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August 8;
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The Netherlands;
Due to the fact I am moving house the stories will be a “bit” irregular. Sorry about that! Reason to ask for some “help of my friends”, so the article written by Marina Vigoreto Galetto is already on. Thanks Marina , great intervieuw and now we know a bit more about this fantastic NUMBER 1 pilot Sebastian Kawa,and there is still a huge future for him!!!So more to come!!!!

We are still trying to get the topics on a different page, but that does n’t work, at the moment. So you can click on topics 1 with Mike Mike articles and topics number 2 with the general articles. So for the time being,it remains like this, with the same article ALSO in the blog,hope you do not mind .

The competition is Belgium is over and they really were hit by bad weather. They managed to get 3 days out of 8 and Hans Biesters was the winner in 15/18 m. class.
In Standard class Emilel de Wachter kept his first place , but in open Pierre de Broqueville just lost with 50 points from Joost Wolff and Herman Muller.
Though the weather did not co-operate they look ahead at next year!

The 38th Klippeneck competition has started with bad weather too. They did some flying on Monday and to see how they did, you can look at!

That’s it for now . A lot of pleasure reading the Sebastian Kawa story.

The not so good news this week , was the accident from a very well known pilot and flying club member in Rieti. I wish all pilots, friends and family from the pilot strenghts, as they need that. I know all about it!They cancelled flying on Monday out of respect.

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