Post 990 !!10 to go,..with the final days of the 13.5 WGC and the Nationals in Germany….and in France.

After some pretty good and some pretty bad days,… too dry and hot… or…..too wet and cold ….last week was mainly WET. Several comps just could not set tasks. A pity.
BUT,….the ARBOGA OPEN between July 1 and 8 had good weather with 6 out of 8 days and 20 pilots in Club class and Per Carlin [LS 1f] as winner.
In 18 m. Boerje Erikkson, as I told you already,  in his Ventus 3 was the clear winner with 400 points ahead of the runner up Peter Cutting [15 participants] and the DUO DISCUS LT was the best from the 7 teams in 20 m. class.
AND …the weather was ALSO good enough for a new FRENCH record over an out and return in France on JULY 14
As shared by the French NAC.
JULY 14 was a fabulous day for Gilles Navas who “walks around in gliding as long as I do”.
Gilles flew an out and return from Vinon to Buno-Bonnevaux; OLC distance 1.242.7 km. WOW.
A new O & R French record over 1.149 km.!!!!
Szatymaz, Hungary – Jun 29 – Jul 16, 2017
After one rest day and every day a task we continue with
Day 10…task 9 ;a 2.30 AAT for the boy’s.Sebastian K was the only one who flew with a speed over 100 km.262.84 km. in time 2.31.
After the winning impact from the day before Tony out-landed so no more glory for him but he had his share!!!
The 2 German pilots Uli and Florian , flying together, followed and started 5 minutes  BEFORE Sebastian.
Day 11 …task 10; It’s getting boring but Mr Kawa won again, this time followed by 2 strong Italian pilots Stefano and Thomas.
Another “off-day” for Tony, he was pleased with the day ;”Post Cold Front weather today in Hungary. Strong NW Wind. My favorite soaring weather!”
But…..” Motor got me home. Going into the wind with clouds was fun. Without clouds…not so fun. Missed the climb under the lead gaggle on their way out and the rest was pretty predictable.”
Day 12…….July 14...big day in France not in Hungary as they cancelled the day so some “quality -time-off ” to spend and look around. Hungary is beautiful. First scrubbed day!!!Pretty special.
Day 13 …task 11 and LAST DAY;
Could they fly or not?? A 2 hour AAT was set, as a last day should finish this great weather series in Hungary. Thunderstorms were forecasted and the USA team mentioned during the flight :
First line of thunderstorms is passing through Szatymaz. François appears to be going north and Tony south as they both transition to the second turnpoint.”
Sebastian K. only got 178 points due to an airspace violation, the rest flew between 62 and 168 km. and got between 183 and 550 points.
SO A VALID DAY!!!! Excitement enough!!!
Vladas won the day with Thomas as runner up.Tony motored home “Had a fun run on the upwind side of.line of rain. Got sandwiched between rain and the Border. Motored home. Contest finished!”
So what would be the final score!!??
Sebastian won with 3 points over Uli!!!!!8070 and 8067. Sebastian Riera was 3d with 7649 points.
The champions as shared by Team Argentina!
The dinner was in the Hilton on the last flying day and the prize giving on Sunday morning.
Hope they sort out the problems around the gliders as it would be a pity that this 13.5 m. has to stop. More pilots should enter to make it a real BIG FAI event!!!
IGC and FAI …work to do……..Pavullo in 2019, hopefully for a lot more pilots!!!
Stendal;  Nationals in 15 m. 18 m. and open class.
The tug’s as shared by Segelflug-DM Stendal
and the always important HELPERS.

So on Wednesday the 12th, all classes were cancelled again,..but their was HOPE for the last couple of days.

These German Nationals started in hosanna-mood with 5 good days,..then it was over only 1 small open-class-AAT, and 4 scrubbed days.
BUT, it improved, was Wednesday still “soupe” , Thursday was  better!!!
July 13 in 15 m.;
B task with 358 km. after enough “rest” and off they went for day 6. Young Alexander Spaeth raced to a daily victory and 1000 points in his Ventus 2A. Other young pilots as Sebastian Bauder and Jan Omsels finished  2 AND 3 at 100- km./h. whilst Alexander flew 104 km./h.
These 3 pilots form the top of the overall scores:Jan 4204….Sebastian 4203!!!!!!!!! and Alexander with 4178. The other pilots are in the 3000 marks best 3999.
Day 6 in 18 m.; B task with 353 km and a new face on the block for the 1000 points;Thomasz Dul in ASG 29E and good olf Claus Triebel was runner up 116 and 115 km./h.
Overall it is still Mario, Matthias and Claus in the 4000 range .
Day 7 in open class; B task from 359 km. and this day Holger Karow was the best with 116 km./h.Stefan Beck had 113 and Pierre  112 km./h. Then Michael and Bruno.
Only Friday and Saturday to go,BUT  as Saturday was the reserve day and they did not need that day,… there was only ONE day left.
Friday will be bad here with predicted hail and thunderstorms , don’t know about the weather in Stendal. … not that far from Holland.
Saturday should be good again for soaring and then for a longer period, but…..????……after the comps.
No flying weather here but they flew THERE!!!!
15 m. 2 hour AAT; Freddy Hein got the last 600 points for the day with 236 km. in time 1.57 and with that he stayed on a good spot 4. Also 600 points for Julian Mihm in the ASW 27.
WINNER and German CHAMPION ;Alexander Spaeth in the Ventus 2A. [4772] Not far behind Jan Omsels in the Discus 2A [4766] . And in the Ventus 2A , Sebastian Bauder finished on spot 3 overall [4753] pretty close all ,… strong competitors!!!
18 m; 2 hour AAT. Mario Kiessling won the last day AND the comps in his Ventus 3; 260 km. in time 2.04.
CLEAR winner and German CHAMPION;4955. Runner up Matthias Sturm with 4664 and Claus Triebel stayed on spot 3 with 4639.
Great to see that one of our “Tocumwal -kilometer -eaters” Jan Umlauf was 3d for the day.
open; 2 hour AAT; Klaus Kalmbach in the Nimbus 4M won the last day with 254 km. in time 1.59 and as Michael was runner up it was pretty clear he would be the German open class champion. 5472 points. Runner up;Felipe Levin with 5276 and 3d..Markus Frank with 4830.
Pictures shared by Segelflug-DM Stendal.
 I am sure they ALL had the best time at the final party and prize giving.
 Club class Nationals in Issoudun.
8 July 2017 – 15 July 2017
With 45 pilots including members of the UK Junior Squad [HC] , they started on July 8 with a 2 hour AAT. Straight away the UK juniors showed their class as Tom Arscott in the St Cirrus [161 km. in time 2.07] ] and Jake Brattle in the DG 101 G elan [158] won the day after starting [15.02]and finishing together; 525 and 514 points.
Mind you Tom is the current JWGC champion and ready to go to the next JWGC in 2 weeks in Pocuinai in Lithuania.
Mind you quite some “stars” in this class looking at names as Brian Spreckley, Eric Soubrier , Nicolas Henry and Shaun Lapworth.
The next 2 days had to be cancelled due to the weather but on July 11 they had a task again number 2 ; 3 hour AAT. The UK winners from day 1 started at the same time as day 1 but this time others were better. Only 11 finished so a great job from Stephan Houdier who won the day in an LS 4 with 223 km. in time 3.20.
The comps finish on the 15th so only 2 days to go and just 3 flying days in France where we in the past flew EVERY day at the
Huit Jour d’ Angers , though writing this we had one very bad year too. The meteo-guy arrived for the briefing in a diving suit!!!
There was indeed a day 3 on July 13. A small task of 123 km. and Freddy Barthelemy won the 385 daily points in his Libelle. Only 3 from 45 did not finish.
UK junior Tom , flying HC, was 15th but still good enough for spot 1 overall, though …” THE FRENCH in a Pegase each, ARE ON HIS HEELS.”
336 km on their most important day,…Quatorze  Julliet!
In the official top 5 , 5 French pilots . When you include the HC pilots there are 4 UK pilots between the 5.
Pierre Roumet [St Libelle] won the day and the 1000 points so indeed a French pilot on the most important French day on the highest spot as in the Tour de France!!! But not only on spot for the day also on spot 1 overall as he moved from 3 to 1. Of course Tom still leads with 2264 points but he can’t be the French Champion, so a great day for Pierre.[2.183]  UK pilots Jake ,Brian, Tom and Shaun were as said in the daily top 6 as well.
LAST DAY IN ISSOUDUN; No doubt that the UK pilots ,certainly the juniors did a great job in this very high quality French National Championship.
199 km. was set and as Pierre was runner up it was pretty quick clear who will be the new French Club class CHAMPION; Pierre Roumet in the St. Libelle; 2.911 points. Tom held his spot only just …..he had a few points more in the end;2.933.
Only one pilot outlanded on the last day so a good task.
In the past HC pilots were not called on the podium , GREAT to see that this has changed.
As shared by the British Gliding Team.With Tom and Jake [HC 3d place] and the French champion Pierre.
OSTROW GLIDE. ……………..The Pre WGC.
Ostrów Wielkopolski Michałków, Poland
13 July 2017 – 23 July 2017
They were lucky with the weather and started after the “low’s ” had left!!! Between all European pilots also 3 Aussie pilots in the  15 m. Dylan [Lampard] and Adam and Butch. 2 Young and one “older” pilot.
During the JWGC in Narromine Dylan was often the right hand from  Matthew [Scutter] who won the JWGC. Now he is doing extremely well in Poland as he won already 2 days!!!
And not such so-so-days,….. no also over 300 km. tasks.
They started straight with a  “high pressure-system” ,which made all happy; first a small 1.45 AAT , then 451 km and 334.
Rest day on July 17. At 3 that day , as predicted the weather IMPROVED !!!
More next week.
CU next week with more competition AND other news….Including the EGC for “small”  ships.
cheers Ritz

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