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Alphen aan den Rijn     September 27 2009

It really had an impact on me, this behaviour of an airline captain here in Holland with a Dutch and Argentinian passport, flying as a marine officer in the 70/80thies in a Lockeed Electra . He knew that enemies from dictator Vileda were thrown out alive [but drugged] , from [t]his plane. 
It all started when our crown prince Willem Alexander got engaged with the Argentinian lady Maxima, a lovely girl. But….her father was in the government of this Vileda. Hot discussions started in Holland and  also between the pilots and J. said that the Dutch did not understand any of this , that it was war, that he was there and that he did those flights, [still ] believing  he did the right “thing”.
Some of his colleagues were really upset and fed up with this bragging and so the ball started rolling.
This was the last flight before his retirement , but maybe also the last flight in his life as, when it is proved this all has happened,  he will be for the rest of his life in prison. 1048 years!!!
As said justice should triumph, but to be honest, Holland does not win the “beauty-prize” for the way they dealt with it.

Sydney is back to normal  with sunny conditions and blue skies. Car-washers made “gold” and hospitals were busy with people needing extra support to breath. Brisbane had the same great “red blanket ” but not as bad and it seems that about 5 million ton of red sand has been moved from the heart of the continent. This is not normal according to weather-specialists. Normally it stays in the inner-land and does not reach the coast, but after the wide spread draught and the climate changes –  Australia is very vulnerable there- it reached even to Sydney.
Spring has started with temperatures up to 30 dgr. in Sydney , then back to 20 and in other parts from NSW there is hail and storm. They predict more , so I hope it all stops on the 15th of October when I will arrive in NSW.
Last Friday, this red air had reached New Zealand, 2200 km.  further , passed by and went on !!! Weird!!!

Jonny and Corinne visited last week  and have taken a big decision to leave Holland before the end of this year and go back to French Guyana. After living there all their life before visiting us for 2 years in Australia , they do not feel happy here [ 3 years now] and move back “home” with little Marylou. I wish them well. Jonny hopes to go back into flying in Suriname, Corinne is and was a great masseuse and nail -and -beauty -consultant .
Talking about the past of Sportavia ; Happy birthday Brutus , Ross, Andrew and Peter!!!!

The 2 glider pilots killed in a double seater  were on a soaring-camp from their club Schinveld. The 2 instructors from 66 and 39 had just arrived with 3 other club members and made their first flight.
Condolences to their families and friends.
Yesterday Schinveld had a an in-memoriam day for their pilots and friends to remember the instructors known by all of them so well . All clubs in Holland got an invitation to share this big grief.

Then I received this message from Australia.  I really liked to look at the great plane in Albury, when picking up or bringing guests to the airfield.

Don’t miss Albury’s premier civic event as we help mark a famous day in history.

Uiver 75th Anniversary Gala Dinner – Friday 23 October 2009

The historic event of the landing of the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines ‘Uiver’ in 1934 is one of the most famous stories in aviation as the plane ran into trouble during the London to Melbourne air race.  Lost in a fierce storm, the aircraft was guided to safety by the townsfolk of Albury.  She continued to Melbourne the following day to take out handicap honours in the famous race.

A special radio play performance re-enacting the event will be presented at this very special occasion on Friday 23 October 2009.  Add that to a 25 piece show band, drinks and nibbles airside (with just a little aviation magic thrown in) and you’re sure to enjoy being part of this most momentous evening.

Click here  to view the invitation and booking information or call AlburyCity Events for further details on 02 60 238 176.

Kind Regards

Bianca Wighton
Executive Assistant

Till this upcoming Tuesday, we will still enjoy real nice after-summer-weather and with the better visibility, pilots made great flights here in Holland over the last days, even this late in the year. With 356 and 313 km …not bad, not bad at all! And in Germany a pilot in an ASW 24 flew 358 km . from Braunschweig.
Yesterday Bert , who worked for us in Tocumwal, flew a very nice 356 km. in a St. Libelle from Diest in Belgium  and Holland had a 442 km flight in a Ventus 2 CT from Soesterberg.
The last young German pilots have now left Vinon as well. Great  and clever young guy’s making their comments in rhyme!!! We have to wait for their visit to  Chile in November to read more of that. Not a bad life they have!
A lot of pilots in Austria, the UK, France , Holland , Czech Rep , Germany and more countries are happy with their late -season- great -soaring- weather and express those feelings on the OLC as a comment. This system is really used more and more. Great!
And what about the glorious morning glory flight  from Burketown -North Queensland in a PIK 20 E with a speed of 144.16 km/h.[388 km.] and..a great flight in Africa from  Orient , not so fast but 416 km. flying an Astir CS. It’s all starting and happening there now.

Off now to the closure of the soaring-season 2009 in Holland. Patrick will pick me up and the party is at the farm from the new European Champion in club class Rene!

Cheers Ritz

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