Alphen aan den Rijn    Thursday September 10 2009

Sorry, but I forgot all about my blog yesterday and as I travel up and down through Holland at the moment with Gina, my friend from Australia, there is not a lot of time left to write.
Places as The Hague, Amsterdam and Maastricht were on the to-do-list and we travel by train; timeconsuming but relaxing as well.

German Junior Alexander Spaeth is still in Vinon, enjoying his soaring and mentioned that “only mountains could give so much fun with blue thermals”. I remember that Ingo Renner loved blue thermals as well and flew a 1000 km. in only “the blue”! It is great to read how Alexander really enjoys his flying there and forgets about the more difficult moments and just sees a great gletscher as “a high”! Great young pilot!
It is more or less the mountain areas which are still good to fly and Europe still has flights then over 500 km. in a standard cirrus. In Germany [Munsingen Eisberg ] somebody even flew a very nice triangle in an ASW 19 from 579 km.via a few well known gliding places as , Klippeneck, Musbach, where the next JWGC will be held , Bruchsal and Hahnweide.

Next week on Wednesday the first containers  will be packed and pilots move their gliders in this case to Corowa in Australia. Unbelievable how quickly a year “flies”! These containers hope to arrive in Melbourne on November 2 and I hope to see the first gliders go up in Corowa on the 8th , when I am in “the neighbourhood”.

See you on Sunday, hope you don’t mind this is a short one! Greetings Ritz

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