Melbourne Cup Day !

Tocumwal   November  4 2009   Tourist Information Centre

Just some time left to tell you that the weather for gliding has been great. Specially on Sunday! Monday was just too HOT! It was 37 dgr. in the shade and 40 in the sun with even 46 in the car[no airco!]
Lothar left on Monday after a great flight in the UE [ DG 600] flying 604 km. One day earlier the last day of October Alan flew his LS 1 from Jondaryan to another great 757 km flight.
A nice flight as well in Africa from Kiripotib with 660 km in an ASH 25. It is starting there now as well. Corowa has their first guests for the season as well as some staff members. Will visit them soon maybe on Friday!
Yes “the overseas season” is ready to go and at this stage the weather is really good, specially for spring!!!
Yesterday with Melbourne Cupday we were back to 19 dgr. so it is still really spring weather. Not normal those very high temperatures over the last days! Cupday was great as ever and I even managed to win 15 from my 20 dollars back!!!The race which brings the nation to a stand-still, except of course for the horses who happily run as fast as they can, was great joy for lot’s specially the trainer , jockey [first win] and the owners. It remains something special. I love it!!!
New Zealand is “over” and will be due to lack of time moved to next year . Will keep you informed

Time is gone, so much more to do , to see and to visit. See you next . Cheers Ritz

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