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Alphen aan den Rijn      Saturday August 1 2009

A spare minute to spend,  so some time to write ,while the women in Szeged have a well deserved rest day after 6 days of soaring with good to very good conditions! What a great competition, what great flights and what great speed , a real world championship!! They have another week to go , so if you are interested ,please follow them on

The EGC has less good weather  , but still great results for hardworking pilots. And…hard working crew has to be applauded too ,as on some days the total group of competitors in one class landed out. Also one more week to go and today they had longer distances and hopefully better weather. They had their rest day yesterday , which was good , as the day before the weather was over -estimated and  so was the task; Result many outlandings!!!
Great to see the Dutch juniors Tim and Rene on place 1 and 2 in club class!

The 18 m. Nationals in the UK  are flown at Husbands Bosworth, in short Husbos!! A very nice airfield with lovely people and …the place were  the JWGC in 2005 was held. Several of my friends are flying there, all within the top 10 at this stage with 2 more days to go! Nice  to see “good old ” Andy Davis on place 1 at this stage.
Out of 7 days 3 were cancelled till now, but today and tomorrow should be fine.

Like the UK,  Holland has had a lot of rain in July.  But also high temperatures!The Southern province in Holland , Limburg, even got 31.8 dgr. With an average of 18.2 dgr., the temperature was 0.8 higher then normal in July.
The average rain fall in July was 31 mm higher then normal ;we “got” 101 mm as average. Last but not least; the sun shined 235 hours, while it normally is “only” 201 hours, so we were spoiled!

Off to Rieti now tomorrow morning.  There the temperatures are around 30/31 dgr. Good for the “bones” in my body! They were used for over 12 years to nice warm climate -circumstances , but since I am back in Holland in December 2006, they “suffer” a bit! Hope you  can ” follow ” me to Rieti, the country with the nice sunshine and good thermals, the place where the Coppa Internazionale del Mediterraneo has started today with the first practise day out of 3. The first mandatory briefing is at 18.00 on August 3 and the comps start on August 4!!!!
Look for

“See you in Rieti ” and if time available I will continue with as well, with more newsy news.
cheers Ritz

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