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Tocumwal November 6 2009     Tourist Information Centre

The weather is just great here today! Clouds were popping up at 11.00 and more are forming on a nice height. Temperature is around 28 dgr. at 12.00. In half an hour I will have lunch with Jo and Tony [Tabart]. They are on their way to Lake Keepit for the Club Class Nationals and stay for a short visit as they hope to reach West Wyalong tonight, which is another 500 km past Tocumwal.Very glad they make time to see me!

Yesterday Dundee’s caravan was moved and though he has been very happy in Ingo’s garden, he has a very nice spot now between the gumtrees at Sportaviation’s newly opened caravan parc, with the use of his own toilet!!!It took me a day to organise everything last Monday , but it is all perfect now as well for Swiss Chris and the Misselhorns who also got help from Peter, who did the removals.
 It was verey interesting to meet Peter. He was , as I found our talking to him on Monday, the brother of Vanessa and it seems that Dennis was good friends with her in the time before he got his tragic accident in January 1988. So I got her email adress and for me it is very important , even after so many years to hear something about the last days of his life!!!

Yesterday I also caught up with Tove , Corey and Hanna. They all looked VERY well and happy. We got to see their new built house and Corey who looks the spitting image of daddy Grant, showed us the green speedboat they use on the Murray River and Hanna was proud to show us her beautiful girly pink room.

Congratulations to Sarah [Sarah worked in the office for us a few years ago!] and Kim who had their first born last saturday all being well. Little Madeline Piper looks healthy and gorgeous so does the new mum, as the proud parents of course showed us the pictures on Melbourne Cup Day.
Great to hear that Scott who was a tuggie in the past has 2 children now and lives and flies in Hong Kong.Found out that Curt is NOT flying the mail anymore , but is an airline pilot as well flyinbg Virgin from Brisbane. As a former owner of a nice life-style business it is good to hear that all who have worked with and for you are OK!!!!
Jonny has moved yesterday to French Gyuana , so he and Corinne are back home now!

Some other news I read in the paper;
Six seconds of confusion in Jetstar cockpit–Airbus black out probe!!
A jetstar plane may have last week suffered the same malfunction that brought down an Air France jet ovewr the Atlantic, killing all on board 5 months agoAt 1.30 am on October 29 the pilot of the jetstar Airbus 330-200 reported an instrument black out as the jet carrying 200 passengers passed through storm clouds. At that time the automatic pilot malfunctioned and fluctuating readings were transmitted by one of the 3 airspeed indicators.

You remember the 2 USA pilots flying too far while “discussing the world”m here in OZ 2 pilots from Quantas forgot to put down their wheels before landing and had to make a quick go-around!!!
I am a tiny little bit more worried now flying around with all these pilots who forget!!!???

Good to see that both OZ and Africa [850 km in ASH 25]are having their first guests to fly!And what about Dane , who I met during the  JWGC and WGC in Rieti, who had such a great flight in his home part-of-the-world New Zealand;581 km in the LS 8. Very nice young man, good looking and a great and very dedicated pilot! 

Agenda is over-full this upcoming week; will leave TOC next Friday for Cairns, but if possible I will be back. Cheers for now!Ritz

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