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With the news from Aussie friend Bruce just too late to publish in my last blog , I continue with the last days of Nephi in Utah now.
Nice article again, also about his mates. Here is Bruce and THANK YOU Bruce;
—” What a day! The weather did blow up just as forecast, and as we expected pre-launch. However, the task-setters got it exactly right, and the turn points fit the storms like a glove. Everywhere we went there was a great line ahead of us, and when you looked back there was a door slamming shut behind you. Incredible! Parts of the day were really strong; I went so close to hitting the 17.5k limit a couple of times, cruising with 1,000 feet to spare and suddenly everything is going up like crazy. There is so much energy in the sky here, sometimes it is scary.
Today I really thought that I didn’t do much wrong. I started well, good climb straight out of the start, didn’t have to use anything weak, stayed high, got some absolutely spectacular runs, and always had a good line of lift in front of me. I even finished right on the second of our minimum time after a ballistic final glide. I did 176 kph around 430 km… and I came third!
Dick Butler and Keith Essex both did more than 182 kph!!
Dick we all know, one of gliding’s true gentlemen, but Keith is a newcomer. Let me simply say that everyone should watch out for this cool dude from Alaska. Keith has only been gliding a few years, and flying comps for one year. He is so eager to learn, and is really in the groove at present. He and his wife Deb are lovely people, and Keith has the knack for getting his JS1 really smoking. It’s a pleasure to watch. Unless the wheels come totally off the billycart, he is about to win the US Nationals.
The photos show some of the day’s action, overdevelopment beginning, what some of the sky ahead looked like on task, some virga and showers after we finished, and a sunset. Fantastic day to be a glider pilot!”—

I follow Keith from “far” ,as he added this last year some  nice long flights on the OLC .[ in June 2.774 km. speed 254.80 km./h. and 1.133 km.from Minden ]

13524278_10153521270440981_1523493504214901425_n  13511974_10153521270485981_2101264712133203152_n  13529009_10153521270500981_2533572243682307174_n

June 29, one-but-last day: as Ron [Gleason] mentioned in the evening;
” Forecasts, models and procrastinators all lined and agreed that OD and high clouds would make for unsafe or unreliable racing conditions today.”
So the day was cancelled. A pity as it would have been really nice to see on 2 more good days how the pilots would do , specially with those close margins. So it will be ONE day now to see who is the best. Safety above all!
Ron by the way is a great guy. If this is the Ron from Uvalde, who was the scorer there , then I can tell you he is a lovely  person!!!!

June 30,…. last day of June…… last day of the comps!
What a pity They tied HARD !!!!! But the message was .”Gridded at 11:30, launched Standard Class at 12:10 and scheduled task open for 12:40.  The 15 Meters were next and after 1/3 of that class launched the CD conferred with the weatherman, task advisers and  CANCELLED the day due to rapid development and over development.

So after 6 valid days with official scores it looks like this:
Standard class;
1. Bif Huss, when I am correct he won last year as well as a then relative new comer; 5157 points . Bif won 2 days was runner up on 2 days and the other 2 days he was 3 and 6 so great scores. Congratulations!!
2. Danny Sorensen, with 5140 points. Danny, flew consistent. Won one day and had daily scores as 2-3-4-9-5 on the other days.
The first 4 gliders were Discus 2 A or B.

15 m. class;
1. Peter Deane in ASG 29/15m. Peter won the first 2 days , then he was 16 [from 27] and 10-6 and 4.[5374]
2.David Leonard in ASW 27. David was 3 times runner up and on the other days on spot 4-17 and 6.[5369]

Open class;
Uys and AP shared the JS 1-C/21m. and HC they were the number 1 with 3 winning days and 3 days on spot 2-3 and 6. [5352]
1. Keith Essex, good on him.Same glider and specially in the end he had a great run with 2 winning days. Before he was 3 times  runner up and once on spot 9. Great soaring.[5309]
2. Good old Dick Butler in the CONCORDIA , as Bruce said, a real gentleman. That’s how I know him as well too. He flew consistent with spot 8-3-6-6-6-2. [5109]

Bruce’s “round up”;” So, it’s all done. The trophies have been awarded, the organizers and helpers have been thanked, the food has been eaten, and the drinks have been drunk, though there was very little of that here in Utah. I’ve made some great new friends, sampled some incredible gliding conditions, and learned a little more about myself. There were some moments that initially I would have preferred not to experience, but in hindsight they provided a good lesson, and in a strange way allowed all those people to get to know me more closely. Every single person here, whether they be pilots, crew or organizers, were all so friendly and supportive. They joined in the successes, and stood close in the more difficult moments.” 

13516745_10153525580205981_850545162196991727_n 13532933_10153525580235981_3946653447579046061_n

Keith Essex [with his wife ]the new champion in open class and the HC winner Uys.
Pictures shared by Bruce.

 After the comps Keith was not yet tired and added a few more 1000 k’s to his OLC list; on July 3, a 1.197 flight  and on the 4th of July  1.055 km.Both flights from Ely, [both in his JS 1,]where they had some awesome soaring days for all flying there.


The British and Dutch juniors.

The UK juniors  settled down in Issoudun last Friday for training.
They are [financially ] supported/ sponsored by Sydney Charles Aviation Insurance Brokers. Good on them.
Here is the news:
—-“The British Junior Gliding Team are delighted to announce that Sydney Charles will once again be sponsoring the Team through this season!
The sponsorship, along with the continued support of the British Gliding Association, will be going towards the Junior Squad’s development training, which kicks off in Issoudun, France, tomorrow. We’ll be bringing you updates on this over the next 10 days.
Once again a massive thank you to Sydney Charles for their continued support of the Team, building on our great success last year. Long may it continue.-–”
You surely remember the great results during the JWGC in Narromine from the UK team.

The Dutch team had great results as well in Narromine and they have a total program of sponsoring as well, you can read about it in the new Tulip Bulletin.
In the corner to the right you can find your own language!!!
Our top junior in Narromine , Robin Smit [runner up in standard class] flies in Pocuinai during the WGC in the end of July in the 2-seater class in an ARCUS  M with a more senior top pilot Hans Biesters.
The number 1 from Narromine JWGC will be there too and flies in the same class for Australia also in an ARCUS M. So they meet again now in Europe, in the 20 m. class; INTERESTING.

And the UK juniors added their news on FB and started well at the 41th INTERNATIONAL ISSOUDUN with 18 pilots in 2 classes;
” Congratulations to Jake Brattle winning day 1 in the club class at Issoudun, Finn Sleigh placing second in the open class and all the other strong performances by the junior development squad. The cold front cleared this morning leaving time for a (massively underset) 2hr AAT which open class romped round at 100kph. More of the same please! Mike”

No tasks on the 5th of July in Issoudun.
Yesterday a 253 km task was set for club. In this class a total of 8 pilots, ONE from France, one from Belgium the rest from the UK squad. Simon Brown won the day in the ASW 15 with a speed of 87.11 km./h.
Overall Jake Brattle is in the lead in the DG 101.

Also 253k.  in open class for the 10 pilots ;Thierry Nortier from France in an LS 6 /18m. won the day before UK pilot Mike Gatfield. After 3 flying days, Mike still leads with 20 points.


Swiss Nationals .

The Swiss Nationals , in 4 classes, are flown from Schaenis and started on June 30 and continue till the 9th.
A lot of juniors in this National Competition as well and they are DOING WELL.
On the first days NO tasks were/could be set , but on July 3 they started with 2.15/2.30 AAT’s.
It’s all between Rolf Friedl and Juerg Haas in 18 m. They start and finish together and occupy spot 1 and 2 overall after 3 days.[   ]
11 Pilots in this class [10 Swiss and 1 German pilot]  and Juerg flew  in Tocumwal in the glider from Swiss Chris.
Yesterday it was even more spectacular, [if you try to do it it won’ t work] but this time they were equal on spot 1. Both 434 points.
The overall scores after 3 days are not the same but the difference is “only” 4 points.and…it ain’t not over yet!!

In  club class 7 pilots , 4 Swiss and 3…. German girls!!!! In this class it’s more or less a “fight” between David Leemann in LS 4 winning 2 days and Davide Giovanelli [ St Cirrus] as runner up,  both juniors with “a bright future”.
Yesterday however, on day 3 it was a “different story”  as Davide out-landed [89 points] and David won the 1.30 AAT [201].
Great job from German female pilot Maria Schneider [LS 1f] as runner up and as  one of the 3 finishers.
Starts after 2 PM and best distance by David ; 121 km. in 1.36.
After 3 flying days and 3/4 to go David leads and Davide follows but now with more than 250 points difference.

DavideG.jpg.res-200x268 DavidL.jpg.res-200x268

Davide and David ….Swiss Juniors .
Pictures from their junior site;

In open class 3 to me more well known pilots, Markus Gauman and the Rossier brothers Gabriel and Daniel and a total of 9.
Last Monday they had a 404 km. task won by Markus von der Crone in the JS1. The Rossier brothers won the first flying day but unfortunately lost massive points by infringements on Monday and both dived from 1 and 2 overall to 6 and 8 !!!
All 9 pilots finished on day 3 and Daniel in the ASH 31 MI/21m. flew clearly  further than the rest in his beautiful machine; 195 km. Gabriel , same beautiful glider,was 3d with 187 km.
Markus Von Der Krone still leads after 3 days

A combi class as well in Schaenis with 10 pilots flying between LS 4 [ handicap 104] and ARCUS T. [114]
10 Swiss pilots got on flying day 1 a 2.15 AAT and on day 2 a racing task from 315 km.
Martin Buhlmann won day 1 but on day 2 he was “only” 9th , but flying nearly 5 hours in his Discus 2 .
1000 Points for the winner , “only” 406 for him.
Chapeau for the daily number 6 flying just over 5 hours in his LS 4!!!!
4 Out-landings yesterday in this class and Mario Straub won the day.[Discus 2B]
Tizian Steiger[Discus 2] , one of the 10 Swiss Junior squad members,  leads the pact after 3 days with a 4th, 1st and 3d .


Tizian Steiger an other talented young Swiss pilot.
Picture from their junior site.

More next week.


The 34th WGC for club, standard and 2 seater class in Pocuinai.

With 120 pilots from 29 countries this is going to be a huge event between JULY 31 and AUGUST 13. The official training will be on July 27-28-29.
All preparations are in full swing.
The current champions [Club class:- Eric Bernard, France,…..Standard class:- Bert Schmelzer, Belgium and….20m Multi-seat class:
–  Howard and Steve Jones, Great Britain ] will try to defend their titles but for sure , looking at the list of participants it’s not going to be easy.Looking forward to the event!!! Hope anyway that the weather will be BETTER!!!!!!!


Gliding International…the July/August issue !

The July /August issue arrived from NZ in Holland and I always check straight away all stories and then read them in depth. Enough great stories.
—-I started my own column in this issue , with my concern about the many incidents and even accidents in the beginning of this 2016 season. I was even more shocked to see that it was worse than I thought!!
ONLY in May there were 22 incidents and accidents, TOO many. We lost 5 “mates”  in ONE month,…. that is much too much. I was sad to see that also girls were involved. As they write in the Magazine; May ..a poor start of the season.That’s an understatement!!!
—-As I knew Klaus Holighaus and I know Brigitte, Ralf and Tilo it was extra interesting to read the story” The Legacy of Klaus.” Martin Schempp and Wolf Hirth are mentioned as well. The history of all their legend-gliders is top reading too, certainly as my ex George owned/flew several Schempp-Hirth gliders as Cirrus , Nimbus 2, Ventus, Discus, Nimbus 3 and a brand new 4DM during the WGC in 1987 in Benalla.
—-The story about Polish top-glider pilot Adam Czeladski is touching. In 2009 he crashed with his LS 8 ” sustaining spinal injuries that rendered him a paraplegic.Less than a year after the accident he flew solo again in his brand new Discus 2CT.
Now he flies a JS1 with a Hand Control System. The full story is in the Magazine.
—-All about the AERO 2016 TRADE show in Friedrichshafen by Aldo. With p.e. news about the GP 14 from Peszke, the SWIFT from Italy, DRONES but also avionics, books and art, electric propulsion , the STEMME and more.
—-The Perlan Project costs now over 7 million….BUT the Space Glider Perlan 2 is helping Airbus with their innovations and goal to set the altitude record for of 90.000 ft[ 27.400 meters] to find out about similar conditions as on MARS.
—-63 Pages of aviation-news from all “corners”.


Too much sport to follow at the moment!!! First of all,  the semi- finals and finals from soccer in France, the Tour de France, Wimbledon with exciting tennis and on top of that the European championship athletics in Amsterdam starting today in the renovated Olympic Stadium. The first big event after the Olympic Games in 1928!!!!


And to finish a picture from the good old times shared by Dieter ” Dundee”  Albrecht.
With Michael Giles [then] WGC pilot and long time guest, Don Escott, [instructor] Maria and Dieter Bottcher, [long time guests/friends] , Kurd Boyd [tuggy] ,Bones  [tuggy] , Lada [dad from Hana] ,Dundee [long time guest/friend] and another nice German couple who visited a few times, Wurbs-von Burlow if I remember well  and 2 I don’t remember .


CU next week.
Cheers Ritz

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