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LAST blog for the time being. In the middle of the move to the Southern part of Holland.
Worn out but we are going strong.
Back somewhere in June.
Laptop….out now.

CU and fly SAFE.


SGP in South Africa from Magalies.

After my last blog , only 3 days to go for this SGP, so we continue first with the final results from race 4 on Wednesday with 385 km. All races were under good  and experienced “supervision”  of Dick Bradley.
Even with 10 penalty sec. for a too fast regatta-start  at 13.40, Laurens , who was still in winning- racing- mood and clearly on the GO , won the day and got the 8 points. Oscar followed and Marcus as well so the top 3 slowly is known, BUT you never know for sure till the last minute of the last race. In the end 6 gliders finished in about the same time  between 104.9 and 104. 4 !!!!!!Sven turned out to be number 3 after being lowest in the gaggle but having luck with a great thermal on this blue day with a “slighly overset task”.
A top video about this spectacular finish on
After 4 races Laurens has 30 points , Oscar 25 and Marcus 22.
Laurens mentioned as “secret” to his 3d win, that the EVO wing tips , with whom he flies, make him fly a little bit faster on final than the others ,so it is staying with the leading group and then……a race to the finish.

With Oscar Laurens and Sven.As shared by the organizers.

Race 5.On Thursday….. another day…another task 251 km. …another start time at 13.45 AND  another/different winner.
Splendid weather and as they said, it didn’t pay off to fly with the gaggle that day.
Swedish pilot Ronny Eriksson, had a bit of a slow week till now ,but got the 9 points to bring him up to 16 in total. He did VERY well as he was 12 km. faster than Laurens, so to know how what happened I had to see the ‘short’ story, as I was not home:
Ronny mentioned;” I choose to fly North of the gaggle under the clouds by myself found lift up to 30.000 ft. and a good energy line to the first TP.”  
Coming back was tricky but he was far ahead and could make it.

a new “kid” on the block with from l to r. Laurens Ronny and Oscar.
As shared by the organizers.

Race 6; with 264 km. and it looks like John [Coutts] re-found his winning mood . He won the day and passed Marcus [29] in the overall scores now with ONE point .Oscar was runner up and Laurens was 3d.
SO new total points with one flying day to go; Laurens 42, Oscar 37 and John 30.

Laurens in his fancy JS 1 as shared by Laurens.
Courtesy Bennie Henning Photography.

Race 7. Final day of this South African Sailplane Grand Prix.
257 km. was set for the pilots. I am sure there were still some tactic negotiations before the flight which was set for 13.45.
John, a former world champion,  was still in winning mood and was on a daily spot 1 again, receiving 10 points. That brings him to spot 3 overall with 40 points. Good on him.
Runner up was Oscar with 44 points he was just a tad slower than John . Laurens was quite a bit slower [132.4 km. for 142 km./h. from John] but he had enough reserve and is the South African SGP CHAMPION with 48 points. Congratulations!!!!
Young Marcus, only 21 years old did a great job in being 4th with 34 points.
Skill is required to leave the gaggle after start and be the best and the leader to find the next climb.” is what he said. He was not intimidated by all those WGC pilots all older than him, but with their skills experience and decisions, he learned a lot.

Young Marcus …nice fellow….we are going to hear more from him in the future!!!
As shared on the FB site from the SGP.

The overall winners in real GRAND PRIX style.


The relief after the “stress”. Oldies are young from heart!!!

By the way the next GP in 15 m.  is in Spain in 2 weeks with . I will be VERY busy then but you can read all about it on the site;

And when it is ALL over in SA and a lot of pilots are there anyhow ,they continue with a Conference;


Nitra the Pribina Cup.

Day 5 , ” on track” as seen by ELFO.

After a cancelled day they continued again on Thursday with the message STRONG gusting wind and no grid before briefing.After briefing there was another 2d briefing,…as said before WHEN you can fly , you fly in Nitra.
But ….you could not fly and then,..they don’t fly, even in Nitra, BUT then there was a real 1000- points -day on Friday
Race 4 in club class with 276 km. The weather really improved last  Saturday and Italian pilot Stefano [Ghiorzo] felt that as well and used it to win the day in his Silent2. Finally 1000 points and they were catapulting him in the overall scores from 17 to 5 !!
3 German pilots followed in St Libelle and Ls 1 f. Great job!!! Gerrit, Stefan and Julia flew together and Gerrit and Stefan top the overall scores.
Race 5 in 15 m. class with 364 km. A real German day !!!! The 5 first spots were for German pilots, who flew more or less together. And also here 1000 points for daily winner Simon Schroeder who not long ago flew the SGP. He “jumped up” from 4 to 1 overall!!!!!
As the Belgian boy’s had a less day [ spot 12-13-18-20]on which SO many points could be earned, the toppers lost just under 200 points .
Race 5 for the multi-seaters with  362 km. WOW 9 German teams in the top 11. Only Austrian pilot Wolfgang and Belgium pilot Wim “disturbed” the German list on spot 2 and 8 !!!! 9 Arcus gliders and ,…very nice …2 Duo Discus’.
Race 4 for open class  387 km.with NO no German winner here as Roman [Mracek] won but they were still on spot 2 and 4. Several outlandings one only 20 k out.With the 1000 points Roman moved from 4 to 1 overall.

Busy busy as shared by ELFO.

The organizers wrap up on Friday April 21;
“After competing we enjoyed the goulash and beer in the hangar. Pilots are sharing their experiences from the whole competition but dont forget there is still one competition day ahead of us.”
BUT,….the weather did NOT co-operate so the fight was over and the new Pribina Cup owners known.

The morning news on the last day, Saturday, was clear;”Good morning! Due to the cold front which is influencing the weather in our area there will be no tasks today and no briefing. We expect light rain and also some winds in the afternoon.
The prize giving ceremony will be held at 12 am in hangar.”

Club class;
1 . Gerrit Feige from Germany flying a St Libelle [handicap 98]  2.888 points.
2. Stefan Langer also from Germany, also in a St Libelle with 2.880 points .
3. Gunnar Axelsson from Sweden in the St Cirrus [handicap 100] with 2.809 points.
For the rest from the scores you can go to

Winner Gerrit in his St. Libelle as seen by ELFO.

15 m. class;
1. Simon Schroeder from Germany in the LS 8 [handicap 111.7] with 3.112 points.
2. Dennis Huybreckx from Belgium also in LS 8 with 3.039 points.
3. Jeroen Jennen from Belgium in LS 8 with 3.024 points.

Runner up Dennis in his LS 8/15m. shared by ELFO

2-seater class;
1. team Janowitsch/Koch from Austria in an ARCUS  [ handicap 105] with 3.269 points.
2. team Scheffler/Triebel from Germany in an Arcus with 3.168 points.
3. team Kretzschmar/Gillessen from Germany in Arcus with 3.030 points.

The ARCUS with team Scheffler/Triebel as seen during the last landing by ELFO.

Open class ;
1. Roman Mracek from Czech Rep. in ASG 29/18 m. [handicap 120.9]  with 3.003 points.
2. Bert Schmelzer jr. from Belgium in ASG 29 /18 m with 2.940 points.
3. Robin Sittmann from Germany in Discus 2c/18m with 2.922 points.

Runner up in full action in the great ASG 29/18m. as seen by ELFO.

Club and open had 4 flyable valid days and 15 m and the 2-seaters 5. What turned out to be the last flying-day,  with 1000 points was a good one for those who ended high that day.
As always a nice to follow competition also from home.

To finish this subject some nice pictures from ELFO. THANKS AGAIN!!!!


Some pictures with the beautiful surrounding! By ELFO.


Interesting pictures from landings as seen by ELFO.

The Austrian DUO DISCUS ,[ by the way with “our”  callsign ] saying bye bye CU next year.
Courtesy ELFO.


Such great soaring weather here and over the Alps!

On April 19 another excellent day in our lower countries. Tijl Schmelzer flew a 1000 from Keiheuvel in Belgium  SUPER flight!!! Somebody called him the “king of preparations”, he IS!!! maybe even the emperor!!!!!EVERYTHING is always correct during his flight.

Tijl …here at the BENELUX comps,  such a nice picture!!!!

Not bad either from another field in Belgium Geraardsbergen 744 km. by Daan Spruyt in an ASW 27. Also from there Pieter Lievens flew 801 km. in the St Cirrus in a new Belgian RECORD and Niel Deijgers from Hasselt in the St Libelle 630 km.
That Wednesday Mark flew from Soesterberg in Holland nearly 1000 km;963 with ONE more thermal he would have made it in his ASG 29E/18m.!!!
World wide from Lienz a 1. 334 an Antares and Giorgio flew 1.252 in his Ventus 3 from Trento.
So many 1000 km. flights, even 6 over 1.200 km; it nearly looks like Bitterwasser only not hot but VERY COLD.
One day later it was even better and 2 flights from Lienz in an ARCUS M.  over 1.400 km. [1.490 and 1.452]

Though it is damm cold, the soaring gods have co-operated the last time to “create” absolutely fabulous soaring weather. Spring always is good and strong but this year stronger than ever.
The ALPS are heaven on earth and if you fly from Italy, Austria ,Switzerland or Germany and France it just is good.

On the 25th so yesterday, LASHAM had a superb arctic airmass and several pilots enjoyed a great flight; Roy [Pentecost]  declared a 700 km. and flew it in his 18 m. ASG 29 E !!! With the 743 km. he topped the OLC list. The ARCUS T with Andy [Aveling] and Garry [Coppin] flew 758 km.
We had rain, hail, thunder and 10 dgr. C. here in Holland.


CU later.

cheers R

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