.
Rumour is also that Bernard Eckey flew in South Australia,  where the heatwave has hit hardest, a 1125 km task.
In Lake Keepit the club class Nationals are still on till November 20. At this stage after 7  days of flying , Peter Trotter leads before Paul Mander in club class. In Sports class David Jansen [ ASG 29 E] is a strong number ONE with more then 400 points over runner up , at this stage Bruce Taylor [Ventus 2cxt]! David has a fantastic season till now!!!! Tony Tabart will find out of the 1000 km. he recently flew , was the first one ever in Queensland only!

Happy birthday to the Cookes. Tim celebrated on Monday and Bracey today! Time to say goodbye now , as  departure is tomorrow morning early. A HUGE thank you to ALL my Aussie friends in the Tocumwal area and here in Cairns. I had a fabulous time. Next story will be on Sunday from Holland. One more trip to Munich and Salzburg with German friends Maria and Dieter in the first week of December and that finishes the travelling for 2009.
Hope you enjoyed being part of this trip.
Cu from Alphen aan den Rijn.
Cheers Ritz

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