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Always good to keep in mind.
As shared by the GFA.

With the beginning of the new European season this article from the Gliding Federation of Australia , might be good reading for you, though  I am sure that EVERYBODY , ALWAYS tries to fly as safe as possible :
“The GFA Operations Panel is promoting a stronger safety message aimed at improving operational safety – “Target Zero – Zero accidents. Zero harm to people.”
Every pilot in-command must have this focus on every flight, plus all other people involved in gliding operations, maintenance and support must be vigilant about the safety standards and margins being applied on the day.
We have a collective responsibility for achieving an injury free outcome. We know that some human error is inevitable, so we must work hard to reduce the probability of these errors occurring and then limit the severity of the consequences.
Self-awareness of our own biases, fallibilities and limits of performance is critical to our safety.
Our operations feedback and occurrence reporting in Gliding Australia magazine is important reading for all pilots.
Remember, a good safety culture begins with you!
Happy soaring, and happy landings to you all



March started with great autumn flights in Australia.
From Ararat, Gary Stevenson, flew 773 [ 691 FIA triangle] in a Discus 2B. Ararat had a good week.
Bernie Sizer in his PIK 20 flew from there 630 [500 FAI triangle] .AND,…549 in a St. Jantar is not bad either.
Another 700 for Bob from Benalla, so a nice first day of autumn down-under.
On the first 5 days of March/autumn, Bob Nicholls flew a total of 3392 km. from Benalla. During the WGC, when there is not a lot of flying for house guests, and after the pretty poor summer , it is quality time now and he gets the best out of what’s left of the season.Good on him !!!

Over Yarrawonga not too far from Benalla, Corowa and Tocumwal.
As shared by Swiss Chris.

March 1 was nice for a 500- plus-one-way-trip- with- wind -in- the- back, for USA kilometer- eater Tony Condon; 531 km. direction SE from Sunflower close to Wichita in Kansas, to….. Paris, not in France, but in Texas about 15 miles over the border! So from the Mid West to the S. with tail wind all the way.
Parked on the compass rose in Paris, TX. Crew only 40 minutes behind when I landed. Quite the flight! First two hours weak and low. Then it popped and it was off to the races with a big hole near McAllester. Save off a hill with a cross.on it (hallelujah) then airport hopped to my declared goal of Paris. Quite surprised by the late lift. I was sure I was going to end up in Antlers or Hugo.
TopMeteo was pretty spot on with the distance prediction today, although they and most other forecasts were predicting better lift early.

as shared by Tony.

For March 4, a spring-foehn-storm was announced , so it was interesting to see if pilots would dare to use this as heavy predicted weather , for some long flights in the Alps.
They did both from Germany and Switzerland with flights over 1000 km.
Bert Schmelzer jr. flew the Discus 2T over 1.045,45 km. with a speed of 137.45 km./h. from Hausen am Albis up to 6023 MSL [4391 AGL]
He commented:
“What a wonderful start of the season…

03:00 waking up in Lenzerheide and telling Barbara that I will skip skiing today. Instead I will drive to Hausen am Albis to have my first flight of 2017. She mumbles something, gives me a kiss and falls asleep again.
05:00 arrival in Hausen
06:30 launch into the sunrise. Thank you for the tow, once again, Ruedi !
14:00 1000 km completed at a speed of 137 kph 🙂
14:30 snowshowers everywhere, from Arlberg until Geneva. The day was short but brilliant.
18:00 diner with Barbara in Lenzerheide.

I love it !!

What a day and Benjamin Bachmeier must have  thought about the same ; up early in the morning, quickly to his home-field Koenigsberg and up in the air; 1.007,93 km. with a speed of 96.06 km./h. in his Discus 2.He just celebrated his birthday so this weather , this power/force of nature, was a nice present for him. He reached 4526 MSL [ 2361 AGL] but flew most of the flight lower than that ,even 110 or 377 AGL, but he knows the area very well.

Also great wave in Omarama where Jyry Laukkanen flew 920 km. in an LS 3a.


The LAKE KEEPIT REGATTA is on as well and their task 5 was one with many over 300 km. flights!
They fly in a ” ballasted mono class” with between 23 and 30 pilots as some do not fly every day and have “lay-days”. So does Bruce Taylor  flying an ASW 24 this time, who when he flew, occupied spot 1 [twice] and 2 [twice].
Gliders as Hornet, ASH 25 MI  , JS 1, Pegase, St. Libelle 201B , Duo Discus and more each with their own handicap, between 980[ St Libelle 201B] and 1225 [ASH 25 MI].
On task 3 ONLY NZ pilot Lyndsey Stephens in his ASW 27 b, finished on a day with a 3.30 AAT ;5 hours and 20  minutes of flying over 366 km and ALL FOR NOTHING as the day was invalid.
The last day with task  6 ,was a not so good one for Lyndsey, as he missed the start point, so zero points, such a pity but also a nuisance.
Great last day for Bruce who “got” the 1000 points for 356 km. in time 3.05 [3 hour AAT] and won the REGATTA with 3982 points flying 4 tasks, followed by Dave Shorter in the JS 1 b, 3637.

indeed very nice weather.
As shared by Robert.



As every year Rick from the USA, was so kind to send me a great summary of facts so here you are ,…very easy and you know the most important things.Thanks Rick!!! For ALL the facts you can go to the site.

—–The 2017 IGC Plenary took place on March 3-4 in Budapest, hosted by the Hungarian Federation.  The Hungarian Delegate, Andras Gyongyosi, made the arrangements for our meeting and accommodations, and for the dinner cruise on the Danube on Friday night.

34 countries were represented, and the agenda was full.  There were some significant changes to the Championships calendar, and we approved the bids of Germany and France to hold the World Championships in 2020.

No changes were made to the class definitions, but we have made a commitment to move toward fewer and more exciting competitions, and this will probably mean that there will be only one pilot per country per class in certain World Championship classes, beginning in 2022.

Here are the decisions that will affect competitions after 2018:

2019 Pan American Gliding Championships will be held in Ontario, Canada

2019 WGC in 13.5m Class in Pavullo, Italy (LIDP) will use electric self-launch

2020 WGC in Open, 18m, and 20m Classes in Stendal-Borstel, Germany (EDOV)

2020 WGC in 15m, Std, and Club Classes in Châlons-en-Champagne, France (LFQK)

No additional invitations to reigning Champions, except Women and Juniors

Distance days will be devalued (e.g. 600 points for winner if no finishers)

New Ranking List rules, including elimination of the 20m Class Ranking List

Possibility to combine JWGC and WWGC beginning in 2021

Possibility to reduce number of entries per country, beginning in 2022

In other decisions:

Reform of scoring formulas was approved.

The use of airframe parachutes in place of personal parachutes was approved.

Certain anomalies in the Badge and Record requirement were removed.

The use of water ballast in the Club Class was not approved.


The Lilienthal Medal was awarded to Patrick Pauwels (BEL), for his many years of service to IGC and as President of the European Gliding Union.  The Pirat Gehriger Diploma and the Pelagia Majewska Medal were not awarded this year.


Eric Mozer (USA) was re-elected President of IGC, and the new Bureau members will be Alexander Georgas (GR), Brian Spreckley (UK), Frouwke Kuijpers (NED), Marina Vigorito (ITA), Rene Vidal (CL), and Terry Cubley (AUS).
The next meeting will be on March 2 and 3 in 2018.

I am still very proud on my Pelagia Majewska Medal from 2015 [international recognition] and the Golden Pin from the KNVvl in 2016!!![National recognition]



—-a long and nicely written report of the Benalla WGC with co-operation /assistance from Sean Young. 14 Pages of very pleasant reading!!!!!
—-the new Ventus 3,.. a story written by an old mate Gerd Marzinzik for the Aerokurier and translated by Elke Fuglsang-Pedersen.
The New Ventus can carry 180 litres of water that will boost the take off weight to 600 kg. The inner tanks of the wings can be dumped without emptying the tank in the tail.
—-the 2017 OSTIV congress…..The 2017 OSTIV Prize went to the sailplane ‘sustainer’ FES….Morgan Sandercock ‘s address “First year in Argentina with the Perlan 2 glider” was a success…
—-Virtual reality has arrived…
—-The JS 3 development story …a spectacular 10 years!!!
—-Veronica the new place to go to in Namibia as shared by Bert Schmelzer sr. who had a great time there.
—- a review; the Soaring Engine volume 2 a new book by G Dale….
—-Russia,…immeasurable opportunities,..also for gliding…an expedition to investigate the potential of  the Urals is the dream of  Dimetria Ivanichev.

To subscribe on the digital Gliding International you can go
It’s easy enough.


And to finish;
In Holland some clubs started the 2017 season already. Here a nice sunset with the last flight for the day from the FAC the Frysian Aero Club up in the N.
NOW today , it’s raining “cat’s and dogs” totally wet,… no flying possible but they had their first weekend good on them . A very enthusiastic club full of nice people young and old[er]!!!

as shared by the FAC.

Cheers Ritz looking ahead at a good and and safe new 2017 season.
In Seminole [Florida] in the USA,the oldies WITH RESPECT  and 60 of them which means it is full, are practicing and enjoying each others company ahead of the senior contest [ March 11-17]  lead by good old John Good!!!
Must be great fun!!! Will come back on that next week.

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