Nice April except for the last day!

Alphen aan den rijn       April 30 2009

A very nice soaring day  , today here in Holland with a few over 300 km flights and  a 605 km. flight from St. Hubert in Belgium and nice flights as well in France and Italy, but Germany had at some places, severe thunderstorms and hail,  while Hungary had nice weather and tomorrow it will be 25 dgr. over there , the best temperature in Europe.

As expected April was GOOD!  The best if we do not count 2007. That year was better, but that period was the best time of the year, as far as I remember and after that the summer was pretty miserable.
“We” had now, 22 mm of rain in April and 226 hours sun with an average temperature of 12.2 dgr.
Normally the last day of April is one of the best in Holland , as we ALL have the day off and are ONE with the queen and her family. A long time tradition and even more special today as it would have been the hundred’s birthday of Juliana , the mum from our queen. I loved the morning and was glued to the TV with 2 million others , to look at the royal family united and between the people this year in Apeldoorn. A unique event!
In Amsterdam 600.000 people celebrated Queensday in orange outfits. Holland colours orange and everybody celebrates, BUT….today a lunatic drove with over 100 km p/h through 2 security fences with behind them people. They were thrown in the air , as were the fences and some dropped down meters further.
Till now 5 people are dead and still 5 fighting for their life, including the 38 year old Dutch guy, …..who tried to hit the bus of the Royals.

I am still shocked by what I saw. So is the rest from Holland!

Sorry I am one day late [ too busy!] and not with the best news. So CU on Sunday again!


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