Ridge soaring ! Lufthansa ! Great sunday!

Alphen aan den Rijn                     Wednesday May 13

If you are “fond” on Ridge Gliding  your heart must have been beaten faster while reading the great results flown in the USA from the field Ridge Soaring, where the clubmembers from the club with the  glorious name the Ridge Soaring Irregulars had the day of their life last sunday!!!
 I loved the comment from the pilot setting his first 1250 km and flying it, even 1355 km!!!! He flew a Janus C FG.
“1250 task completed, I am shaken …not stirred” !!! Gliderpilot talking with his heart!
 The best distance was flown by a German pilot Helmut Bauer, 1576 km.. in a Ventus 2 CM 18m. And did you see the speed???? 142 km/h.
8 Pilots flew over 750 km from them 4 over 1000.

But ….our flatland pilots had a great day too. I could see it already when I was sitting in my garden, wow what weather. In Belgium good friend Eddy Huybreckx flew a great 668 km flight from Belgium over Holland [ Eindhoven ,yes from the EAC] and over Germany. Dutch pilot Peter Millenaar , tried a 750 km FAI triangle from the Northern part of Holland but was too slow in the beginning , due to the less good develloping weather at that time, but still flew 615 km.

Lufthansa guests flying an Airbus A 321  from Munich to Lissabon had a rough flight. Due to the heavy turbulence the 147 passengers had a really rough ride and the captain decided to make an extra stop in Geneve, to bring some of the wounded , atleast 14, to a hospital. The flight was continued by another plane.

Yesterday was another day  for several pilots thinking,”they have a soaring-heaven on earth”. Specially Germany had the great weather with 50 pilots flying over 500 km. up to nearly 1000 in a discus.[ 916] Some fly big triangles and others use the good weather zone for jo-jo’s. And…it is still spring!!! We , here in Holland, have very turbulent weather with lots of wind.

Just received a mail from Brutus!  He was in Vinon with Rob , with not the very best of weather but stil 8 days out of 10 and 36 hours of flying. It was very nice to receive the very best regards from Daniel and Antje, flying with us in the past at Sportavia. I knew they had one child as it was “made in Tocumwal”, but now they have 3. Wonderful!!!!!Will see Brutus at Terlet oo, as well as SO many others!
That’ s it for now. I am listening to all kinds of stories from Dundee, about Australia , specially Tocumwal.  Not long and I will travel back for 4 months. It looks like Inge comes for ONE week too. Will keep you informed!


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