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Cairns            November 15 2009

Sorry that the stories now are “look-alikes” of “twitter” ! Haven’t got time to really research the gliding and flying world,….but as you know , you are free to share with me the experiences of this Australian trip…..or not!

Yesterday we visited Cairns. Before that Diana showed us around in her world! The world of Search and Rescue! First we had a look at all the stores from inflatable boats to big de-watering pumps. Then we had a look in the different offices. Never knew that there were so many people involved only in this Cairns department , about 21. They are captains, co-pilots, mission coordinators, drop masters and observers.
The Dornier 328 was much bigger then I expected and I was very impressed with the mission-management -system, TV, forword-looking-infra red, beacon detection, search radar and the special dropping door. Nice colleagues, she had as well. One of them was Tim who showed us the system and who started already very young in his life with State Emergency Services. He seems to be an ACE in this field.
Diana started at midday , was back at 7.30 PM just finished her dinner, was called and ran off, before I even noticed her absence. So quick they are ,those rescue people and very devoted to their job.
Only this morning I heard that the reason for the quick departure was a possible person overboard. He was saved!!!

After we looked at the Belfast. This is the second larged turbo prop in the world. George flies this huge plane occasionally. There were 10 of them, this is the only one “left-over” and I was amused to hear that the manufacturer was the one who built as well the TITANIC. I could not even make a picture from the whole plane , so big is it!
Then quickly a picture from the great looking , brand new hangar of the Royal Flying Doctors Service on the Bush Pilots Avenue and that was the end of the airport tour, which I really liked.

Off to the beach in Cairns and the Lagoon walking along the Esplanade and along the Marina. Still enough money in Cairns as the biggest smart looking ships were moored. The Lagoon is a beautiful swimming pool with grass to enjoy summer to the fullest. Even with all the skin-cancer-scares, there were a lot of sun bakers,nearly no place on this Saturday afternoon to lay down, but we did not want that anyhow.
Lot’s of great looking hotels here in Cairns, nice shops and a partly covered shopping centre. Enough to see and to buy here in Cairns. Even visited a big Aboriginal  Art Gallery which nice jewels , great paintings and different seizes didgeridoos.
Mountains full of  green trees “board” the valley where I live now. It is very relaxing here!

Sky rail is still on the schedule; “flying in a cabin ” over the tropical forest, as well as an Aboriginal  Culture Park, with the slogan” we have been rehearsing for 40.000 years to bring you this show”!  Will keep you informed!
Also interested in golf where TIGER has his last round today with equal points as 2 Aussie players. There is a REAL Tiger-mania here in Australia , specially in  Melbourne where guests, more then ever ,  walk with Tiger along the fairway.
cheers Ritz

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