Greetings from Rieti!

Rieti     Wednesday August 5 2009

To be honest I am not too sad  about the weather here in Rieti over the last 2 days , nice cool for a change. The first competition day has been cancelled yesterday due to a through , which did not want to leave the area and “loved ” us so much that only at 6  the sun was shining and for the next days it really looks good.
Great to see so many familiar faces from all over Europe with children, wives and crew. A totally different atmosphere then the WGC or EGC but unique as well, I had nearly forgotten about it. It is all very relaxed here, but there are still strong rules which have to be kept to keep it all safe.
It was good to see Leo here,  as well as Ricky. Leo left yesterday morning , but will be back Ricky left 2 days ago. Very brave people!I even heard Leo has a new book, so I will tell you more about that when I have it. It is in Italian so not readable for everyone unfortunately.

Competition day 1 has started here today  with the first launch at 12.30. The weather is splendid and if you look at the  you can see tasks now and results tonight. It seems that not every computer can straight find my news in the Ritz Corner. So if you are at the home page from  please scroll down to under the pictures. If that does not work please go to the search engine in the right top. They are working on making it easier. Sorry about that!

In Ponciunai they are still flying  with all kind of weather conditions, but still till today 9 flying days and real competition in club class where the German ,Dutch and Polish pilots fight for the best place. After 9 days the German pilot is number 1  only with 12 points on the 2 Dutch pilots each having the same amount of points on place 2. And that after 9 days of flying! [] The most exciting class!!!!

In Szeged the ladies still enjoy HOT conditions  though today is cancelled due to the tough wind which made towing impossible.It was good to see that Orsi from Hungary , one of the juniors in Finland won the day on Monday. Well done! Yesterday they had their 2d restday , so a few days to go and it is over.  

That’s it for now greetings from warm Rieti where the skies just look great and we expect , atleast the director Giorgino does, high- speed-flights!!!

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