Pociunai! Szeged!Boeing C-17 Globemaster !

Alphen aan den Rijn       Wednesday July 29 3 days before departure to Roma!

For sure it was not the goal from the French pilots,  potential winners in standard class, to outland on day 1! They flew quite enough kilometers [251] during the AAT but could not make it back home . German pilot Mario Kiessling managed to stay close to the 2.30 hour task [2.35] , still flying 229 km. and won the day! Strong class with pilots as Tomasz Rubaj and Tomas Suchanek  and ……who knows the Belgium brothers might surprise us ;Tijl and Bert jr..
 First time I see Janusz Centka flying during a competition in the 2-seater class, winning day1.
Dutch junior Rene flew to the 2d place after a Russian pilot in club class.
In world class the 2 French top pilots came home on place 2 and 3 after a pilot from Czech Rep.

Day 2 in Pocunai had rain again .The 16 Wilga’s managed to get all pilots up in the air quickly, some twice as rain forced them down again. They even had to stop launching due to showers. But ….in the end it was a 1000 point day, with  several  out landings  .Look for more results at www.soaringspot.com    The weather improved !

So day 3 on Tuesday had nice tasks but also rain on track and…it ” rained also outlandings”. As they said on the site, ” it looks if the comps are over ” , so many trailers had left.If you are interested please look for the news and results on the sites! Sometimes I have the feeling that it is a bit of a lottery !In World class  5 pilots arrived home in the 2 seater class only ONE and in club and standard nobody!!!!And….the juniors are still doing a great job!!! Rene is ONE overall after 3 days in club class and Tim 4!!!!!

Last Sunday showed interesting flights on the OLC  with 2 standard Libelles flying over 700 km. and heading the OLC list; a standard cirrus and 2 ASW 19 did about the same and an ASW 15 flew 662 km. Great results!!!! For sure very happy pilots!!

Day 2 on Monday in Szeged had racing tasks for the ladies  from 520 km[ 15 m. class], 509 km [standard class] and 439 km. [club class]. So the ladies are flying in the good part of Europe with nice sunshine and great conditions! Orsi the young Hungarian pilot is doing a great job , as well as young Nathalie from France; 8 and 5 on Monday and 3 and 5  overall after 2 days! Around 13 out landings!
Day 3 was another good one with NO outlandings and great results!!!! The girls have a great time over there in Hungary!

In Europe 12 countries have committed their-selves  to buy and fly 3 Boeing C-17 Globemaster transport-planes  and to do maintenance on them over the next 30 years. Holland is one of the countries and with the use of 500 flying hours a “big user”! Military forces will be moved with them , as well as freight.
And….Ryanair saw the profit grow from 21 million last year to 136.5 this year!!!!!!!They claim that the lower prize for fuel and the still growing amount of passengers is the reason. Not too bad in times like we are in now!In fact AMAZING!!!!

 Maybe I have time to write a bit on Saturday ,otherwise ” see you in Italy” most probably on Monday!  www.rietigliding.it

Cheers Ritz

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