Blog 999 !!!!! “We ” have 3 “new” CHAMPIONS and for 2 classes 10 days!!!!Bostjan wins last SGP from series 8.

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Perfect weather for the last day.
As shared by Arnaud.


August 23…day 11…task 5/ 8;Small tasks again and a day starting with 8/8 of Cirrus. Open first then 18m and last but not least 15 m. Tasks are B tasks, and that was already TOO much. Wind again, but another tiny window to fly in…!!!!
15 m……1.30 AAT; No finishers!!!  Most kilometers …80 km. …by Freddy Hein and all for nothing as it was another invalid day for 15m. class. A pity.

18 m….racing task of 136 km; The ONE AND ONLY FINISHER from all pilots, was in this class; Wolfgang who managed to come back in his VENTUS 3T. A bit of a lower finish than as requested,  cost him some points , but for ALL THIS he got 147 points.
Also in the “over-190-points” runner up Arne and number 3 young Peter Millenaar from Holland.Michael had 189 and Jeroen 187 points and most probably they really had to fight for those against the wind.

open; racing task of 164 km; 2 Pilots came very close,…Ronald [140,75] and Russell [140,43 km.] with not far behind with 138 km. Pete.

August 24…day 12…task 5/9; with better weather and “normal” tasks in which in 3 hours the pilots can find their own “best” way. But,…ouch after the open had started the message; ” there appears to be showers further north“.
15 m; 3 hour AAT….”only” 219 km. ,meaning another tough day in the office but a VALID one in this class. GOOD!!! The UK boy’s did well.Tim and Gary won the day in time 3.08 and 3.02 , a speed of 69/68 km./h. but they were in!!! Freddy and Uli from Germany followed.
6 From 14 flying were out!
How does it look with ONE day to go? Nail-biting….
1. Tim with 4.298….. 2. Freddy with 4.269…..3. …..Uli with 4.214 and 4. Gary 4.214. One of these 4 most probably will be the CHAMPION!!! Let’s wait and see.


Freddy and Uli before start.
As shared by the German team

18 m; 3 hour AAT…What ever weather, what ever happens ,…Wolfgang keeps his soaring-strength!! SO GOOD!!!! He won the day with 217 km. in time 3.02. Slow,..71 km./h… for an 18 m. VENTUS 3, but the circumstances did not allow more speed , finishing was already super. Mike finished 2 as runner up ..both in VENTUS 3T [seems to fly well in less good weather]  and Swiss pilot Juerg Haas , who I remember from when he flew in Tocumwal on Swiss Chris glider, was 3d. Good on him!!
Arne was “out”  and that’s a pity!!
How does it look;
1. Wolfgang 5.264….2. Mike 5.170….3. Christophe Cousteau 5.008 and still a change on a lot-of-points-day Bert jr with 4.991 on 4.

Maybe, maybe,…it is the concentration before the start.
As shared by the organizers.

open; 3 hour AAT…WOW,  the British pilots are doing well in their own country. Russell won the day  with 233 km in time 3 hours so at the dot and Eric Bernard had a good day on spot 2.Michael and Holger lost some 100 points on Russell and Ronald more. A pity.
11 From 17 finished.
So with one day to go……1. Michael with 5.660….2. Pete with 5. 519 … 3.Russell with 5.473. Still in the race also Holger with 5.424 Still hope also for Ronald with 5.327 but that might be really “hope”. And,…if Michael does n’t do anything wrong , and I never saw that,it looks he will win but it’s over when the last pilot is in on the last day.
One of the pilots called the day HORRIBLE. The task-setting team agreed, I read!

Some pictures shared by Arne , before he had his less good day.


Andy as CD with a new task at the grid………Henrik and Arne listening very concentrated……. colorful laundry and banners.. Brilliant!!!


August 25…day 13…task 6/10; VERY LAST DAY at LASHAM. With nice longer tasks, sunny and it felt like summer again !!
15 m; 305 km. racing task… AND,.. to show that you want to be champion,  you and the team have to do their utmost best. That happened with Freddy who received the last 1000 points for speed of 96 km./h. The top 5 from this day started all within 6 minutes.
Adam was runner but flies HC , good day for him!!!! I believe his European holiday is finally over now. Sure he learned a lot and had more than fun!!!
The overall scores from yesterday were Tim, Freddy, Uli and Gary . What happened for them on the last day?
They all came back close to each other but there were chances in the top.
As said Freddy won , Gary was runner up, Uli was 3 and Scott 5, so he lost more points. Scores were so close that Freddy moved to spot 1 and is the new EGC CHAMPION.
Tim moved to spot 2 and Gary to 3 so silver and bronze. “Poor”  Uli missed out on 6 points to be at the podium.

1. Freddy Hein  from Germany in Ventus 2 ax with 5.243 points.
2. Tim Scott from the UK in ASG 29 with 5.165 points
3.Gary Stingmore from the UK in ASG 29E with 5.133 points.
Congratulations to ALL.

18 m; 354.79 km….AND Arne showed his qualities once more ,by winning the day straight after the day he was “out”; 1000 points for him.
Dutch Peter and Belgium brothers Bert jr and Tijl followed. Wolfgang followed on spot 11 and Mike on 12!!
How was the score from yesterday and how now? 1. Wolfgang, 2. Mike, 3. Christophe.
Wolfgang had enough points to loose a few and is the new EGC CHAMPION. Mike lost a few as well but still had enough to win the SILVER.
As Christophe was on a daily spot 8 he lost a few points as well, making it possible for Bert jr to pass by on this last day. Bronze for him with only 5 points difference with Christophe after 10 day’s of flying!!

Bert jr. and his brother Tijl.
As shared by team Belgium.
and Dutch  Jeroen and Peter.



1. Wolfgang Janowitsch in the VENTUS 3T with 6.169 points.
2. Mike Young from the UK in the VENTUS 3T with 6.073 points.
3. Bert Schmelzer jr. from Belgium in the VENTUS 3T with 5.950 points.

open; 356.35 km,….Michael did what he had to do WIN another day. So without any doubt he is the new EGC CHAMPION! Russell and Pete were on his heels. So pretty easy in this class. Pete stayed on spot 2 for SILVER and Russell had the bronze.

1.  Michael Sommer from Germany in EB 29R with 6.660 points.
2. Pete Harvey from the UK in JS 1C  with 6.419 points.
3. Russell Cheetham from the UK in JS 1c with 6.377 points.

Michael after his “last” flight at the Lasham EGC.” a great day
As shared by the organizers.

THE WINNERS…..with Dutch pilot Ronald to the r.

AND, where would we be without them. CHAPEAU!!!

The tuggies.
As shared by the organizers.

The team CUP was for Germany with the UK on spot 2 and THE NETHERLANDS with their 4 pilots on spot 3!!!A fabulous achievement .
Looking at the teams the UK did very well with 5 top 3 places and Germany had 2 both,… gold that is. So Germany won the TEAM CUP.

The German winners from the TEAM CUP @ LASHAM.
as shared by the German team

Austria had 1 and Belgium also, but the Dutch team did really well too with a 3d team spot and Ronald who flew himself for several days to an overall  top 2/3 position then one black day with a too early start and getting caught by a line of still passing showers the other pilots missed due to a later start.He dropped from 2 to 5 and then 6. And not to forget Marco [Vermeer] who flew in open class in the JS 1C and finished on spot 12 with 3 top 10 daily places.
Also Peter and Jeroen were in the top 3/4 so hence a great 3d spot.  Look at the 3 orange t shirts on the pictures.

With the TC from Germany  on top [Holger]  and the UK [Max] and Dutch TC [Ger] to the left and right. Did you notice his wooden shoes??
As shared by Frouwke.

It’s over and out. Both EGC’s are history now, both were plagued by the weather, rain and wind ,but both were still good and each had  at least one good week . All went home with new and great memories.

What a great last day, a pity summer is back when it is all over!!!
Lot’s of praises for this competition at Lasham. The word excellent was used a lot both for the organisation and running a  competition parallel with the EGC. All went smooth and fast enough so nobody had to worry about not being in time in the air. As one pilot said;” Any international comp where they can also launch over 80 club gliders as well as the comp grid without causing any significant delays gets my vote. Had to wait for the comp grid to launch but still had plenty of time for the 326k club task.”
Also the tracking system got praises.
The total task distance set was 7568 km and the total number of kilometers flown is a staggering equivalent to 3.5 times around the equator!”

Another 2 years and the next EGC’s will take place. This one in Poland.

Some better pictures from the champions shared on the UK site from the British Gliding Teams.



18 m. class


15 m.




Pictures shared by the organizers.

Today’s [August 23 day 3 ]task; CANCELLED!!!
So was August 24.

Friday August 25 ; was a good day again and  task 4 showed 219.33 km. and nobody else than the every-day-winner -Bostjan got the prizes again. He has 33 points now whilst runner up Klaus Kalmbach from Germany has 20. Klaus was 5th for the day.Runner up was Werner Ammann who has 18 points. Between these 3 is the winner from this CELJE SGP . With one day to go ……

Saturday August 26 last day; 203 km. was set with a regatta start at 2.30 PM. NO,..not Bostjan but Werner won the last day. “Drama” enough on this day as the number 2 from the general scores, Klaus,  “out-landed at the spot he violated the airspace after 49 km.
As expected Bostjan won this SGP with 40 points. Good on him.
Werner added 10 more points so he is the runner up with 28 points.
2 German pilots with 20 points Klaus and Robin Sittmann.

Happy smiling faces.
As shared by the organizers.

Another SGP , so now the last FINAL WORLD GRAND FINAL of the 8th series in Vitacura Chile.
At you can find already the first bulletins.
In bulletin 1 you can read…..
1. Transportation of Gliders from Europe: As per proposal to host 8th series final GP, organizer will provide free transportation upto three containers from Germany to Chile and return. Details of transportation: o Pilots must carry their gliders to Cobra trailers factory (pilot´s cost)
2. Insurance: no extra insurance to be covered by organizers. Personal glider insurance as extension for overseas transportation (small pilot´s cost)
3.ATA Carnet is required for temporary export.
4.Gliders will be loaded in “frames” up to six gliders each, to be fitted in 40 foot high cube containers.
Much more news  and more bulletin’s on the site.


This was blog 999. On my way to 1000. After, there will be some changes, but not too bad. Mind you I am nearly 71!!!

Cheers Ritz
Will drink some bubbles on it!!!!

A few years ago at the Dutch Nationals.

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