A310 ! Rayskala ! Ely !

Rayskala       Wednesday     July 1 2009

A sad moment for another groupe of people , 153, happily flying to, or from family and they end up in an accident with an Airbus A 310 this time from Jemen . It crashed close to the Comoros Islands with only one survivor a 12 year old girl.

French authorities said that the Yemeni carrier had been under surveillance and that problems had been reported with the jet.
According to a Dutch paper , the young 12 year old survivor who was found 20 km off shore clinging on, on a peace of wreck, felt “an  electrical shock” and found herself then in the water. Sad very sad.

Here we continue the competition where the young and upcoming pilots from the world  enjoy their flying to the fullest, though some days were difficult with cirrus and not the rate of climb they were used too.
I hope you enjoy reading the www.jwgc2009.fi
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One nice story was the one from the young Dutch boy. Arriving at the house from the farmer to tell him he had put the glider in his field , the farmer said he was not the owner of that field. But brought him over 10 km on the back of the quad to him. Being Dutch and totally NOT used to the sauna habits here, he met the farmer sand his wife just after sauna and ………..very naked. He politely told him what had happened and of course they helped him straigh away. A pity there was no young nice looking farmers daughter.

I had a quick look at the OLC , seeing that some places in Europe have great weather and ELY in the USA as well. Daan flew another 1000 km over there. He likes ELY , I know! He calls it a small triangle and a small zig zag, on a good ELY day with a cloud base of 18.000 ft and lift up to 5 to 7.5 m!!!
He also flew an out and return, no skills used but great fun of  1132 km.
In Holland I heard the birds are falling from the roof, it is so hot!!!!

You might have noticed that Scandinavia had its part of the great weather as well, with great flights in Finland and Norway.
The EGC has bad weather but still 3 days out of 3 , a bit of a lottery on day 1 for 15 m class. It seems today is a bit of a better day. Here they did not expect too much bit it turned out another great day. Looking forward to the finishes soon. See you next monday as I travel back from Finland on Sunday.

Cheers Ritz

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