Post 994!Difficult weather in Pocuinai! Excellent weather in Rieti !


On Sunday  day 8 … task 4,  small tasks; 1.30 AAT for club and for standard as well. Not such easy weather and again many out-landings. Start lines opened at 15.14 and 15.36, pretty late, but it was only a short task.
A lot of club-pilots got stuck at the first sector.
In the end it was not a valid day in Club class.
Standard ; 8 pilots finished,…great job…. and a total of 14 pilots flew over 100 km. so a valid day with only 276 points for winner Joris Vainius in the LS 8 for 147 km. in time 2.17

On Monday  day 9 … task 4/5, better weather ,so bigger tasks.
Club got 257 km. and 3 Polish young ones flew “nicely”  together and finished on spot 1-2-and 3.From 38 a total of 37 finished!!
Standard; got 284 km. and 2 Swedish pilots had a ball and won the day with a speed of 106 km./h. Closely followed by the German team. ALL pilots finished!!!
The Dutch team started early, flew all way “up front” read …made their own decisions ….and finished on spot 12 and 14.

Happy Dutch team.
As shared by them.

On Tuesday day 10 ..task 5/6 even better weather and they deserve that!!! BUT,…blue and not all pilots like blue conditions and better….nearly no wind..
In Club a set task of 305 km. and Kiwi Alex Mc Caw was the daily winner flying an Hornet. This time his mate Nick was the unlucky one. He was “out” at 264 km. Also out and after 183 km.Robin, who now  falls out of the top 3 . A pity.
26 from 37 finished!!
At this stage after 5 days; 1. German junior Julian Klemm in the St. Libelle [4.445] 2. Dutch junior Nick Hanenburg in the St Cirrus.[4.313] 3. Austrian junior in an LS 4 Paul Altrichter[4.296]
In standard 355 km. and the Lithuanian pilot Ignas Bitinaitis is doing a great job. 2 Day’s ago he was number 2 now number 1 for the day. Only one out-lander in this class.
At this stage , after 6 day’s the overall scores look like this; 1. Swedish pilot David [4.853] 2. Swedish pilot Erik [4.873[] 3. Lithuanian pilot Ignas. On 4 Dutch pilot Sjoerd !!

The INTERNATIONAL NIGHT was yesterday. For sure great fun !!
Tony shared this news and pictures:
Fun International night. We had hot dogs and Jack Daniels. Dutch brought beer pong. Trivia was great fun. A bit of overnight shenanigans though. The Dutch flag is gone (again). Australia is upside down. My hat was stolen and the FAI flag pole is GONE.”
By the way the flag pole is BACK!!!!

Team USA and team Denmark as shared by Tony.

And fun they have , also during the day’s….here is Aussie girl Ailsa with Titas Jovaisa.

As shared by Tony Condon from Team USA.

Today; Club; 266 km.
Standard;305 km.


CIM in Rieti!!!

Clara at 10 AM on Sunday;
“10am. Forecast for today: West and South West weak wind. Cloudbase  from 3,500m to 4,500m on the South, East  side.
The best area will be:Gran Sasso, Gorzano, Fabriano, Avezzano, Rivisondoli, Orvieto, Arezzo.
Sea breeze and convergences area. Adriatic sea breeze.
Good, strong and regular thermal, but in the Rieti area, worm air at 2.000 m will initially block thermal activity. The thermals begin to deteriorate from 5pm in the center task’s area and at 18 local time in the North and South area. In Serano mountain rain at 18- 19 local time.”
AND at
3.PM….”Difficult task setting today. Initial task vetoed by civil aviation authority due to multiple airborne firefighting operations inside the competition area. Contest director somehow found ways to fly around the affected zones. Launches delayed until got the tasks approved.”

August 6….Task 6
in 18 m; 2.45 AAT…Kiwi Dane ,who flew already as far as I remember the JWGC in Rieti in 2007 was the best and flew 412 km. in time 2.45 AT THE DOT!!!! Leigh flew more kilometers [414 km.] in time 2.50 so great speed by Dane 149.87 km./h. and Leigh 146.27 km./h. Only one pilot did not finish and “poor”  Jon flew in a forbidden zone and got 191 km.
in open; 3.15 AAT and good old Bruno in the ETA won the day 1000 points for 458 km. with a speed of 138.78 km./h. Slowest speed was 126.28 km./h.
in the mixed class; 352 km racing task and racing they did. The Italian ARCUS T pilots won with a speed of 128 km/ h.

Clara on Monday;11.30 am. Weather situation has changed: wind is from NE. Good day, but we expect rain showers in Rivisondoli, Pescasseroli, south and south east area, East Gorzano. Weak winds from northeast with breezes of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Cloudbase from 3000 to 2.200 meters on South and NW side. Very low cloudbase on the Adriatic side. The best area wiil be Avezzano, Valle di Trasacco (?) Orvieto, Chiusi. Convergences area for Adriatic sea breeze. Today cloudy and cumulus coverage will locally prevent solar radiation and thermal activity. “

And at 3 PM; “Finally, today’s beautiful cumulus also in the Rieti valley and great visibility! Temperatures are lower: around 36 degrees. All the gliders are in flight and will be back from around 6 pm. There are new fires: one is west Monte Nuria and another on the south of Monte Giano.”
August 7…Task 7
18 m.; 3.30 AAT and again Leigh was the best. He flew 526 km. with a speed of 148.60 km./h.1000 points. Dane was runner up with 999 points!!!
No miracle that overall after 7 days Leigh [6.666] and Dane[6. 506] top that list with Giorgio [Galetto]  following in “his Rieti with 6.337.
open; a 3.30 AAT was set and frequent-Rieti-flyer Peter from Austria won the daily 1000 points. He flew 533 km. with 151 km./h.!!!
The overall scores in this class after 7 days; 1.Peter [6.694]. 2.Alberto [6.413] 3.Alvaro [ 6.207]
Mixed; 387 km. and another ARCUS this time an M won the day with a speed of 138.81 km.h.
After 7 days the overall scores with 3 days to go are ; 1.H. Pirker + M. Wolff from Austria in Arcus  M [6.338] 2. V. Pinni + P. Lanzieri in Duo Discus XLT [Italy 6.282] and 3.A. Ferrero + E. Sarti in ARCUS T[Italy 5.699]

Fabulous weather there and awesome speed!!!! Looking forward to the rest of this CIM.



No flying on August 6 and 7 in Uvalde,…very weird I thought the weather was ALWAYS good there.
Last message from Bruce;
“The day has been cancelled. Steady rain falling. Bit of a shame. It feels like the area would dry off quickly, so if it clears then tomorrow would be flyable, but there might still be some weather around for a couple of days. We are mooching around with sad looks on our faces. Sitting on the ground at a gliding competition is not our first choice 🙁”

AND,….the VERY LAST news from this morning;
This is what it looked like towards Uvalde on our final leg today. Most of the flight was pretty straightforward, except that good climbs were hard to find, there were blue areas to avoid, and most of the thermals were short-lived. There has been a lot of rain over the past couple of days, and there is still plenty of moisture in the air. As expected there was substantial overdevellopment moving down from the north through the afternoon, and our fearless competition director got the task just about right. Three-quarters of the way through our Assigned Area Task we came back to Uvalde, which gave us a chance to judge how the rain was moving. Then we had a fun ride along the edge of the storm out to the next turn before returning home. I think about ten pilots outlanded, so getting back was still not easy.
I think the final two days should be better, as the airmass dries out a bit. The competition is very close at the top, so the last days should be fun!!”
August 8-Scores as well very preliminary;1.Dave Mockler in in ASG 29 2. John Cochrane in the same glider and 3. Bruce in ASG 29 as well. Overall Bruce is on top with Jerzy as runner up.


Looking back at the last days of Klippeneck.

Not the best weather , so not much to say. The last day’s were cancelled. Only 3 out of 8 day’s and 4 in standard class.A pity it shows a bit the “face of this summer”.
15 m.; Karl Eugen Bauder      1.861
18 m.; Fredy Zulliger               1.866
20 m.; Protzer&Roehm           1.583
Open; Max Kollmar                 1.738
Standard; Felix Ruof               2.186




CU next Sunday for that and more news
Cheers Ritz

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