Sydney turns “orange / red “! Delay ! La Motte !

Alphen aan den Rijn      September 23 2009

Another wonderful day in Holland , nice sunny , warm , just the most pleasant autumn weather.
Not such a good day for one of the Dutch airline pilots flying already for over 20 years for one of the 100 % daughters from KLM; Transavia. He flew to Valencia yesterday , his last trip before his retirement and was taken out of the plane in Spain by the military police on request of Argentina.
It seems, that is the accusation,  that the pilot with a Dutch and Argentinian passport, has flown in the early 70thies for the junta, flying planes where opponents of the junta, were thrown out above sea. What a  horrible story, but …it has to be proved first that he indeed did this….hopefully they listen very well to him in Spain , before extradition to Argentina, as he might have been forced to do so when he was young , [not that I do agree with it then,but I  can understand that a gun on your head makes you fly … !].
It is all a bit weird as somebody with a crime-sheet is not even allowed to carry a badge to enter Schiphol airport!!!! Let’s wait and see and let justice triumpf.
The plane arrived back in Holland with quite some delay, as a new crew had to be flown in to Valencia.

Orange is a great colour, specially when you are Dutch, but I guess most people in Sydney were “flabbergasted”  this morning, when Sydney turned orange after a real dust storm.
From Tocumwal [NSW] I got already the news that they had “finally” some heavy rain, but this cold front , reached Sydney with lots of desert-sand after the very dry period.
Most people over there, had never seen such phenomena, but it seems that this has happened about 70 years as well. Not good for the planes which could not land as there was no view at all, not good for people with breathing problems , not good for the ferries which stayed “home”, but great for photographers.
The meteo has warned for more very heavy [thunder]-storms, may be causing severe damage! Not good !

More sad news as 2 Dutch glider pilots have been killed yesterday in France in the mountain-soaring-center La Motte, where Ingo Renner in the past flew with  ” his” German guests.
Both pilots are members from a club in the South of Holland. The French have started an investigation but not yet more news as not all family has been warned.VERY tragic!!!

Pilots still fly with the good weather  and even in the UK  a nice flight , specially for the end of September, was made from Dunstable ; 338 km with an ASH 25. Slowly the Australian soaring places take over the top of the OLC list, before the African places will follow. The East from OZ is normally good first , with  places as Jondaryan and Kingaroy, not long and the first comps will be held over there.

That’s it for now. This sunday we will have the reunion / closure of the 2009 season,  of the JWGC and EGC pilots , crew and officials , here in Holland, so more news about that next week, but will be back on Sunday morning.

cheers Ritz

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