Greetings from all -seasons- motel in Tocumwal !First 1000 km. in Australia!

Tuesday October 20 2009

Today I had a look at the airfield and it all felt OK! Visited Mike Burns in Eddies hangar, where he is still surrounded by nice Capronies and the ASW 17 23 m. Great glider… ..just arrived from the USA and the inspection will be done on it , in this hangar.
Lothar was busy with the annual inspection on EU , learning from Otto and Neil how to do this as they are very experienced! Corckey was helping a bit as well.
Inge and George were helped to the field by Ingo and had an enjoyable flight together in the IS 28, after Don had launched them. Not too bad conditions  today; lift about 2 m. ,thermals up to 7000 ft. Temperature today was 30 dgr. and there was quite some wind [ stiff breeze!] from WNW, which is pretty unusual!

I had a quick look at the Sportaviation part South of the airfield. Eddie was very busy with the last hand on several things, but he took some time to talk to me and was very pleased to see me.
 The  small hangar, which is already in use for a long time looks nice and they kept everything in that yellow colour . So the new toilet-shower-laundry bloc is yellow as well and matches good.
The inside is a very fine grey colour and the mirrors are black around the glass. All very sophisticated. Former owner and partner [from Don and Geoff] Stuart was busy to grade the terrain around and for sure the future camping guests will be very happy there.There is a new laundry as well with a brand new washing machine!
Everything is ready for the upcoming season, so the guests can [nearly] come .New trees are planted around ! In the next month I keep you updated.

Inge is leaving tomorrow for Melbourne, travelling by train from Shepparton!She will spend another day in Melbourne with her friend Kait and will leave on Friday again home! The last couple of days she ran from here to there to do all things she wanted to do and to see all eople she wanted to see!!!!

The weather up EAST has been fabulous with top pilot David Jansen flying the first 1000 km of the season in the ASG 29 18 m. from Kingaroy! A real FAI  triangle with a speed of 133 km/h.
A great effort as well from Alan Barnes flying his LS1 f up to 982 km. from Jondaryan with 105 km. /h.!!!!!
First flight from the many to come this season, from kilometer-eater Terry Bellair; he flew 452 km about 250 SW of Tocumwal in his DG 400.

See you next time, rushing of for dinner after a nice , but short time as well on the beach! Just thought to keep you updated when possible!

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