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The Perlan Project aircraft/glider , I mentioned it already last week,  made its initial flight last Thursday. “And who else than Jim Payne and Morgan Sandercock were the pilots. Flying up to 90.000 ft. for tests in 2016 in Argentina  is NOT NOTHING!!!
But this day they went up to 5000 ft. behind tuggy Silvio in his Pawnee.
the world’s first engine-less aircraft designed to reach the edge of space, achieved its successful first flight today in a historic moment about 5,000 feet above Robert’s Field, the Redmond Municipal Airport in Oregon. This was the first test flight of the aircraft, which next year will attempt to set a new world altitude record for any airplanes to open up a world of new discoveries. “

zzzzPerlan 2 by Paul

As Shared by Paul Remde.
Soaring News by Paul Remde of Cumulus Soaring, Inc.

The final goal from this project is : “to open up a world of new discoveries related to high-altitude flight, climate change and space exploration.” 

” The Perlan II has a wingspan of 87 feet. It follows the Perlan I, which was a regular glider retrofitted for higher altitudes. The Perlan I set an altitude record for flying at 50,972 feet. If the Perln  II gets above 51,000 feet, it will set a new record. “

I copied and pasted for you their MISSION.But, as mentioned,  for the first flight they did not go that high.
 The Perlan 2 will fly to 90,000 feet at the edge of space to explore the science of giant mountain waves that help create the ozone hole and change global climate models. This will require the engineering of a spacecraft with glider wings that can fly in less than 3% of normal air density and at temperatures of minus 70 degrees C, conditions approximating the surface of Mars. These missions will provide education and inspiration for young people seeking careers of exploration and adventure in engineering and science.”

zzzzPerlan Project

As shared by the Nevada Soaring Association.
And again is the link
and on AirbusGroup Press Release.

 Morgan Sandercock is heavily involved in this project. Morgan just flew so well during the very first 13.5 m. WGC in Pocuinai. And then,…in the middle of this busy period I ask him 2 questions about this 13.5 m class and ,……he took time to answer me. That will be all in the next Gliding International and later in my blog.

A first reaction on the maiden-flight from Morgan:
“It’s very stable at low speeds. The control power is excellent as soon as the glider is moving faster than a slow walk. We did not explore the speed range in the air – there are a lot of test points to be completed in later flights – but I can say the stall speed is less than 38 knots. Possibly much less.”


As promised I dived in the names and facts of the champions in several parts of the world.So here we go.
by the way Geoff Pratt flew from Mareeba in Australia during a very early spring flight 543 km in the PIK 20 and was the first “topper ” on the new 2016 OLC list on September 22.
One day later it was Dutch pilot Jeroen Verkuijl flying from the Bahia airfield in Brazil, for a flight of 725 km topping the world wide list that day, in a 25 m Nimbus 3 T.His first flight by the way, he said, on a NIMBUS 3T.
So to see the weather is good for the Brazil Nationals in Bebedouro.

The Australian champion 2015 is a DUTCH guest. He , Bart Renckens, flew himself from Corowa to over 6000 points.
The Gliding Club of Victoria [Benalla] leads the airfield stats with 102.182,00 km. flown by 56 pilots during 248 flights.
The best Aussie-flight was by David Jansen; 1.582,26 with 144.44 km./h.
Nick Woods flew in 62 flights 27.688,92 km. best in Australia.

Herman Peeraer is the OLC champion with 3586 points just a few more than Daan Spruyt.[3568]
The Keiheuvel- LSV Viersen -club in Balen was the best .
St Hubert was the busiest airfield.
Best flight by Dennis Huybreckx [ 761.25 km . ] in an LS 8 just before Jeroen Jennen [ 760,66 km.]
Baudouin Litt flew 6.932,50 during 25 flights.

Innocent Baptiste is the French OLC winner.
Fayence was the club champion  with 51.000 points plus.
Best flight in France  by Klaus Ohlmann; 1.435 the Stemme 10.
Looking at all flights Gerard Lherm was the champion; over 30.000 points and the runner up had over 24.000.
Puimoisson was the busiest airfield also WORLD WIDE.
Vinon the busiest club;104.555 points.

Alexander Mueller is the German CHAMPION.
The Club champion is Burgdorf.
Best flight by Alexander Mueller; 1.168 km. giving him 1.184 points.
Looking at all flights Matthias Schunk was the best in Germany;23.512 points.
Klix was the busiest airport.
Oerlinghausen was just a bit busier than Burgdorf; 191.985 points for 191.456.

The Netherlands;
The Dutch OLC Champion is Sikko Vermeer with a great 1000 km. flight[out and return]  from Holland far into Germany and back. Sikko is a member from the Amsterdamsche! The second best club in Holland behind the Gelderse.
The best flight was by AlfredPaul Alfers and in fact also for Mark Leeuwenburg who missed out on “tad”; 1.071,52 for 1.071,24 both with about the same speed.[117.91 for 117.80] Both flew their brand new ASG 29 E/18m.
Looking at all flights young Nick Hanenburg won with just over 10.000 points!!!
Busiest airfield Terlet [Gelderse and other clubs] just ahead of Soesterberg [Amsterdamsche] and Venlo in the South where, due to more civil-air-traffic at the airfield of Eindhoven gliding is “gone” and those pilots moved to Venlo and Malden.[spot 5]

the UK;
David Masson is the UK Champion.
The London Gliding Club is the club-champion.
Best flight by Steve Lynn, 765 km from Dunstable in the ASH 25 EB 28 with 805 points , just ahead of Dave Masson with 804 points.
Looking at all flights it was Dave again; 13.460 points.
Dunstable was busy;over 37.000 points .Lasham as runner up had 20.365 points.
Best UK club; London Gliding Club.

Alexander Mueller as guest in Pokweni flew himself to OLC champion.
Club champion; the Magalies Gliding Club [SA]
Best flight by Bostjan Pristavic ;1.368 km. from Bitterwasser.
Looking at all flights Klaus Engelhardt was the best ;30.967 points.
Bitterwasser was the busiest airfield; 612.000 points.

North America;
Club champion the SS of Boulder.65.933 points.
Best flight; Jim Payne ; 2.907 km. with a speed of 249 km./h. in the ARCUS M.
Looking at all flights; Keith Essex.
Moriarty is the busiest airfield.
The Moriarty Gliding club tops the clubs.163.513 points.

For all the other statistics you can go to

And,….don’t forget to print your own certificate [see the link…. look under news]


Dutch pilot Jeroen Verkuijl flies from Bahia in Brazil and topped on 3 consecutive  days the OLC with nice long impressive flights in the Nimbus 3T [25 m]; 752 km., 740 km.[500 FAI triangle] ,818 km. [600 FAI triangle]
Last Sunday 835 km. was on the clock.


zzzzBahia 2  zzzzBahia 3

Landing half an hour before sunset so a long day, though he started late with not the best conditions in the beginning; very blue!!
Courtesy Guilherme Purnhagen.


Last Sunday I traveled to Amsterdam with the most gorgeous clouds on the skies. OF COURSE I looked straight away in the evening how our Dutch OLC was looking; good,… happy pilots with flights up to km. 378 km. by Baer Selen from Venlo in the ASW 28E/18 m.
And sharing pictures as this one by Sikko, [359 km. in Ventus BT 17.6 m.] with the remark that making the picture “moved” the red string.He flew to Haamstede an area at the Dutch Nordsea, coming from Soasterberg.

zzzzSikko  zzzzSikko 2

Also the Spring situation down under was good as you can see on the picture of Swiss Chris, who after the form 2 checked his glider, with the comment;
What a nice spring day! Cloudbase 1600-1900mAGL but reliable and with some streeting  kept circling below 20%. 480km with 105km/h that was fun. Cruising MC would have made the landscape look scary.”

zzzzChris H

Around Tocumwal as seen by Chris Hostettler

More good early spring-flights that Sunday ;
Justin Smith from Lake Keepit; 514 km [FAI 400 km triangle] in an LS 6/17.5 m
Gerrit Kurstjens with 536 in the Quintus from Mc Caffery Field.
Rolf Buelter from Bacchus March with 418 km [300 km FAI triangle] in an LS 8 /18 m.
It’s definitely building up to another good summer though from friends travelling through Australia up to North Queensland I heard ; ”   it is terrible to see the drought having so much impact even in and around Townsville  – the palms are dying.” 


The FAI Congress in Holland [Rotterdam]

zzzzFAI Congres

The opening of the congress .
Shared by the organisation;  KNVvL.


As they call it on the IGC site;
” The air sports personalities distinguished at the 2015 FAI Awards Ceremony.

We just made it in time. Leaving Amsterdam at 4 to be in Rotterdam for sure at 5.30 PM for a drink first, BUT,….many were late as it happened we had the busiest traffic jam in 2015 JUST on this day!!We quickly moved to our table just over 6.30 as the entree was served [carpaccio] .

It was a lovely evening and to be honest I was not nervous at all, just happy and proud.We had a table of 12 with 2 more “winners” from New Zealand [Edouard Devenoges….] and Chile[Bruno Winkler..]  both winning the Paul Tissandier Diploma , with my family of 5 and a Norwegian couple and Jan , the president of the Aeroclub from Malden. More than pleasant.
My grandson became friends with the family Winkler from Chile and even got an invitation, when he is old enough to visit Chile.

DSCN1286    DSCN1285

With Bruno and his wife and Edouard with his wife

Great to see good old mates as Eric “Herbie ” Moser  from the USA, Visa Matti from Finland, Alvaro from Spain, and the “girls” Marina from Italy and Susanne from Germany.Shook hands and had a word with Klaus [Ohlmann] .I wrote a lot about him and his achievements ,but never met him.
Was impressed with the young skydiver Jarrett [25] , in his wheel chair after a para gliding accident when he was 18. He got the BREITLING youngster award.Paralyzed from the spine down, he was back in the air in 6 months and in 2014 he was the only disabled skydiver participating in the FAI word championship for the US Parachute Team.

DSCN1334  DSCN1344

With Alvaro and Frouwke and Hans Akerstedt from Sweden who won the FAI GOLD AIR MEDAL.

DSCN1352   DSCN1362

Last picture with the Dutch president of the KNVvL [Royal Dutch Association for aviation] to the right; Mr. Frits Brink  and to the left the president of the gliding section of the KNVvL ; Mr. Jan Forster

By the way; Not that many women and lots of grey hair.

And, as shared by the IGC;
British balloonist Brian Jones, well known for teaming up with Swiss pilot Bertrand Piccard on the around the world record flight in a balloon in 1999, was the special guest of the event. He presented his inspiring “Dare to Dream” project which aims at facilitating the training of disabled balloon pilots throughout Europe.”

Lost ALL my pictures!!!! Downloaded and saved them the next morning and put them in a folder with the name SS Rotterdam,…..gone!!!!Where ,… clue.Was nearly in tears.
BUT,….my “old” ZES friend Theo found them the next day looking via team viewer in my laptop .VERY grateful!!!!
Unbelievable what they can do nowadays.
Some impressions.

IMG_4484   IMG_4485

IMG_4492  IMG_4501


with Susanne [ Schoedel TWICE former WWGC champion 2009 and 2011, nowadays secretary general at FAI in Lausanne and Marina, juror ,steward ,deputy CD at Rieti and Vice President of the FAI Gliding Commission Bureau.


That’s it for now . It was quite a week!!!!
Thank you for following my blogs, being a friend during EGC’s, WGC’s ,JWGC’s and WWGC’s and National comps and that includes  Keiheuvel as well.
This means; this award is FOR ALL OF US!!!
And on the 12th of October we celebrate again, as the KNVvL has invited us, our families and friends for an informal “drink” .
Also the numbers 2, Jacques Selen and 3 Jeroen Verkuijl, from the last EGC will be there to be cheered on.

Cheers Ritz

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