August 15 2006
Latest news by Ritz

The Netherlands;
Last weekend John Nugent from Melbourne and Dieter “Dundee” Albrecht, from Germany visited me here in Holland. Their names are very familiar for the readers of my daily Latest News in Tocumwal. Though we had the heaviest rain in the coast areas with lots of flooding, we enjoyed only sun during our visit to Keiheuvel in Belgium on Sunday, where the “Royal” Areoclub of Keiheuvel celebrated her 50thiest anniversary with 3 OPEN DAYS. In co-operation with the Dutch and Belgium airforce the many thousands of visitors had 3 great days.We looked at the Mitchell B 21 and a great flight of a DC 3 Dakota. The noise made us all think of the good old Albatros, flying in Australia from Tocumwal Airport.
By the way, John was one of the passengers,enjoying the ferry flight from Santa Rosa in Californa over Honolulu and Noumea to OZ, a couple of years ago. A flight he will never EVER forget!!!
Also a Fokker S 11 and 2 Chipmunks presented theirselves. 5 Army Helicopters flew a nice demonstration and a Police Helicopter flew around with guests, who had won a flight with their raffle tickets.Lots of gliders too, as the ASK 21, a salto and LS 4, all launched by the Scout.

Sadly enough the Fokker S 11, crashed on Saturday evening in front of all spectators at the restaurant, after, as they think in first instance , an engine failure during landing. The 41 year old KLM pilot was severely injured and died on Sunday.

We missed out on the Balloon Race with 50 Balloons as it became too late.

The last 2 days of the 18 m. class comps have been scrubbed, as the English call it so nicely. Leaves us after 6 days out of 9 , with Russell Cheetham as the well deserved winner! On the last flying day, interesting things happened as Steve, one of the Jones brothers had to outland. In the end Phill was 3d and Steve 5th .

The preworld qualification for the Grand Prix will be flown in Hahnweide from August 19 -27 2006. Only 20 participants will “fight” for a qualification place to fly in New Zealand.Christoph Nacke, current junior world champion [ winner in Hus Bos] and Steven Raimoned current European champion [winner in Rayskala] are 2 of the pilots involved. You can keep track on their performances on www.gliding-grandprix.de.Hope the weather will improve to give them some great days of flying!

Still busy with my removal. Insurances, prizes for the removal, it is all going through my fingers.In between I get news from Tocumwal that the club is up and running. Secretary of the Murray Border Gliding Club is Donald Ashton and CFI Ingo Renner.They have a big meeting tonight with the Shire and I hope to have the LATEST on this item soon. Tocumwal WITHOUT GLIDING; IMPOSSIBLE!!!!
They need a hangar, a tug and a few gliders and all private gliders , still in the Sportavia hangar can be moved and fly then too.Fingers crossed!!!!

Jabiru flying is still possible. Don and Eddie have their 2d Jabiru now, so power flying in an ultra light is available in Tocumwal!

Expected soon; Story from the Schmelzer brothers Tijl and Bert jr. about the competition, “Spagettie Glide” in Rieti where Bert was the winner, of these Pre World Junior Comps.As you have read here too, they both won in Klippeneck too.


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