Greetings from Rieti!

Rieti           Sunday August 8 2009

The WWGC is over and with 9 days of flying you can only say that it was a great competition. As you know , a competition is only over after the last day and during this comps this was really clear. The last day was a tricky one and mixed the scoring system. The UK girls on top during the whole  competition,  tumbled down to 4 and 5 to make junior Nathalie Hurlin from France the new female WORLD CHAMPION in club class. Only very few points difference between the top ladies 21 points in club class.In standard class German lady Sue Kursbach is the new world champion with only 13 points on runner up Jana from Czech Rep. In 15 m class 2 German girls in the top with only 4 points difference.Wow!!!

The EGC in Pociunai had also a last tricky day! But….with 13 days a new record in EGC flying. Not always the best weather but possible for soaring, so why not!Look at the scores from SUPER MARIO over 12 000 points and what about the 2 Dutch juniors!!!!Rene de Dreu is the new European champion and his mate Tim Kuijpers is runner up with only 13 points difference. All the other scores you can find on
Congratulations also to Belgian pilots Tijl and Bert being 6 and 8 in standard class. Well done!

Here in Rieti the weather is super!!!Not a long task today as the meteo expects thunderstorms, also here in this area. But at 12.00 it looked good enough to let the pilots go for a quick AAT. Yesterday one of the pilots flew around with a speed of 158.7 km in 18 m. class. Open class had 146.1 km, club 124.9 km/h, standard class 137.8 km/h and 15 m. 130.6 km. Local pilots nearly flew 800 km here!

Fuentemilanos is “hot” and the usual guests are flying long cross country flights . Lot’s of 1000 km flights also from airfields close by Fuente, as Villacastin Aero. This is a good year for soaring!

Back to my duties here in Rieti. Not long and the first pilots will be back

Cheers Ritz

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