Rain…heavy rain…heavier rain!

August 11 2006
Latest news by Ritz

The Netherlands;
Lots of rain in Europe except for the more Southern parts were Spain struggles with huge bush fires! Not a lot of flying with this rain, though yesterday some pilots in France still managed to fly a task of 720 km. The rest of the countries “show” more or less “under-500 km-flights” , so after a terrible good time, it is a bit quiet now!

Germany; Klippeneck.
I should perhaps never have written , that I remembered a competition in Klippeneck with NO flying days at all, ONLY RAIN. It is a bit better now as pilots had 2 flying days, but of course they all hoped for more; pilots but also the organization. It is good to see that the marges between the scores are pretty small. Today , Friday the 11th, they have already the final party, to give a task tomorrow if the weather co-operates. So a lot can still happen, BUT they HAVE to fly first!! LET IT BE!!!!
You can find the scores on www.klippeneck.de. It is nice to see that my Belgium friends , travelling from Rieti [ were the brothers Tijl and Bert jr. participated in the junior pre worlds Spagettiglide with great results 1 and 3] to Belgium, share the first place in Standard class.
Dutch pilot Jaap Horsten is doing well too with a 1st place in 15 m class and toppilot Reinhard Schramme is 3d in 18 m. class at the moment.

United Kingdom;
At Lasham, they are flying the 18 meter class Nationals with lots of “famous/ wellknown ” glider pilots. There are 49 pilots competiting!Also the Jones brothers, both flying in the last world comps , as well as Russell Cheetham, who flew in Sweden in open class.
The weather there is much better then here and they have flown already 5 out of 9 days with 3 to go including today [they have a 302 km task] and one scrubbed. [ Period; August 5 till August 13 2006].
After 5 days the general score is;
1. Russell Cheetham in ASG 29/18 m. with 4322 points.
2. Steve Jones in Ventus 2CX/18 m. with 4150 points.
3. Phil Jones in Ventus 2 CX/18 m. with 4136 points.

In the UK they will fly at Lasham also the Regionals , from August 19- 27.Just to let you know. Look for results from the 18 m. Nationals , when you are interested at www.lasham.org.uk Enjoy!

Not much more to say. I am still busy with the organization of moving from good old OZ to Holland and it has cost me a lot of time! There is SOOOOO much to do. But…..I found a house, which is great!It looked like an impossible job, with one disappointment after another, but it is OK now.Still trying to find a job too here in Holland ,one to combine with my ART job.Preferrable one writing on the computer.

Enjoy your [wet] weekend and safe travelling for the many competitors travelling from Klippeneck to home, where-ever that is.Ritz

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