13.5 m. WORLD RECORDS !!!! Argentinian Nationals finished! Joeyglide 2016!” JS 3 Rapture”!

San Francisco in Argentina!

As mentioned last week, this airfield was the host for the Standard and combined open /15 m. class NATIONALS.
The first week they had 6 days .During the last week the weather had to get back to “normal”  again, but that did not really happen , so only small AAT’s   were set but most were not flown. Only 2 days this week but still in total 8 out of 12.

The LS gliders were doing well in both classes the LS 4 and LS 6 were flying to daily wins!!So were the ASW 20’s.
In Standard class a  clear winner; CHAMPION Gonzalo Riera [LS 4] with 6395 points. Runner up in LS 4 as well, Cristian Franzini with 6184 points.
On the very last flying day…2 hour AAT….French pilot Baptiste Innocent [St Jantar 2] was the daily winner and got the 600 points, not enough however to get back in the final top 3 overall. He was 4th.

In the combined open/15 m. class Damian [Goldenzweig] was the clear winner with nearly 200 points on runner up Sebastian Luengo [ 6643 for 6451] .CHAMPION Damian won 3 days , each “giving” him 1000 points . The top 3 flew ASW 20.



First we had , in the end of this year 2016, the new height-record in the Silent Electro by Tony Condon, only  for a few hours but still,…..it was a new STATE record and NOW 3 new WORLD RECORDS .
“An inspiration for other pilots”
is what Stefano [Ghiorzo…..ALISPORT] hopes for . Look at this:

Last November in Namibia we’ve established 3 new FAI World Records in the 13,5 m Class while flying a SILENT 2 Electro!
We are please to forward our link for a short clip, hope you’ll enjoy it : https://youtu.be/OnpmhTAKGy4

All three are speed records over 100, 300 & 500 km FAI triangles.

Speed over a triangular course of 100 km – 140,50 km/h

Speed over a triangular course of 300 km119,52 km/h

Speed over a triangular course of 500 km112,52 km/h

Enjoy the video ,  2.03 minutes of PURE pleasure , it MAKES you looking,….. at the glider, the skies and the way it is done,…. not to forget the nice stirring music ……. congratulations guy’s !!!!!


December 10-17-2016

Courtesy /credit Colin Stauss

Temora is the host for the 2016 Junior Gliding Championships in Australia. 12 Young pilots had fun together and flying was the main goal. Some start with experience , some are rather new to competition flying .
They run one class for club-gliders.
Mind you those young ones in Australia have to travel FAR to participate. Some arrived from Adelaide in the West, just under 1000 km. , some from Kingaroy and the Darling Dawns in the East of Australia, over 1.100 km. A day’s driving or more with a trailer, several from the Melbourne area [Geelong and Mount Beauty] still 6 hours driving.
The practice day on December 10 had a 2.30 AAT. During the comps , 2 seaters flew up and down for coaching as well.

Nice to see the new upcoming Aussie pilots together in Temora.
Courtesy JoeyGlide

Straight away ACTION on day 1 with a 3.30 AAT, pretty long  for a blue day, but they can do it and as said before ,…the blue in Australia can be very good!!!!
And they showed it ; Joe O’ Donnell, member of the Aussie junior team and winner of the junior nationals in only his 2d year of participating, won the day;376.48 km.  in 3.35 in an LS 3a. Another JWGC member is James Nugent,[ St. Cirrus]  who was runner up with 342 km. in 3.37.
Both boys , flying in the Narromine JWGC last year , are putting up a high standard for the rest.
10 From 12 finished. That it was a good day, was reflected by local “hero” Brian Du Rieu , LS 10/18m.] who set a 1000 with 3 TP’s , but as he mentioned in his OLC comment,” trough in blue was on schedule but the cu on the trough were broken and based initially only 7000 – 7500.”;803 km [750 FAI triangle] was a great result.

Joe;Winner of day 1.
As shared by Joeyglide.

Day 2; has a 4 hour AAT and James  managed to fly 480 km. in 4.04 , so 114 km./h!!!!Good on him!!! That St. Cirrus is a good little plane and with a good pilot it get’s far.
2 From 11 did not finish so a good day. Joe was 4th. Unfortunately he lost 250 points.
As I said before, in fact Temora is one of the soaring places maybe the one with the best weather!!!!
“Reports of strong lift to 10000′ in the task area” and ” some great climbs“.

Ready for day 2 a good one.
as shared by JoeyGlide.

Day 3; very gusty [Westerly] circumstances; day cancelled time for a pilot’s meeting.


More young-pilots-news !!

The Youth Soaring Development Camp is in full swing at Omarama and they’re having a great time.” So now we are talking about the young ones in New Zealand, with as the YSDC mentioned;
Good cross country flying, evening flying, a few landouts and a first solo“.

First solo-celebrations,…welcome in the family!!


Only 1 week to go and the Qualifying Australian Grand Prix will be flown and the “circus” will settle down in Horsham with a few Aussie toppers, some preparing for the WGC  . 2 “KIWI” -pilots [Brett and Mark preparing for Benalla] and 1 USA pilot , Bill, who participates in the WGC as well .
6 JS 1 gliders have entered, 6 ASG 29’s , a Ventus 2CXT and an LS 10st.

Will get back on this event , next week.


Sharing the next news.

as shared by Graham Garnett.



Jonkers latest “toy”….The JS3 RAPTURE, formally announced now!!

Lots of innovative features…is what Iain mentioned straight away.

All Pictures as published by Jonkers on FB.


The first flight was on December 12.
MAIDENFLIGHT by Uys [Jonker]

Another dream come true!”
Indeed it looks GLORIOUS!!! FABULOUS picture by the way!!!!
A relieved and happy Uys and Attie and staff.
Interesting flights on the OLC.
December 12 [12-12-2016] was one of those days!!!!! When you were at the right place , at the right time,….you had an awesome time.
35 From the 126 added flights that day, were OVER 1000 km.
Veronica, [ 1.204 km. with a speed of 140km/h. in an ARCUS M] , Kiripotib [ 1.094 km. with a speed of 161 km./h in Antares 23E]  , Pokweni [1.277 km. with a speed of 145 km./h in EB 29D] and Douglas Backhouse ,all shared in 1000km.-joy.
was such a place with 3 flights over 1.300 km.and all 1000 FAI triangles. One in a Ventus 2CM/18m. TOP!!!!
Speed just under and over 140 km./h.!!!
Nice to see Pepe in Bitterwasser this time!Also a 1000, his 2d for the season from Bitterwasser.
Douglas Backhouse was the place to be for Dutch pilot Hadriaan van Nes , who flew his first 1000….. Congratulations!!!!
Unfortunately I had to turn before the most northern turningpoint due to weather in combination with a danger area…. Otherwise it would have been a declared one.” [1.113 km. speed 142.75 km./h/902 Fai triangle in JS 1BTJ]
John Coutts flew there as well in a JS1A and he flew 1.247 km.[speed 139 km./h.]
Quite a few of our former Sportavia guests fly from Kuruman Johan Pi in South Africa. Since they started half of November , they flew already 7 over 1000 km.-flights with a few [ around 10]pilots.
Corowa in Australia had it’s first 1000 km.[FAI triangle] as well, flown in an EB 29 on a 37 dgr.C day on December 13. So the first bottle of wine could be handed over by Francesco to Danish pilot Peter Sommerlade.
and last but for sure not least,….
One of my friends, Frank Versteegh ,our Dutch former Red Bull Air Racer and still busy with spectacular demo’s announced his farewell to air-racing;
“1985-2017 32 years, 1450 airshows in 45 countries on 5 continents. It has been fantastic! Met so many nice and interesting people and saw stunning performances.Now its time to move on. My last unlimited airshow will be at Volkel in de Wolken at May 28 2017. The show I will fly for the 26th time.“.
Holland IS and has always been very proud on Frank, though he sometimes had to fight bureaucracy and prejudice.
He is not only a great pilot but a very interesting key-note-speaker. He will concentrate now on readings about safety and risk management. I know he does agreat job.
One of his great/stunning  performances at the former F1 circuit of Zandvoort in Holland.
Cheers Ritz,
when I am back next week I AM 70!!! OUCH,………
Due to changes to the server I publish already on Tuesday evening. More about that next week.

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