Post 998 !!Continuing story of Lasham….”or not ” and SGP in Celje.Rieti’s …COPPA Citta di Rieti.

EGC IN LASHAM …continuing story...

August 21…day 9…task 6/8; REAL English weather arrived.
Morning news from Lasham;”We can’t even see across the airfield this morning, and low cloud is forecast for all day. So today we’ll be keeping it on the ground.  I  think even the birds will be walking today!”
SCRUBBED! A bit of rest after the always “demanding”  INTERNATIONAL NIGHT is not too bad.

August 22…day 10..task 6/8; More UK weather….
Tasks were set BUT,…….whilst waiting the message….
We will be following the weather closely to see how cloud bases rise.
Launching is planned for 13.00, but if it looks like the weather won’t play ball, we won’t turn the afternoon into a grid squat, and call a scrub in good time.”
2 Hours later the day was scrubbed . A few hours later most were sitting in good conditions at the BBQ. The window came TOO late.

So the annual DUTCH/British BBQ  with Irish and Danish “blood” as well, was good fun and in dry,[ between showers ] though so to see not “bloody hot ” circumstances.


As shared by Caroline Termaat-Douwes.

Also the German team had a team BBQ.


Happy circumstances at this BBQ as well. No worries about rain!!!
shared on the EM blog.

August 23…day 11…task 6/8; no news yet as the briefing still has to start,  but more in the next blog.



Day 1 [see last blog] had in the end several pilots who got penalty points for a too fast or too high start or entering a forbidden zone and only 2 finishers ; both from Slovenia. The prize giving looks like fun;

as shared by the organizers.

On day 2 there were new chances;201.49 km. was set. Bostjan in the JS 1C was AGAIN the best pilot , this time followed by Werner Amann from Austria in an ASG 29 .
On day 3 showed 223 km. on the task-sheet and 10 points for the daily winner,…Bostjan! He now has 23 points in total  and 3 “win’s” in a row. Klaus Kalmbach from Germany, also in JS 1C is runner up for the day and overall with 15 points.2 Pilots have 10 points Sebastian Ramsak from Slovenia and Werner Amann from Austria.

As shared by the organizers.

Day 4 in Celje, where the latest SGP of series 8 is in progress. THEN after this one,…. the final race with all winners ; WORLD FINAL in Vitacura in Chile between January 13 -20 in 2018. Who will go to Chile from the Celje SGP???
Not much news yet for today. Dobro jutro!
10:00 briefing
11:30 grid close
12:00 first launch
More on Sunday.


Rieti !!

August is a busy month in Rieti with several comps. I informed you already about the CIM 2 weeks ago, with smashing good weather. Quite a few pilots stayed for the next competition ; the Coppa Citta de Rieti. And the weather hold !!!
56 Competitors had the time of their live in 3 classes.
Looking back at the B groupe with most internationals and 25 pilots, you can see what great weather they had.
On day 1 August 14…”A good day,  with dry thermal in some areas and  cumulus  up to 2700/3200 meters in the best areas.”[Clara]
A racing task from 439 km. was set and Riccardo Brigliadori in his JS 1 C raced over the circuit with a speed of 149 km./h.
25 in this class and 4 were out mainly due to airspace violations.
On day 2,… 517 km.Good day with cumulus up to 2700/ 3400 meters in the best areas and another very fast race by Ricardo this time with a speed of 166 km./h.  Giorgio [Ventus 3] was runner up with 158 km./h.
Day 3  Meteo forecast for today is similar to yesterday but the air is more humid and slightly unstable, with another racing task now 466 km. was won by Alvaro in the ASH 31 MI /21 m. AND Ricardo both with a speed of 167 km./h. !!!
Day 4 with 542 km. was again for Ricardo who was in great flying-mood. 169 km./h. !!!! UK pilot Jon Gatfield was runner up with 157 km./h.
On day 5 , ” Today there will be less cumulus than yesterday” but no worries for Jon he even won the day with a 3.15 AAT. He flew 519.50 km. in time 3.17 so a nice speed of 157.80 km./h.
Day 6 ;  Meteo forecast day 6- The situation has changed. A cold air impulse is trying to enter the Italian peninsula from NW to SE. so  a 3.40 AAT was for Swiss pilot Werner Danz. He flew 580 km. in time 3.41 so a speed of 157 km./h in the ANTARES 18 T.
On day 7 the weather was on a hold as the cold air from NW had entered and “only” a 2.10 AAT was possible. But team Frigerio in the ARCUS M still flew 326 km. and in time 2.12, so 148 km./h.
Everybody was back in time for the dinner and prize-giving.

Great speed there in Rieti and as I know always a fabulous competition with nice pilots and most come back every year.

Winners; 1. Riccardo with 6.518 points. 2. Giorgio with 6.090, 3. Alvaro with 6.056 points.

As shared by Clara Bartolini, who also shared the meteo info in her blog. Thanks Clara.


CU on Sunday when my WORDPRESS holds . It seems to be attacked by violence and is cut off sometimes by the WP-flag system, meaning I can’t enter.

Cheers Ritz

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