Tocumwal !Ken and the bridge!Pilots forgot to land !

Tocumwal    October 27 2009   Tourist Information Centre

Well now I have to speed up as time is money here, but not to worry it is not too bad!
I have been here now tomorrow for 2 weeks and though it feels like I have never left Australia, I do realize that time is flying. It looks like NZ is off, but however I would have loved to go there it would have taken out also some precious time here. Still enjoy every minute and it is great to hear planes flying over and to see tugs towing gliders.
The weekend was rather busy with several pilots flying both at Sportaviation and the club.
Ken and his friends have left again. They were off to Sydney to …..climb the Harbour Bridge …….at night!!!!!! They are all involved in sport business so no worries , they would be able to climb this bridge while enjoying the scenic view at night. Ken will be back soon again to fly both his Vintage planes!

Dundee had a good look  at the new Sportaviation Caravan Park and it seems he has made a decision . As I told you the new toilet bloc looks marvellous. It is , when you go in there, not that you enter the toilets at Sheryl and Eddie’s Caravan Parc but you feel more like entering the Hilton’s “powder-room.” Certainly when you remember the ones at Sportavia, though I must admit they were clean , the girls always worked very hard to keep them as clean as possible, but for sure they were not fancy.
They are still grading , but it looks everything will be ready in time.
If you want to see it all by yourself , you can look at it this upcoming weekend. Don’t forget bring your eski with meat , salad and beer/wine/bubbles!

The place to be at this moment is still Australia , though Omara had some very nice flights as well this week. I particular liked Andrew Hugging’s flight in the Mosquito 519 km over an interesting triangle, departing from Jondaryan on the East Side.
The West side from OZ is active now as well as good friend Terry Cubley used the wind for an out and return from Gawler up North;312 km in his LS 3.
Gliders to Australia and Africa seem to be on schedule so a few more days and the action will start again!!!
In Holland they STILL fly as well. Yesterday a pilot flew up and down along the side of the DUNES ….after a shower ….to still make 123 km. You see we do have some kind of ” ridge-flying ” , in Holland as well.

Though Inge is already home for 2 days , George is still driving to Cairns. First day he made 1280 km to reach Miles. I read in the news paper that the weather in Queensland at the moment is very bad!!!!
On his way home he visited Albury and fell “with his nose in the butter” as the celebrations around the Uiver where in full swing. He also visited the Australian Soaring Centre in Corowa and caught up with Francesco. I plan to go there as well one of these days!

To finish this blog; US Federal investigators are struggling to determine what the crew of a NW airlines plane were doing at 11.000 m. as they sped 240 km. past their destination; Minneapolis. When they flew over Wisconsin, the pilots realised there was something wrong and flew back while on the ground military jet’s were ready to chase them, as nobody had a clue about what was going on! They were not drunk!!! They were not asleep , but “just talking” , is what they said! Interesting conversation it must have been !

That’s it for now. See you after the weekend with news from the BBQ and all friends visiting!

Cheers Ritz

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