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Alphen aan den Rijn    September 17 2009

Just brought Gina to Schiphol Airport, so I have a bit of time to write.But…world-wide the soaring is slowing down at this moment. Only around 40 flights on mid-week-days, not many.Good to see Belgium pilot Joachim Aerts flying a duo discus in New Zealand. Nitra had some nice weather and also pilots in Sweden and Denmark enjoyed nice late summer conditions.
In Vinon the young German pilots with Alexander [ 3d place JWGC in Rayskala] amongst them,had the time of their life flying great flights in the mountains finishing their stay with 485 km flights. They are a nice bunch of young ones ,even making their comments in rhyme!!!Grateful as well to the people who made it possible for them to fly over there and getting such huge new experiences!!!
We have very nice after summer weather as well, with temperatures up to 23 dgr.

It was a bad week for the aviation world. In Germany a Fokker 100 was lucky enough to land without too much problems on a foam-bed , as the wheels did not come out. The pilot was called a hero!Only one person slightly injured.
 Then 2 pilots of a YAK 52 had to make an emergency landing on the gliding-field “Langeveld” here in Holland. They had engine problems but landed safely. Dutch authorities are investigating why the plane had to make an emergency landing.
Worst of all, the crash with the Piper Seneca in Portugal, with 3 Dutch pilots. One the 25 year old instructor with 2 of his students, 18 and 21 years old.
The NLS is one of the big sponsors from the Dutch Gliding Nationals and known as a good school for young people willing to be pilot. They do their theory in Hoofddorp , close to Schiphol airport and because of the weather and the more quiet flying areas they do their flight training in Portugal.
The weather was good at 22.27 yesterday evening when the plane disappeared from the radar, in good weather circumstances. They crashed between Faro a very well known holiday place, mid- south of Portugal and their home base Evora. Tragic!!!!

See you on Monday as I have family-weekend on the 19th and 20thiest, enjoy your weekend as well!!Good luck to all the people packing the containers –this weekend–from Holland for Corowa!

Cheers Ritz

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