Alphen aan den Rijn     Sunday September 13 2009

” It must be your lucky day “ ,was just written on my comment site after deleting the last nonsense. We are up to 10.471, so it is slowing down.
Had a few busy days with my Tocumwal guest and she has seen a lot from Holland now. Sight seeing is pretty tiring  Gina thinks, so do I!
No gliding fields this time, as she is not so much in gliding, but for sure got to know a few pilots while visiting Sportavia in the past.
Today we were in touch with some of them, Maria and Dieter from Munich by phone and at noon Jonny and Corinne will be here for lunch to catch up. For sure you remember that they worked for us in the past as tow pilot and lady of all trades. They visit with their daughter Marylou.

In the USA they are still happily flying up to 805 km.  in an ASW 27. But also Europe still enjoys after summer weather and Germany , Spain, France , Italy and Finland had some good flights over the last couple of days!
In Germany pilots will meet at the annual glider-pilots-convention,  ” the 68th Deutscher Segelfliegertag”  in Bremen in the big fair complex on Saturday October 31 2009.They expect about 1000 guests. There are lectures [in German] and several types of gliders will be on display! Guests from outside Germany are welcome! A pity I will be in Australia , as I would have loved to be there.

Some people in the suburbs from Brussel  in Belgium are “getting crazy” from the noise from the helicopter of [Crown] Prince Filip from Belgium who loves his flying .He got a training as fighter pilot, but enjoys flying his helicopter on good-weather-days, making the same tour , sometimes 10 times on an afternoon,  around his palace  , can image some frustration in such a case.
Our crown prince is in New York, even visiting Barack and Michele Obama on his visit to celebrate 400 years NY and the liaison with Holland.

See you maybe on Wednesday, another busy day otherwise as soon as I have time. Sorry about that!

Cheers Ritz

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